Kilmeade: The world is on fire

Kilmeade: The world is on fire

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade explains how our enemies are not only emboldened, but bonded, on ‘One Nation.’
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[Music] Welcome back to One Nation glad you're Here you know it's become clear to me That the world is on fire and never Before in modern American history have We needed a true leader more than we do Right now why because our enemies are Not only emboldened they're bonded Example Iran re-establishing diplomatic Relations with Saudi Arabia looking to Strengthen ties with UAE while suddenly Becoming Blood Brothers with Russia in China who spent last week having Iran Proxy shelling our troops where is the American power where's the American Pride those three countries together are Going to be problematic for many years To come I think especially Russia and China because of their capability what Are we doing about it which leads me to Russia unlawfully blowing up our drones In international airspace and we show Them how strong we are by changing fight Paths to stay out of their way I Repeatedly asked secretary Austin if we Had changed the airspace in which we're Flying these drones over the Black Sea He repeatedly dodged the question I take That as an admission that we have Altered it weak and to show even how Little regard the Kremlin has for our Nation Russia has done something I Haven't done since the Cold War back in The 80s they arrested an American

Reporter from The Wall Street Journal Unlavable Espionage charges another Enemy in Bolden China the truth about The Chinese balloon came out this week And it wasn't a decision to let it fly Across our country it was actually worse There was no decision for five days The Intel Community made me aware on the 27th did you ever speak with secretary Austin about this balloon I spoke with Secretary Austin on the first of February really five days if there's Anything as vital as our physical Security it has to be energy it's got to Be trade and that's why the pressure was On Biden's interior secretary Deb Holland especially now and it could not Have been clearer that she is not up for The job she has never been qualified are You aware that China produces more Emissions than any other in their Country in the planet I have probably read that somewhere have You read the department of interior Report on critical minerals dated December 17. I have not read that full Report thank you for that information Are you aware by multiple studies that In order to satisfy the present Requirements of EV and critical minerals Of Defense it would take an increase of Two thousand percent of mining for 20 Years Are you aware of that thank you for the

Information congressman In Washington you can feel the tension Boiling over let's look at our own Borders North and South both wide open Millions are flowing in and drugs are Flooding in Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro mayorkas can't even Seem to answer a yes or no question Do you know how many of the six hundred Thousand gotaways were terrorists yes or No Senator we are focused on this what Are these wristbands I don't know what they are you don't Know what they are Mr secretary you have just testified to The American people you're incompetent At your job the drug cartels every color Corresponds to how many thousands of Dollars they owe the cartels you've Turned these cartels into multi-billion Dollar criminal organizations he's not Exaggerating and it's really not their Fault because the incompetence of this Administration comes from the top down Seeing the gains China has made in Africa we sent our vice president to Make inroads to push back you could Probably guess how that went There are a number of things on the Issue of the economy as a whole that we Must do a lot of that work is the work That I'm here to do on the continent Feel better When it comes to leadership at the top

Another remarkable unspeakable school Shooting took place the Commander-in-chief Joe Biden makes yet Another mistake by going with his Instinct instead of staying with the Script laid out right in front of them My name is Joe Biden I'm Dr Joe Biden's husband And I ate Jenny's ice cream chocolate Chip I came down because I heard there was Chocolate chip ice cream By the way I have a whole refrigerator Pool upstairs I think I'm kidding I'm not This seemed like a good time to practice Your stand-up comedy The crazy thing is there were no Comments yet about the school shooting Until the ice cream Jokes which were Never funny looking at the overall Coverage you would never think that America was experiencing such a lack and Lapse of leadership more crisis than you Can record but I found some Solace on Spotify it's true we're not alone The media has lost its hold over the Narrative now the media conveniently Leaves out anything that it doesn't want To be at the front and center all it is Is like January 6th January 6th did you See what they did January's Trump is coming back how about The fact that the guy who's the

President right now can't form a Sentence he makes up words and stumbles Through things no one says a thing about It yeah we do is America going to Survive two years or six years of this Current regime I went on Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I want you To click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only way that I Know for sure that you're not going to Miss any great commentary any great news Bites any great interviews coming your Way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube so subscribe right now

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