Lawrence Jones: Bragg targets Trump but lets repeat offenders go

Lawrence Jones: Bragg targets Trump but lets repeat offenders go

Victims Rights NY founder Jennifer Harrison and mother of murder victim Linda Clary join Lawrence Jones to discuss the ‘misplaced’ priorities by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg on ‘Cross Country.’

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Good evening America welcome to cross Country so the former president Donald Trump has been indicted by the Soros Back New York district attorney Alvin Bragg now this news came as a shock for People all over the political Spectrum But mostly for me the most shocking part Was Alvin Bragg was actually charging Someone with a crime and trying to lock Them up now if you aren't familiar with BRAC he's a prosecutor who prides Himself on reform which basically means Letting repeat offenders off the hook And not bothering to lock up violent Criminals People like Charles Lindsey an alleged Gang member who was facing four felony Accounts for Grand Larceny in December After robbing high-end Manhattan stores So instead of Prosecuting the case Bragg Agreed to let Lindsay go if he went to Some diversion program Lindsay Reportedly never showed up but while Back on the street he showed up to the Playground with a loaded pistol and Robbed a 14 year old then there's the Case of Mary Saunders she took part in The 2018 murder of Hassan Korea we Shared his story last week on cross Country authorities say Saunders held up The 35 year old army veteran and father Of two down on the ground while her Brother stabbed him to death Under Alvin Bragg's Administration she

Was eventually given a plea deal Downgrading her charges to second-degree Assault and of course she was let off on Time served you got to remember this one From last summer a 16 year old boy Caught on camera beating a cop over the Head At a subway station in Harlem this was Just a month after he'd been arrested For a possession a pistol and a crossbow Bragg's office once again released the Suspect without bill before transferring The case to a juvenile court Then we have the case of Serial Thief Lorenzo mclucas he was released after Being arrested for the 129th time this Time shoplifting at a Target Democrats like to say no one is above The law but it's clear they only mean That when they're targeting their Political opponent because when it comes To protecting and serving the law of Madison law abiding citizens of New York Their priorities are clearly somewhere Else so we hit the streets of New York And asked New Yorkers their opinion on The current situation with crime as well As the indictment of Donald Trump watch How safe is New York City oh God it's Gone down the tubes yeah yeah definitely You feel like it's getting any better no No unfortunately evening comes in you Can't go out the door it's New York you Know every city has some crime you have

To be aware you always have to pay Attention but I mean I think it's still Safer than it once was and just the Other day a couple of weeks ago they Jumped like his father and are you Serious yeah it's getting bad out here It just depends on there's areas and you Know Just how you move and where you go at Certain times of the day New York is Definitely not what it used to be and You you feel the impact even in what Used to be very safe neighborhoods so I Just decided to charge Donald Trump do You think it's going to make New York Safer absolutely not I really don't know Why they're focusing more on Donald Trump when they should be focusing on The crime out here you know because Crime is very bad New York is not not Going to change like because Donald Trump is in uh in jail if you do Something wrong regardless of your Wealth Mission you should be held accountable Leaders in New York City care more about Going after their political opponents Than actually dealing with the issues in The city everybody's making it seem like Oh he might go to jail and stuff but at The end of the day We really got to focus on New York like On the people Here now a mother who son lost her life

In New York City Linda Clary and Jennifer Harrison the founders of Victims right New York ladies thanks so Much for joining the program uh Jennifer I want to start with you Um it just seems like there's a lot Going on in New York City that we could Be spending our time on Why isn't the D.A more interest in the Victims Look from from day one um Alvin Bragg Announced that he would not prosecute Even the most violent of criminals Almost immediately after he took office And distributed the now Infamous day one Memo two police officers lost their Lives a 19 year old girl was shot and Killed while working at a Burger King in Harlem he's downgraded 52 percent of Felonies and only has about a 50 Conviction rate he's completely Incompetent and to be honest with you we Knew that this was happened was going to Happen we warned of it during the Campaign and we were the first to call For his removal from office as a Victim's advocacy group Um when he issued that memo Linda when You hear the district attorney says you Know no one is above the law he comes Out so forceful he now has a security Detail protecting him because he's held Now as this big hero for justice but you Lost your son

Um was he a hero then No and when I look at the people who Took my son's life they are the very People that you're referring to in the Statistics because they are career Criminals and he's basically a revolving Door and no one is safe in New York Until these people are behind bars and Clearly the reform programs are not Working Yeah Jennifer do you think the New Yorkers are buying this because that's My question I know it's a very Progressive City but we've seen the Fruits of this little experiment and Things aren't getting better so do you Think they're cheering him along the way I think there are a select few that you Know of the progressives that that maybe 188 000 people out of 2 million voters In New York that did vote for him but Look things have not gotten any better They've only gotten progressively pun Intended worse Um he released the woman Mary Saunders That you mentioned that was put that Participated in the brutal murder of a United States veteran so in Alvin Bragg's New York you can literally get Away with murder and criminals are Absolutely Above the Law people are sick Of it I have victims calling me on a Daily basis because he refuses to Prosecute violent recidivists his

Excuses Discovery reform a policy he Supports by the way and that he doesn't Have enough resources to make sure New Yorkers don't get killed by taking very Violent people off the streets but he Has the resources to prosecute a former President on charges that everyone else Decided he couldn't be prosecuted for I Think people have had enough yeah Linda Did you ever hear from the DA's office Like did they ever call you walk you Through the charges that they ever let You know what was going on Well in that sense no Um Ada Emily Chang actually did meet With me and go over a few things but at The end of the day the reason I came Forward was because the DA's office was Refusing to move forward on these Charges and that is the root of the Problem and I am so sorry to district Attorney Bragg that he had to see what He saw Growing Up In Harlem white police Brutality I I'm sorry for that but that Does not replace that my child and every Other New Yorker deserves to be safe and We cannot make up for what happened to Him my son was gay the gay pride Movement began in New York City because Of police brutality we have to move Forward and still hold people Accountable whether it's a former President or presidents as well as the Average person because people are not

Safe in New York right now and who wants To go to New York when you're not saying Why bother no one does that's that That's the answer to that ladies thanks So much for joining the program hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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