Liberal outlet called out for changing headline on Jewish man’s death

Liberal outlet called out for changing headline on Jewish man's death

Rabbi Noah Farkas joined ‘FOX & Friends First’ to discuss the investigation into the death of 69-year-old Paul Kessler and why the community is ‘fed up’ as the nation reels from a surge in antisemitism. #FOXNews

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Authorities searching for the suspect Responsible for killing killing Pro-israel activist Paul Kessler during Protest clashes between Israel and Palestinian supporters police say his Death is a homicide and they're not Ruling out possible hate crime charges Listen several witnesses were contacted At the northwest corner of the Intersection where the Shell gas station Is located and they were interviewed These Witnesses providing conflicting Statements about what the altercation And who the aggressor was some of the Witness were Pro Palestine While others Were Pro-israel Rabbi Noah farcus is the President and CEO of Jewish Federation Of Greater Los Angeles and he joins me Now Rabbi thanks for being here the Officials went on to say look in order To decide ultimately what happened They're asking for video from the public Because these witness statements are Contradictory and all over the place are You confident that Justice will be Served uh I am because I've spoken with The chief of police and with the sheriff And with elected officials and there is An incredible amount of pressure that uh On on the electeds on the sheriff on the Da to make sure that a charge is brought And an arrest is made we we don't know What that charge will be yet that is

Subject to the investigation but we Demand that Justice and we're pretty Confident Justice will be had how is the Southern California Jewish Community Dealing with the loss of Mr kler because I have to imagine it's h pretty Hard it it is absolutely hitting us Pretty hard the the the Kesslers are a Wonderful family they do want their Privacy during the time I think we Should respect that but the Jewish Community r large they were sad were Angry we're we kind of fed up you got to Remember this is the fourth incident This year alone of violent uh attacks Against Jews since the beginning of this Year uh there were two shootings in the Pico Robertson area there was a home Evasion just a few weeks ago and now This and so uh we know that anti-hate a Hate against Jews is up almost 4 100% Here in Los Angeles and uh the the Community is terrified there are people Who don't want to wear their uh Religious paraphernalia there are people Who don't want to go out to eat they Don't want to go out to school and so This entire incident is just hitting the Community very very hard does that fear Extend to rallies especially in light of What we've seen Nationwide as well is There a fear that hey if I go to a rally And support Israel that I could suffer The same fate as Mr

Kastler there is certainly the fear is There but we are I am encouraging folks To to not give up because what's most Important is our ability to express our First Amendment right to assemble and to Uh express our support for the Jewish People and the Jewish State and uh while We want people to be vigilant we don't Want people to engage in violence or Retributive acts we do think it's Important for us to show our solidarity There's a national rally coming in uh on November 14th and we hope to gather Thousands and thousands of people on the National Mall um in order to show our Solidarity with Israel and to show the Unification of the Jewish people and our Allies you're also up against a PR Battle and it doesn't help when NBC News Releases a headline like this quote man Dies after hitting head during Israel And Palestinian rallies in California Comma officials say now look they've Since changed it but what do you make of The failure by the media NBC News Specifically in this case to actually Say what is happening cuz I have to Think that if this were a black lives Matter individual who was in the same Fate as Mr um Kessler that you would Have the specifics right there in the Headline yeah I no matter what news Outlet it is we need accurate reporting And we need to understand and take a a

Victim centered approach Paul Kesler was A a 69-year-old man who is Jewish and And pro-israel and that should be Explicit in the headline and I'm not Here to play Politics on left and right I just want to do what's right and What's right for the American people and What's right for the Jewish Community Specifically and so any headline needs To reflect reality on the ground Rabbi Noah farcus thank you so much for coming On the program this morning we Appreciate it And

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