Kilmeade: RFK’s poll numbers are a rebuke of Biden

‘Fox & Friends’ hosts weigh in after Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announced his bid for president, challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination. They also discuss the pool of possible Republican candidates. #FoxNews

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Yesterday RFK Junior Robert F Kennedy Jr Announced that he is running for President and there was an interesting Poll that was taken they asked people Who had voted 600 people who had voted For President Biden in 2020 who they Would vote for and a big chunk of them Said they would vote for RFK that's Right that particular Hotel the Park Plaza Hotel was one of his Uncle Teddy Kennedy's favorite spots to go and so he Came RFK Jr who is rfk's Son and Actually brother of a Fox News Journalist uh Doug Kennedy he came from California with his wife Cheryl Hines You remember her from absolutely Curb Your Enthusiasm uh and so what he did Was he announced he's running for President United States it was a Two-hour speech he touched on his career He touched on big Pharma which you would Expect because he's an anti-vaxxer he Touched on social media because he's Been censored by them he touched on Joe Biden and uh the Ukraine situation and He touched on Donald Trump and the Lockdown during covet and China as well Yeah he also so he jumps out so Biden For the most part in this recent poll 67 Of the vote Mary Williams has got five Percent which is pretty significant Considering Um she does not have a big political Name uh Robert F Kennedy has 14 percent

Immediately and 13 undecided well to me That is a rebuke of President Biden who For some reason really hasn't made up His mind about running even though he's Telling some people he's running but has Not made it formal when originally the Plan was to do it right after a State of The Union Address so RFK gave his speech Um and then he joined Tucker at night And one of the things that he sees I die And Tucker with uh they both don't think We belong in Afghanistan I think that the general theme in my Speech was this corrupt merger of state And corporate power Which has uh which has gotten uh which Is turning our country into a corporate Kleptocracy Enjoy system of socialism for the rich And there's a cushy socialism for the Rich and that's kind of brutal Um merciless capitalism for the poor Last month the United States government Told 30 million people it was cutting Their welfare their food stamp checks by 90 percent It took it took 15 million people off of Medicare the same month it gave 300 Million dollars to the Silicon Valley Bank and tapped up the cost of the Ukraine war to 113 billion we have 57 Percent of American citizens could not Put their hands on a thousand dollars if They have an emergency and we're bailing

Out the bankers we're paying for a war That you know we we can't afford sure Ukraine instead of Afghanistan you know And one of the things about uh RFK Jr is He is from Probably the most famous political Family in America uh and that's one of The reasons he went to Boston and there You can see him uh that's in McLean Virginia back in the day uh his mother Ethel and his father a Bobby Kennedy Jr He grew up as a Kennedy but as it turns Out if he's going to run for president He's got some problems inside his own Family uh because uh his campaign has Actually appalled members of the Kennedy Family his sister Carrie Kennedy put out A statement and said I love my brother Bobby but I do not share or endorse his Opinions on many issues including the Covid pandemic vaccinations and the role Of social media Platforms in policing False information but when you look at You know you look at that statistically Put up a little while ago the poll of uh People who are going to vote Democrat Of the announced people keep in mind Joe Biden has not announced yet RFK Jr is actually now the number one Front runner on the Democrat side of Those who have declared now Joe Biden Has not Yeah Joe Biden has not yet declared and People are going what's taking him so

Long if you think back to 2019 before The 2020 election where he faced off Eventually with Donald Trump Joe Biden Did not get in the race until April 25th And uh that's next week so don't be Surprised if Joe Biden doesn't throw his Hat in next week well he did say when he Was on the plane on Air Force One coming Back from Ireland a reporter asked him When he was going to make the Announcement and he said I told you my Plan is to run again he said we will Announce relatively soon but the speech Yesterday was very interesting it was a Two-hour speech from RFK Jr and it was a Packed crowd people were actually behind The risers standing and then they had an Overflow room if people wanted to go There he said Cheryl Hines introduced Him who's hilarious she was married to Larry David on the show Curb Your Enthusiasm she was his TV wife and he Said we would have a really funny first Lady if I won he said I told my wife the Other day I said I've got so many Skeletons in my closet that if they Meaning the skeletons could vote I could Be king of the world he does have quite An interesting past but it was kind of Refreshing to hear some of the words That he said he said during this Campaign and during my Administration And my objective will be to make as many Americans as possible forget that their

Republicans are Democrats and remember That they're Americans so basically what Joe Biden said about unifying everyone He said we have a polar we have Polarization in this country today that Is so toxic and so dangerous at any time Since the Civil War and part of the Principal mission of my campaign and my Presidency is going to be to end that Division remember if you watch President Biden just stumble his way through Ireland unable to and choosing not to Make a speech at the end the first time In almost anyone's memory not to give Any joint press conferences after you See how many few interviews he does you See how vulnerable he is people in the Democratic party must be saying Themselves how much longer should I Stand on the side keep in mind too Teddy Kennedy Channel Jimmy Carter everyone Said Jimmy Carter's so vulnerable Teddy Kenny was extremely popular the problem Is he did have Chappaquiddick RFK Junior Problem yeah of course but RFK Jr does Also have a a voice issue which is going To be an issue because you've got to Speak maybe four times a day five times A day if you actually want to be Successful one person that he has in his Corner is future jet quarterback Aaron Rodgers currently of the Packers uh he Appeared to double down his support uh For RFK because of their anti-vaxx

Attitude uh and he did indicate earlier That he would support him you know who Else supports him running Steve Bannon Steve Bannon says go in there and you Know stir things up I'm not sure that's Steve batting yeah I'm not sure no I'm Sure he wouldn't you kidding he's Telling him to run just tell him to run Right so that that's just one thing it Makes it more interesting it's just Amazing to me that someone establishes As Nikki Haley is working so hard raised So much money is in single digits as in Mike Pence in a presumed candidate and Others they're in single digits and then RFK who is really none a well-known name Not a well-known politician jumps in He's got 14 already right that has got To be disturbing to the Biden Camp well He he tweeted this out he said give me a Sword I need an army and it can't be Just the party I need Democrats Republicans and independents and and Then he got the endorsement from Aaron Rodgers his response on Twitter he Tweeted out an emoji of a sword there You go indeed meanwhile on the dot it Was a DOT and then a sword I don't know If that was an accident you used to Think uh you had to put a period before Something I think they've changed that Um meanwhile on the Republican side uh Ron DeSantis has been out and about Given a bunch of speeches and stuff like

That uh it's interesting uh yougov and Yahoo did a poll uh right a couple of Weeks ago after Donald Trump was uh Indicted on 34 felonies and it showed That Donald Trump had jumped to a Gigantic lead of 57 to 31 over Ron DeSantis well now here we are two weeks Later same poll shows that the Trump Advantage over Rhonda Santos is down 10 Points in two weeks Mr Trump now has 52 Percent and Mr DeSantis has 36. Trump Went down five DeSantis went up as he Starts barnstorming across the country Talking about kind of General General Things on if he were running for President although he's not yet uh what He would do he talked about gender Identity he talked about sexually Orientation he talked about what's going On in a public schools he talked about Taking on Disney here's Governor Ron DeSantis in South Carolina We're not going to use your tax dollars To teach kids to hate our country or to Hate each other we just believe that Parents should be able to send their kid To school have them watch cartoon just Be kids without having some agenda shove Down their throats all the time and if Disney objects to that well so be it We're going to do what's right somewhere Along the line it became normal that a University is used to impose an Ideological agenda to foment political

Activism and to be agents for Quote-unquote social justice we will be Signing legislation within the next six Weeks eliminating so-called Dei programs From all public universities They say it stands for diversity Equity Inclusion in reality what it is is a Trojan horse to impose left-wing Ideology Also during this uh you know where he's Been going out speaking he spoke last Week to uh actually a couple of days ago To the Heritage Heritage Foundation uh And at the end he gave a hint of what's Coming because he said he was discussing Plans for the state budget in Florida And he said quote once we're done with That things are going to get interesting And the audience started to laugh Because they know that that's when he Starts to run for president he was Hitting several spots in South Carolina Yesterday Spartanburg which is in the Upstate near Clemson and then down in Charleston where College of Charleston Is and where a lot of people do love him In South Carolina and so you think about This you got Governor Haley you have Centers shot and right now Trump is Extremely is number one in the most of The poll in every state poll that I've Seen and Governor Sands is getting Pushed by his donors jump in and it Could happen as soon as next week I

Don't know because you said he had they Said may but there might be some Pressure on him to jump in next weekend Meeting with donors the other day who Had a little bit nervous Trump is doing So well I think Donald Trump has the Best team not to put down 2016 in 2020. This seems to be the best Trump team yet They seem organized they seem tight and Um and Pat summerall's daughter uh it Seems to be doing a fantastic job and There was a big story I had this Associated she's running the campaign And she is a big rival now her and DeSantis had a big rift she helped him Become governor they had a huge Rift and Now she's working hard to make sure he Doesn't win the nomination so it's gonna It's gonna get pretty exciting very soon Mike Pompeo out Mike Pence I'm sure will Be in right after yeah or maybe Tim Scott I think that's that's the feeling We all have this morning it's getting Exciting again yeah we're starting to See people jump in there right he's Walking in Florida you got Ron DeSantis You got Donald Trump and you've got Francis Suarez he's the mayor of Miami He's hinted he might actually throw his Hat in and he's coming up very shortly Right here on Fox Yeah they don't speak to Santa's and Mayor Suarez haven't spoken in months Like Rick Scott and DeSantis do not get

Along so it's interesting within the Republican party I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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