Laura: Biden is sidling up to the most anti-democratic regime in history

Laura: Biden is sidling up to the most anti-democratic regime in history

Laura Ingraham discusses the upcoming meeting between President Biden and Chinese President Xi on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ #foxnews

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Loving China but hating us that's the Focus of tonight's angle all right the Preparations for the date are underway So what is he going to wear how long With their conversations last who's Better at Small Talk the president said He's looking forward uh to meeting uh to Meeting uh with President G and uh and So not going to get into details uh About uh this this this meeting that's Going to happen uh in NE this well it's Going to be in San Francisco it's going To be a constructive Meeting constructive for whom JP Morgan Goldman Sachs I don't know New York Hedge funds certainly not the American People but one thing's certain X does Not meet with foreign leaders unless he Wants something that they're prepared to Give him and he wants those Trump Tariffs lifted is the us considering Lowering tariffs or easing sanctions or Making some gesture to make sure that Meeting happens F face this is in Intense competition we want to uh to Move forward with with China we Understand that and intense competition Means uh intense diplomacy that's what You're going to see uh that's what the President is going to uh is going to to Be doing and having you know a tough Conversation we're all getting played Here those tariffs they're coming off When we take National Security actions

Using economic tools we do so in Narrowly targeted ways and not choking Off growth in China I knew it for China's meaningless promises on climate Change Biden's prepared to reward them By dropping tariffs that are necessary And that Trump knew were necessary to Offset all of China's rampant trade Cheating this is kind of like a bank Teller handing a gun to a robber in the Middle of a bank heist it's completely Insane you're witnessing a spectacular Sabotaging of America by our own President by opening our Southern border Destroying our energy Independence all The inflationary spending and now Surrendering more us manufacturing to China if they aren't bought and paid for Over at the White House they're all sure Acting like they are now all of them are Making their pilgrimages to Beijing we Saw it all year long with Gavin Nome Winning the prize for most obsequious That was last week when he wasn't Plowing into Chinese kids playing Basketball he was sucking up to the CCP Even promoting China's electric vehicle Chips which by the way infuriated California manufacturing Executives back Home now many of you are sitting there Wondering what explains the Democrats Love affair with China well the answer Kind of boils down to this the left Hates America so much right now that

It's going to side with any ideology That's hostile to us even if that Ideology bans Free Speech commits Genocide and wants essentially women to Stay in a subordinate position and Speaking to that this week president X Told the women's Congress that we should Actively Foster a new type of marriage And childbearing culture adding that it Was the role of party officials to Influence young people's views on Love And Marriage fertility and Family now how deliciously ironic is That liberal are supporting China and China's supporting the Patriarchy you see how twisted up and Knots liberals have gotten now while They brand Republicans by the way as Anti-democratic Biden is sidling up to The most anti-democratic regime in History and that's the angle our next Guest has another theory to explain why Democrats and especially Liberals are so Eager to compromise with a despotic Regime like China now could it be that Many on the left actually prefer how the CCP rules through fear and repression Which is why they're undermining our System here at home

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