Mike Rowe: ‘What we’re doing is crazy’

Mike Rowe: 'What we're doing is crazy'

‘How America Works’ host Mike Rowe shares career advice for young Americans as college tuition costs are reportedly up 169% since the 1980s. #FoxNews

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All right the class of 2023 struggled Through the covet era schooling only to Graduate to a tight job market and super High inflation a new report by Scholarship owl says College costs are Up 169 since 1980 leaving Young People Wondering is college really worth it Well the host of how America works on Fox Business Mike Rowe joins us now so You can save us a lot of money with your Advice right well I'm here to help good What would your advice be well first of All I love it Al because when I first I Thought was you know aw like ouch which Of course that's really what it is ouch You look at the cost of tuition and if You're a parent or a kid it just it Defies imagination nothing in the History of Western Civilization that's Worth anything has ever become so Exponentially expensive more so than College not not energy not real estate Not even Health Care The cost of a four-year degree is Unexampled and that's the top of the Thing and yet we're still putting Incredible pressure on kids we're Telling them if they don't take this Path right they're going to be screwed And it's crazy because we've got 11.5 Million open positions that don't Require a four-year degree by and large The trades have never there's never been An opera better opportunity to get in

The trades ever bar none and uh college Stats out of control 1.7 trillion well And here's the thing the the new College The crop of graduates graduating at a Time when you know our jobs as Journalists have can be replaced by AI Sure a computer can actually write Stories better than we can I'm not Actually here yeah he's a hologram go Ahead and try to touch it Brian so real But here's the thing so if you're gonna Think about your future don't think About going into a line of work that is Going to be replaced by something the Size of your phone isn't it funny how It's gone from both ends right like I Hear the arguments where we talk about a High minimum wage and obviously the Unintended consequences of that are Automation that impact the lower rungs On the ladder right right we wind up Eliminating lots and lots of jobs this Is the other end AI as currently Contemplated and as we'll see being Implemented that thing on Rogan was Absolutely chilling the whole segment Yeah right and so that's going to impact Paralegals it's going to impact lawyers It's going to impact a lot of White Collar jobs what's left Plumbing steam Fitting pipe fitting welding electric a Trace you're not gonna AI a roofer and You're not going to Outsource a plumber What's interesting is you told me in the

Green Room that things are changing for The first time you've been saying the Same thing but it's starting to change You think people are more open to the Trades I do and I think it's a Combination of things I'm not in a Position to take a Victory lap I'd love To this is our 15th year of offering Work ethic scholarships I got a couple Million bucks we're giving away next Month to people who want to apply for a Scholarship specifically for a trade School or an apprenticeship program 15 years we've been doing this this is The first year where I know I'm going to Give away all the money It's the first year because you've got To jump through some hoops with our Program right you got to submit References you got to make a video you Got to write an essay and so forth a lot Of people don't want to do it they're Doing it how do you apply Microworks.org micro works like my name How much have you given out about seven Million dollars uh over the years but It's it's part money but it's also Ash It's it's it's PR right the stigmas stereotypes myths And misperceptions that are keeping kids From looking at these opportunities is Viable they'll break your heart you have Changed so many lives how often do you Get a letter from somebody who got a

Scholarship and you changed their life Honestly it's it's it's embarrassing It's an embarrassment of riches and Gratitude I just talked to Dana Perino Who interviewed two women who came Through our program who we just featured In a series of PSAs they're making six Figures they're welding they're killing It and their stories are just sitting There begging to be told but still what Do we do we come back and we talk about The poor disaffected unsatisfied White-collar kid paying office debt Living lives of quiet desperation in Their cubicles but their full-time Anthropologists you bet and my God They're fun at cocktail party graduate Smarter essentially what you're saying And once again the website is Microworks.org.org scholarship two Million bucks burning a hole in my Pocket by the way Brian did look up what His last name met The artificial intelligence and what did It say kill Mead means Um I remember I forgot it was the most Ridiculous thing yeah it made the big Guy stand or something guy is big or Something yeah ten percent for the big Guy I wonder what channel you watch okay I Watch them all man I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm aimsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox

News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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