Michael Cohen will only tell the truth if there is no alternative: Jonathan Turley

Michael Cohen will only tell the truth if there is no alternative: Jonathan Turley

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s history of lying and the lack of evidence that any crime was committed in the case. #foxnews

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And joining us now Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley Jonathan let's get your Overall observations of the day uh not Exactly the most credible witness uh to Say the Least no not at all and indeed one of The most impressive things about the Last two days is it does appear that Cohen may have committed perjury again You know his explanations on various Points do not strike some of us as true You know when he said that he Surreptitiously taped the president uh Which just blasts away uh ethical Obligations uh he said he was doing that Really to help Trump and to keep uh David pecker honest it makes no sense That is it's just no one can get their Their head around that uh but that was Just one of a number of moments where You really have to be impressed with This guy who really has shown throughout His life that he'll only tell the truth If he has no alternative now What I think was the most amazing thing Today is that the prosecutors said that They will close their case uh they'll Arrest their case after Cohen's Testimony is done there's only one Problem nobody has established the Elements of any crime the government has Not even stated or explained why listing These payments as legal expenses is not Correct they haven't put on any material

Evidence to support those elements Most judges would be insulted for Prosecutors to say well that's a wrap Without ever making the basis for a case So the judge is going to have this Motion for a directed verdict and I Think any judge in good faith would Grant that motion if he sends this to The jury he is sending a case to a jury Where no crime has been stated and even Core factual issues remain very much in Doubt I still cannot figure out not only What the crime was that brought to life This dead misdemeanor I can't figure out What the government's arguing as to how This should have been denoted if it Wasn't a legal Expense what's the notation some Accountants should have put in a ledger None of us know because they just have Shrugged and that's what this case is It's a shrug and they expect the judge To do the Same I I don't think the Judge would Ever go with the motion but I agree with Your analysis now the question is Strategically if you're Consulting with The with the Trump campaign uh you don't Have attorney client privilege uh what Advice would you give them would you say Michael con they didn't make their case We rest or do you put on legal experts That point out no crime has been has Been laid out in this court there's no

Evidence of any crime uh there's been a Lot of salacious material brought Forward there's been a lot of words used Conspiracy and this and that uh but Where's the crime crime and what is the Charge and where did Donald Trump and Where's the evidence he he committed That crime what would you Do well first of all as a criminal Defense attorney I would wait uh to see What this redirect is like they are Confined to the parameters on the cross They can't go beyond the cross and so They will do a redirect and you have to See what they use that for um I would be Very cautious uh not to do what was Suggested at the end of today's Proceedings to wrap up on Thursday Afternoon if that's late Thursday Afternoon I would not want to give the Government the chance to go over a long Weekend and then do a redirect at the Very end of their case that'll be the Last thing the jury really sees with Regard to Cohen so this is one of those Situations where either you got to Finish early to make sure that the Government doesn't have a redirect on Monday or you is your advantage to go a Bit longer And bleed into Monday but there are Various Witnesses here that they could Use one is Cohen's prior attorney uh who Gave very damning evidence against Cohen

Uh another would be an expert witness to Say this is a legal expense this was Paying his his fees his costs it was Money to basically settle a a potential Legal dispute in an NDA it's this would Be noted as a legal expense But if you're asking me what my Inclination right now would be it would Be to rest I think this case is gone it Doesn't they didn't State a basis for a Crime now Maran May throw all of his Judgment out the window uh he may be Blinded by who the defendant is I'm Hoping that he's better than that um so I would I would probably rest unless That rira goes badly cuz you know what I Still want give I I I still want to give A monum of Faith to him I want to give a Monum of Faith to the jury it's hard for Me to believe that they're not equally Insulted by what we saw Today I I I wish I had the confidence You do I just don't have faith in a New York City jury uh but I have faith in You uh Jonathan try thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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