Libs of TikTok CALLS OUT Groomers

Libs of TikTok CALLS OUT Groomers

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They cut out the parent they isolate the Child the child feels like they are Totally reliant on this trusted adult And then they can prey on the child Their goal is to confuse a child about Their identity by sexualizing them and Tearing down childhood innocence one of The worst groomer accounts that I've Seen on social media is Jeffrey Marsh so Jeffrey is a trans activist all of his Videos are basically targeting kids he Tries to coerce them to cut out their Family and to stop talking to their Parents so he'll say stop talking to Your family they don't have your best Interests at heart and he even has a Patreon where kids can go in and book a Private consultation with him my advice To parents is first of all get your kids Off of social media parents have to be Extra vigilant in their children's Education show up to school board Meetings go through their Library Database it's all available online and Most importantly if you have that open Trusting relationship with your child Then your child will know that they can Come to you if there are any groomers in School or Predators waiting to prey on Them and they won't fall into this trap

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