Media UNRAVELS over Hunter Biden conviction: ‘Worst nightmare come true’

Media UNRAVELS over Hunter Biden conviction: 'Worst nightmare come true'

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss his reaction to the media using Hunter Biden’s conviction to slam Trump and try to prove there is no two-tiered justice system. #FoxNews

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Meantime Switching gears President Biden Did address gun violence yesterday at an Every town event but curiously he did Not mention his son Hunter felony gun Conviction which came down hours earlier The White House also abruptly cancelling The Press briefing but that did not stop The media for making this all about Donald J Trump watch politically this is A big blow to Trump and and that's I Think the if you're looking for just Political Fallout he's trying so hard to Create this weaponization and this has Been a republican talking point for so Long you have a president of the United States who is living embodiment of the Rule of law even with respect to his Only living son Republicans have really Struggled to make this line of attack uh Stick because most people see this and Feel sympathy Fox News contributor Joe Kcha joins us now Chuck Todd said Politically this is a big blow to Donald Trump what do you think about that news Coverage yesterday Joe Wow I haven't seen Chuck Todd on TV and I don't know how long I'm like wow he's Still there I forgot about that and Todd's making some sort of a the other Todd is making some sort of J probably Said the same thing I'm sure I heard of You yeah that's I thought uh look this Is not an Apples to Apples comparison It's not even close one case was open

And shut that was the hunter Biden case He applied for a gun he lied on a Federal Form about his drug use and he Got caught and the same will be said by The way after after his tax trial in September he obviously did not file Taxes for two years despite more than $1 Million in income that's all documented It's on paper with the Trump trial you Could go out and ask a 100 people on the Street right now what was the crime that Donald Trump committed and no one can Explain it nor Define it I guess it was What a bookkeeping error and if that's The case then that's a misdemeanor at Best it's certainly not a felony and It's certainly not a jailable offense Yet on July 11th we'll have judge Sean Deciding Donald Trump's fate in terms of Whether he'll even be uh outside of a Jail cell on Election Day so one Comparing to the other no because again The cases are two completely different Things and Hunter Biden every legal Analyst said was going to be found Guilty if the jury wasn't swayed by the Fact that this was in Biden's backyard And they were not and here's we here we Are but this is the equivocation that We're seeing and it's quite hilarious if It wasn't so sad H Biden was going to Get a plea deal also that would give him Immunity and perpetuity no precedent There and then you got the IRS

Whistleblowers that said that they were Getting blocked at every turn so just Because a jury found him guilty no one's Questioning the jury system they're Questioning the Department of Justice no Precedent in any aspect of law the only Precedent for a get out of jail free Card literally is the game of Monopoly Uh Joe there's also a narrative of Whether Joe Biden's mental psyche is Okay that was a theme throughout a lot Of the coverage yesterday the post Washington Post saying Hunter Biden's Guilty verdict Tuesday couple with with A trial that resurface dark moments in The Biden family history could weigh Heavily on the president in the final Months of a grueling re-election Campaign many of the president's allies Privately worry but notice the lack of Similar concern for Trump's psyche watch The Comparison one could argue Hunter Biden Is being treated worse than your average Citizen this has to be as a as a parent Um the worst nightmare come true Joe and Joe Biden have been role models for Parents of addicted children Donald Trump is waking up today facing a very Different reality his first morning is a Convicted felon in New York Donald Trump Became the first American president ever Convicted of a crime and then seconds Later the first president ever convicted

Of two felonies then every few seconds For a few minutes thereafter he kept Breaking his old brand new old record Joe my eyes aren't so great that's why I Wear these spectacles I didn't see a lot Of Tears there when they were discussing Donald J Trump did I miss something Oh no well tears of joy if anything After that verdict came down good to see By the way Rachel mat on TV uh boy what A what a deal that is 30 million to work One day a week so congratulations to her Uh look overall this is where we're at At this point those are mostly MSNBC Clips we we know where they come from Completely it used to be a different Network 20 years ago I mean you you had Some folks on there that actually gave You another point of view and then we Saw obviously what happened to Ron McDaniel uh who was milk toast at Best In terms of making an argument that may Be actually positive for Republicans or Towards Donald Trump and she was uh Pulled from the air permanently in Perpetuity uh after just one appearance Because the inmates run the Asylum over There and they made sure that she was Out of there so this is where we're at Uh this is what's Donald Trump's going To have to deal with up until election Day mostly a press that is hostile Towards him while they're hospitable Towards Biden but since the messenger is

So mistrusted at this point the Messenger being the media I'm not sure What impact our media our press has on The public psyche at this point I'll go Back to this stat because it's my Favorite one before the 2016 election 59 Newspapers we we looked at at the hill Gave their endorsements of the two Candidates 57 endorsements went to Hillary Clinton two went to Donald Trump And that got Hillary Clinton a set of Stake knives and a concession speech so Go figure let's remember the only real Takeaway you need to have from the Hunter Biden trial the real crimes he's Been accused of have been swept under The rug and this one would have as well If not for one federal judge that's all You need to know Joe kcha thank you for Your time and your Insight this morning We appreciate it have a great day I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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