Mike Pence knocks Biden’s trip to Ireland as ‘family vacation’

Mike Pence knocks Biden's trip to Ireland as 'family vacation'

Former Vice President Mike Pence joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the arrest of Jack Teixeira and Biden’s trip to Ireland. He also touts Florida’s new heartbeat bill and says his decision on 2024 will be announced in the coming weeks. #FoxNews

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Let's bring in the former vice president Mike Pence from his home in Indiana good Morning to you Hey good morning guys good to be with You good to have you on this morning Um you're a military family what's your Reaction of this and why did it take so Long he was he was leaking uh I think Let's see he's been leaking since the End of last year Well actually I think you put your Finger on it first and foremost I mean The theft and disclosure of sensitive Classified information endangers American Personnel overseas full stop uh And that's why I think this individual Well I would have liked to have seen uh Him captured more quickly uh the fact That he's been brought to Justice I Think it needs to be prosecuted to the Fullest extent of the law compromising Sources and massive methods compromising Uh our ability to collect intelligence Particularly at a time of war in Eastern Europe but this information if it proves Out to be legitimate uh also uh also Reveals information about critical Allies across the Arab world and as I Said I think this is a very serious Matter uh and uh and and I was pleased To see the arrest yesterday but I I like Like so many around the country I Continue to ask myself how did a Massachusetts National Guardsman get

Access to this kind of classified and Sensitive information and to be able to Really release it on the internet uh is Just it's it's uh it's just Extraordinary and the American people Deserve those answers the chat room it Wasn't like it was on Twitter uh Mr Vice President the president's reaction one Question in four days he's had a Vacation in Ireland it seems pretending As if it's a national uh trip but he Says I'm not concerned I am concerned But there was nothing contemporaneous uh In the leaks do you agree with that Well I I have to tell you look I've been To Ireland it's a beautiful place my Grandfather immigrated uh from Ireland But with everything this country is Dealing with uh with you know a crisis At our border with inflation at a 40-year high the American people Struggling China's provocations uh Russia on the Move in Eastern Europe uh I I just don't get what appears to be a Family vacation uh in Ireland taking Precedence and the president not doing a Full-blown press conference not Responding this uh and and making the Statement that it didn't appear to be Contemporaneous I mean I would tell you Some of this information if it turns out To be legitimate uh about about Chinese Hypersonic uh weapons at a time the China continues to Menace against Taiwan

The information about air defenses uh in Ukraine I just don't understand how That's not contemporaneous not timely I Think the president needs to step Forward uh he needs to assure of the American people that every step is being Taken to guard our nation and by the way They increase their disregard and to Protect our interests in the world they Increase their distance on hypersonics Will affect where we're going to station Aircraft carriers should we have a Conflict Mr Vice President there's a Time when you got to pick up the phone Right and you got to explain to our Allies what happened and how bad it is And how you're going to fix it the President in his seven hour flight never Picked up the phone as far as we know Has not contacted one world leader to me That's not being president Well Brian I honestly think when you Look at the world stage today after the In the years of the Trump Pence Administration we demonstrated peace Through strength we stood with our Ally Israel as never before but we also Forged historic uh peace progress in the Abraham Accords Russia never even Attempted to redraw International Lines By force under our Administration and it Was because we engaged in the world we Stood with our allies we stood up to our Enemies but I I would submit to you in

The last two years you've seen a vacuum Of American leadership the disastrous Withdrawal from Afghanistan the attempt To capitulate to Iran on the Iran Nuclear deal has only emboldened Authoritarian regimes around the world And and I really do believe that it at The end of the day the the inattention At least as it appears by President Biden in this case just one more example Of uh absent without leadership on the World stage we're the leader of the Free World the American people expect America To engage to in lead on behalf of Freedom and our interests around the World it's just not happening Mr Vice President I know you have not yet made a Decision whether or not you're going to Run for president United States a few Already have somebody who has not yet Announced although his Super PAC is Going to start running ads on Monday is Governor Ron DeSantis down in Florida he Tweeted this out I I've signed the Heartbeat protection act which expands Pro-life protections and devotes Resources to help young mothers and Families and what it does is it expands Protections to unborn children giving Them full rights to life once a Heartbeat is detected usually as early As six weeks I know you are also Pro-life do you like this Uh I I do and I want to commend Florida

And their governor for moving the Heartbeat Bill Florida now becomes the 20th state in the Union to protect Unborn children at the moment that a Heartbeat begins and I will tell you We've had we've had three granddaughters Born in the last two years I don't think There's a family out there that hasn't Thrilled at the sound on an ultrasound When you hear the the little pitter Patter of that heartbeat and as you said I'm pro-life I don't apologize for it I Couldn't be more proud to have been a Small part of an Administration that Appointed three of the justices that Overturned Roe v Wade and gave us a new Beginning for life but I think the Progress yesterday in Florida the Progress in nearly 20 other states is Part of a new beginning for life but I'm Going to continue to be a voice for Advancing the cause of The Unborn on Principle but also on compassion and That's where I think Florida Texas other States have done well not only expand Standing protections for The Unborn but Expanding support for women facing Crisis pregnancies we ought to be Supporting newborns as much as The Unborn they're doing that with new Resources in those States I commend Those efforts and I'll always be a Champion for life Uh so when are you going to announce

Whether or not you're running I know you Said by the spring does that mean before It's spring it is does that mean before June 21st when summer's officially here Well Ainsley I will tell you we continue To get a tremendous amount of Encouragement uh around the country I'll Be back in Iowa next week we're going to Continue to listen discern uh and we're Going to continue to pray about where we Might best serve look I I think the Country's in a lot of trouble right now And I think now is the time for all of Us that have had the privilege of Serving for me serving as a leader in The Congress serving as governor here in Indiana serving as vice president during A consequential conservative Administration for four years we just Want to continue to reflect on what our Duty is but we're receiving that Encouragement and uh and I believe that You'll have a clear idea of what the Pences will decide uh in weeks and not Months and uh I I promise to keep you Informed of our decision Mr Vice President is that enough to tell you You're trailing by about 40 points he Roger Sands is Chairman by about 30 in Almost all the polls some people are Saying everybody's waiting too long if You're going to to stop president Trump Does that does that change your plans to See how well he's doing in the polls

But for us and our family it's it's Always not so much about competition as It is about calling uh whether or not we Feel a a sense of calling to step Forward and offer our services as we did Here in Indiana in Congress and as Governor and when I answered the call to Ron and to serve as Vice President of The United States but I will tell you Brian I look I think it's real early I Trust Republican primary voters I'll be Down in Nashville later today at the Republican National Committee and I Really do believe no one could have Defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 other Than Donald Trump but with all the Challenges that we're facing at home and Abroad I I have a sense the American People are looking for different Leadership to take us back to that Conservative agenda and we're going to Decide what our part of that is going to Be but I truly do believe that different Times call for different leadership and I trust Republican voters to choose the Right standard Bearer to bring us to Victory in 2024. Mr Vice President there Have been a number a prominent Republicans who in the last week or two Have said that the Democrats want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee Because he is the only Republican uh who Will lose to Joe Biden are you one of Those Republicans who think that Donald

Trump could win the primary but then Lose the general Well look I think anything's possible in Politics and look the Democratic party Has been playing that game for a while In primaries you all have been paying Attention awful closely he's literally Saw the the Democrat Governor of Illinois spending money on a good man But a lesser-known state senator from Downstate because he wanted to pick his Opponent they've been trying to do that I have no doubt that they'll try and Shape our primary but look Republican Primary voters are on to it when I'm Traveling in Iowa and New Hampshire and In other states around the country being California next week I hear a real Determination about turning a deaf ear To the politics of the left in the Democratic party we're going to focus on The issues that have always carried us To Victory and I know Republican parties Are going to choose the right standard Bearer to achieve that victory for all The American people in the next two Years all right Mr Vice President we Heard the Canadian geese in the Background a moment ago you're obviously Out at lovely spot more people crossing The border illegally thank you very much For joining us live today thank you Always good to be home in Indiana and Great to be with you thanks guys sounds

Like he was in the backyard all right Thank you sir I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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