KJP dodges Peter Doocy’s question on anti-Israel protests

KJP dodges Peter Doocy's question on anti-Israel protests

FOX News’ Peter Doocy asked KJP if the Biden admin would label anti-Israel protesters as ‘extremists.’ #FOXNews

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Does President Biden think the Anti-israel protesters in this country Are Extremists what I can say is what we've Been very clear about this when it comes To anti-Semitism there is no place we Have to make sure that we speak against It very loud uh and be uh and be very Clear about that does President Biden Look at these anti-israel protests on College campuses and think it's nice to See that the country youth are so Involved or does he think the next Generation is doomed here's the thing There's no place for hate in America I I'm I'm I'm telling you There's no place for hate in America and We condemn nothing yeah I think we're Doomed I'm going to go doomed uh there You got the White House falling short of Calling anti-israeli protesters Extremists it should have been an easy Question to answer as they hurl Anti-semitic smears and Target Jewish Students on college campuses All Over America which we've been detailing over The last couple of weeks and uh just as An example let's start with Yale the Yale Newspaper had an oped we already know Where this is going that's all you have To say so simple and then the editor Goes in a couple days later and changes The facts yeah the so this was October

12th the Yale campus newspaper censored This uh this is what the had said is yis For Palestine a hate group and they talk About that this is a sophomore who wrote This and uh Sahar uh Sahar tar Tarak Okay so she says um they censored it and They said it's unsubstantiated claims That Hamas raped women and beheaded men And then she says I'm still collecting My thoughts on this newspaper this Egregious colle right she was talking About all the horrors of October 7th and Then the then the paper went in and said They changed it they said quote this Column has been edited to remove Unsubstantiated claims that Hamas raped Women and beheaded men it's not Unsubstantiated we know that it happened There's video uh that it happened we Just got the report yesterday I know They they they're probably too Sophisticated to read the New York Post But it's on the cover uh that's a woman That was beheaded I don't know if that Should change it if you want to adjust Your head But this is Yale University you know What they're trying to do the overall Sentiment is soften the whole thing Forget about October 7th and talk about The retribution that happened because of October 7th there there is a concerted Effort to dismiss what's happening with Jews not only in this country but what

Just happened uh in the war because of The color of their skin and that's just Not right you don't get to tell another Min minority group because of the color Of their skin that something did not Happen happen these are the same people Steve that are denying the Holocaust as Well I know it I know it uh we are here In New York City in New York City 100 Columbia University professors signed a Letter defending the students who Supported hamas's military action wasn't Just if they weren't supporting the Palestinian people per se they were Supporting the military action on October 7th which as we know beheaded Babies and women and killed all sorts of People Cornell there were there were Comments to go to the Jewish center and Um behead or slit their throats for all The Liberals out here that have been Waiting to defund something this is your Chance defund these campuses they should Not be getting your money they're Educating your kids misinformation They're spewing Hamas talking points They're are open propagandist for Hamas Do you want to give your money there I Mean I it's sick it is and a lot of Donors are are pulling the plug they are Yeah they are as they should right all Right they rally to stop Bud Light but Not to stop This real

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