Liberals’ outrage over the Supreme Court Trump ruling is ‘troubling’: Urbahn

Liberals' outrage over the Supreme Court Trump ruling is 'troubling': Urbahn

Fox News legal editor Kerri Urbahn joins ‘The Faulker Focus’ to discuss the Supreme Court’s Trump ballot ruling, the media’s reaction to the decision and the possibility of Fulton County DA Fani Willis being removed from Georgia’s election case. #FoxNews

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Go straight to Carrie cupac or Bond Fox News legal editor and former counselor To attorney general Bill bar so Carrie First of all what does this do for those Impending cases coming up immunity and You need at least five on the US Supreme Court for Trump it's unclear what the Supreme Court's going to do here to be Honest Harris I was surprised that they Even took it up at all they don't have To they have full Discretion the fact that the Supreme Court takes up less than 1% of the Petitions submitted to them each year And they chose to CH to pick up this one Is significant however the lower court The DC federal appeals court really Rejected Trump's immunity argument in a Pretty sweeping way so it's unclear if The Supreme Court is willing to strike That down in its entirety if they're Going to affirm it or if they're going To split the baby somehow but I would Expect to see some um nuanced arguments From the Supreme Court so I'm curious Now that you set it up that way like Well why did the US Supreme Court take It and that that's what what everyone Wants to know and you know Harris we Don't know who decided to vote Yes to Take it up you only need four yes votes To take a Supreme Court case up so if we Knew who those four justices were it Might give us a better sense of where

Their heads are at with respect to this Issue but we really just don't know all Right a full-blown liberal media Meltdown you may have seen it after the Supreme Court ruling on Trump's ballot Eligibility so that was reaction to his Victory at the US Supreme courtest Yesterday let's Watch and frankly gives him a way out of Uh being held accountable at The Ballot Box unfortunately for America the court NE isn't necessarily wrong they're not Doing their job on a lot of these big Issues a refusal to hold this man Accountable and those folk who engaged In Insurrection it it just goes against What our Judicial System should be about Um Donald Trump I believe is a danger to American democ Ry he can still be the President of the United States and I Thought that the 14th Amendment and our Framers knew better well she's an Attorney and she's saying that Interesting uh some headlines though Praise the decision one shows that Democracy is not partisan another Declares Supreme Court nine law Fair8 and Reality Bites Democrats courts Won't save them from Trump so Carrie as I come back to you I just want to catch The journalist there Dana Bash said that The Supreme Court is not doing its job What what would her argument for that be It's unclear to me because it was

Particularly significant that the court Chose to speak in a pruum opinion which Means they spoke with one voice which is Why Amy con Barrett and her concurrence Said let the me let this be a clear Message to all Americans This is where We've landed and it makes sense Harris The idea that a state could unilaterally Disenfranchised millions of Voters Across the country removing from the Ballot the choice of candidate from Individual people just defies democracy And you'd think that everyone would be On the same page on about on this Whether you like Donald Trump or not and Yet the reaction is troubling and Frankly that reaction says a lot more About where we're at in the state of This country than I think most other Things do real quickly Democrats now Have the scheme that they're going to Use the federal government now to try to Keep him off the ballot MH they do and It's interesting because the opinion Raises questions about congress's role Certainly we know that Congress has a Remedial role because the plain text of The Constitution speaks to this only Congress can UND disqualify someone but The question is well who disqualifies Them does it mean that Congress passes a Law and that was unclear in the opinion I will say though Harris the Supreme Court was pretty clear and I just want

To read this one sentence uh when they Talk about if Donald Trump and it's Clear that they're saying look look if Donald Trump wins and there's effort to Overturn that election here's what's Going to happen the disruption would be All the more acute and would nullify the Votes of millions and change the Election result if section three Enforcement were attempted after the Nation has voted and here's the key Sentence that everyone should pay Attention to here nothing in the Constitution requires that we endure Such chaos arriving at any time or Different times up to and perhaps beyond The inauguration wow uh I do want to Point this out Gallop poll most recently Found that immigration number one we Know that coming out of the primaries Right for Americans across the country Irrespective of party number two above The economy above inflation Gallop trust In government and this is part of Government I mean the Justice wow okay We are awaiting another big ruling in Georgia and a judge says he will rule in The next two weeks on the misconduct Claims against Fon County dist district Attorney fonny Willis the story is so Staming she and her entire office could Be disqualified from Georgia's election Meddling case against Trump and there May be an additional bombshell to throw

In a witness against fonnie Willis has Popped a new filing claims a prosecutor Named Cindy Lee Eager overheard a phone Call between Willis and Terrence Bradley Her prosecutor Paramore's former Attorney that's what I call Nathan Wade Because he was married when he and Bonnie Willis were you know entangled And this is a quote Miss Jer heard District attorney Willis tell Mr Bradley They are coming for us you don't need to Talk to them about anything about Us how in the world do you have a Conversation like that and be Overheard and what's even more Interesting is that the codefendant who Filed This I think just yesterday said that That this prosecutor would be willing to Testify under oath that Bradley the Former divorce lawyer the one that we Saw last week on the stand who kept Saying I don't recall all of these Things that she is willing to testify Under oath that he told her directly That this relationship began long before What both Miss Willis and Mr Wade Represented to the court which would be A big problem Harris because it goes Again to The credibility of Bradley in Terms of impeaching the witness and you Know the judge is going to have to Contend with that as well yeah but I Mean even with the person that she

Formerly had hired and then she stayed In the woman's condominium rented that That town home condo whatever it was That witness who said yeah the Relationship started before they said it Did I mean you're discrediting two People's testimony under oath Nathan W Nathan Wade and fonnie Willis wow always Great to have you thank you I'm telling You that story just gets more Interesting by the minute it does Unbelievable hey everyone I'm Emily Compano catch me and my co-hosts Harris Vulner and Kaye mechineni on outnumbered Every weekday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern or Set your DVR also don't forget to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page For daily highlights

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