Liberal activist secretly recorded Justices Alito and Roberts

Liberal activist secretly recorded Justices Alito and Roberts

Utah Sen. Mike Lee argues on ‘Fox & Friends’ that the secret recording is another example of the left’s ‘intimidation campaign.’ #FoxNews

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Welcome back uh Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Sam Alo secret secretly Recorded by a liberal activist uh posing As a pro-life Christian at a Gala dinner For the Supreme Court here's a little Bit of the exchange with Justice Alo Listen I support your ruling on dogs I Support like I very prite for you know I Don't know how we bridge that Gap you Know like how do we get people sque I Wish I knew I wish I knew we need to do What we're supposed to do but this is a Bigger problem this is way above us here With reaction former Alita law Clerk and Utah Senator Mike Lee Mike good morning To You good morning so this woman um Lauren Windsor went to this event this Historical event that they've had for Many many years and pretended to be a Religious conservative essentially she Was doing a GOP Sting She was trying to Get the justices to say some crazy stuff Uh but ultimately the stuff that made All the headlines was that she has Discovered and Alo confirmed America is Polarized I think we knew That yeah I think we knew that already And so look she showed up as a wolf in Sheep's clothing uh trying to run Justice Alo into harm it it didn't Happen the way that she wanted instead He just gave some natural obvious Answers and expressed a desire to see

America return to a time where we more Properly reflect standard traditional American values so look this is all part Of an intimidation campaign this reminds Me a little bit of what we saw uh from The left as we were approaching the Decision date in nfib versus cilas that Was a 11 or 12 years ago dealt with Obamacare there was a massive Intimidation campaign waged by the left Directed at Chief Justice John Roberts Now many believe that Chief Justice John Roberts was going to vote one way and Ended up voting another way perhaps they Think they can do the same to just Zelo Uh or maybe other members of the court But definitely they're trying with juso At least to get him to recuse right get Him to take himself out of certain cases Important to the left uh because they Fear that Justice Alo is not going to Embrace their B arguments right so um Look this is not a good way to win Litigation this is not an honorable way To win litigation but more importantly Steve it's not going to work Justice Alo Is a man of honor and integrity and he's Not going to back down just because of Intimidation well and also she recorded Uh Mr Al's wife uh and he confirmed that His wife likes to fly flags and that's What that was all about meanwhile you Mentioned Chief Justice John Roberts he Actually pushed back at her and said

This about the United States being a Christian Nation I don't know that we live in a Christian Nation I know a lot of Jewish And Muslim friends who would say maybe Not uh and it's not our job to do that It's our job to decide the the cases as Best we Can what do you what do you make of her Tactics um I know she said it's not Illegal to secretly record in Washington DC but she went into this event and she Was pretending she was somebody she was Not just to try to get the justices to Say something Embarrassing yeah look it's what they do You know what they say when uh the facts Aren't on your side pound the law when The law is not on your side uh pound the Facts and when you've got neither pound The table this is pounding the table uh She's going in there trying to mess them Up somehow uh but look she's in way over Her head these are these are smart Individuals and they know their way Around the courtroom they know a way Their way around Washington they're not Going to be easily baited into saying Something that's going to trigger their Recusal even though that's clearly the Intent all right let's see what happens Uh she did leak the audio to Rolling Stone they ran with it and that gave us Something to talk about today Senator

Thank you very much for joining Us thanks so much Steve I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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