Kirby Says Antisemitism In U.S. Is “Deep Concern” After Jean-Pierre Claimed No “Credible Threats”

Kirby Says Antisemitism In U.S. Is "Deep Concern" After Jean-Pierre Claimed No "Credible Threats"

Comments made on 10/30/23

It's not the only anti-semitic incident In the world today we're seeing it all Over the world including here in the United States how serious a threat is That very serious and we're concerned About it and you're right George it's Not it's increasing all around the world But certainly we've seen it uh increase Here in the United States last year 2022 Was the highest level recorded since 1979 of uh of anti-Semitic events in in This country so it's a deep concern Which is why we as an Administration are Working so closely with state and local Authorities to make sure we can identify Any threats and disrupt them before they Happened

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