More signs Democrats are cooling on Biden | The FOX News Rundown

More signs Democrats are cooling on Biden | The FOX News Rundown

Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss the state of President Biden’s approval among Americans, an IRS whistleblower’s impact on the current investigation into Hunter Biden, and the latest religious freedom case being heard before the Supreme Court.

“Stand your ground” laws and the “castle doctrine” are in effect in multiple states to allow citizens to protect themselves from potential harm or deter would-be intruders from their homes. Former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and FOX News Contributor Andy McCarthy joins the podcast to discuss what restrictions apply to self-defense laws and how jury common sense and the shooter’s reasonable perception of danger will ultimately decide these trials.

Plus, commentary from Republican presidential candidate and author of “Woke Inc.,” Vivek Ramaswamy. #FoxNews

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I'm Charles Payne I'm Kat timpf I'm Stuart Vonnie and this is the Fox News Rundown April 21st 2023 I'm Chris foster Robert F Kennedy Jr joins the Democrats 2024 Presidential race all the polling out There is that the majority of Democrats Do not want Biden as their nominee the Next time but the fact of the matter is If he isn't incumbent runs he's going to Get the nomination we're speaking with Fox News Sunday host Shannon bream Elisa Brady standing your ground or breaking The law recent shootings renewing Questions about the legal limits of Self-defense in America what it Essentially comes down to is using your Common sense do you think this person Acted reasonably or not and that's a It's a very fact intensive inquiry and I'm Vivek ramaswamy and I've got the Final word on the Fox News Rundown [Music] Robert F Kennedy Jr's challenging President Biden for the Democrats 2024 Presidential nomination And over my throughout my presidency Will be to end the corrupt merger of State and corporate power he's the Fourth member of his family to run for President his uncle John of course won In 1960 his father Bobby was killed During the 1968 Campaign which he Started before President Johnson

Announced he would not run again his Uncle Ted ran unsuccessfully in 1980 Against incumbent President Jimmy Carter And now RFK Juniors running against Another incumbent Democrat obviously he Knows there's no chance that he is going To win the Democratic nomination most Especially because we think the current President is actually going to run Shannon bream's the host of Fox News Sunday in in any case it would seem Impossible but gosh I I say that and I'm Thinking now like the last few years of Politics has blown up any kind of normal Expectations like I guess we should be Open to anything that could happen but I Think that he wants to be a voice in This conversation and I think that gosh The left doesn't like him because he has Not been a fan of the coveted vaccine He's against vaccines in general Um they don't like a lot of what he's Got to say so he's out there quote Unquote as one of them down but you know A lot of folks in the Democratic party Aren't on board with him and I just Think he's going to be sort of a thorn In the side a little bit for the bind Administration if he gets people to show Up for campaign events and and is able To kind of needle the president a little Bit yeah I mean he's known for the Anti-vaccine stuff he's been an Environmental lawyer for decades

Um just on name recognition alone There's this USA Today Suffolk University poll that has Democrats Um Biden supporters or former Biden Supporters at least saying the 14 of Them say yeah okay I I could I could get With Robert Kennedy Jr I mean five Percent say they're Marianne Williamson The other Democrat officially running Right she has some uh five percent of Support 13 undecided now look it doesn't Mean there's any real threat for the President getting the nomination but it Does speak to and it maybe speaks to Enthusiasm come general election time Yeah because we've talked about this all The All the variety of Democrats do not want Biden as their nominee the next time but The fact of the matter is if he is an Incumbent runs he's going to get the Nomination and they're not going to Cross over and vote for if it's a you Know president Trump or Rhonda Sanchez Or whatever I mean the hardcore Democrats are not going to abandon the Party just because Biden runs even Though they're saying they don't want Him to so I think that's the calculus That's all in there for the president That he knows they'll come home to him If he runs yeah uh Kennedy maybe it's a Tribute to his uncle Ted who kind of Pulled the same thing with Jimmy Carter

And uh before the 1980 election and he Was a bit of a thorn in the side there Yeah I I think he's got a lot of Interesting things to say when he he Worries about you know corporations Aligning with government interest in a Way that's kind of insurmountable for The average American and a lot of Different cases I think he gets to a lot Of what we even hear people on the right Saying I mean you know sometimes the the Issue goes so far around the curve that Then two sides meet and I think he's in Some of those places well in some other Potentially not awesome Joe Biden news This IRS whistleblower who without Naming names but we know who they're Talking about says the hunter Biden Investigation is being mishandled and so There's more red meat for these Congressional committees that are Already looking into this and it's funny Because sometimes people love Whistleblowers and sometimes they hate Them is The Whistleblower gonna be good For your side or good for the other side So there are times when you know the Left is very much celebrated Whistleblowers they've been the key to Democracy they've got to speak out They've got a root out corruption we Should protect and celebrate them I Don't think they're going to feel that Way about this whistleblower but it is

Gaining more traction than a lot of the Bubbling things that we've seen on the Hunter Biden on the attack stuff Um we know there are ongoing Investigations involving Hunter Biden And so if this person's coming out to Say that in some way those were scuttled Or not fully fleshed out because of the Last name Biden going to be very Interesting I mean it's a bold thing to Do I don't think any whistleblower does That lightly because it will cost them In some way so you know only a full Vetting of this person an investigation Uh um you know interviews whether They're willing to go on the record or Not Um it's going to be up to Congress to Protect this person at least to the Extent that they can ascertain whether What he or she is saying has a mirror to It yeah it doesn't seem like this is a An ancillary person with a I mean I Guess they could have an extra grind but I mean suppose their attorney says that They've been high up in this Investigation for like three years so You know somebody who at least has some Authority to talk about what they're Talking about uh Florida Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now the stuff Against Disney has gotten a little bit Weedy and Municipal Um but he's pushing back against Disney

The Company's trying to circumvent his Taking away some of their self-governing Power now he's trying to circumvent that I mean obviously doesn't want to look Like he was tricked or that he's giving Up a fight but there are some Republicans uh in Florida in their Legislature who are like come on enough Enough with the Disney stuff enough with The culture War stuff I'm sticking with Trump yeah and increasingly you have These Florida lawmakers who are even After meeting with Ron DeSantis who's Been here in Washington saying yeah I Met with him and I'm gonna go with Trump Like that is not good for a potential Presidential campaign and I don't know How much it plays outside the State of Florida you know I don't know how much The average person out there is really Worried about you know when which Congressional Republicans out of Florida Are endorsing DeSantis versus Trump but Those numbers are building and what We're hearing is a backstory from a Number of these Floridian members of Congress is you know I tried to reach Out to him to work on some policy or Work on some issue or some hurricane Thing or whatever I never heard back From his office yeah you always get These accusations when a governor or a Mayor whoever it is is running for a Higher office than the one they're

They're in that they're not doing their Job and I you know it is a tricky Balancing Act DeSantis has every right To get out there and start what is Eventually supposed to be a presidential Campaign but he still has a job to do in Tallahassee he does and he was It and listen resoundingly by 19 points There in Florida after he squeaked out a Win for his original election to the Gubernatorial Mansion there in Tallahassee so he I think is feeling Very flush with that win for things like Going after Disney and you know the Stuff about gender identity education And the schools and going at Trump and You know there are these packs Supporting him that say we've got Everything lined up we're ready for you They're running ads that are actually Doing things like playing president Trump's words on the Second Amendment They had a very interesting ad that came Out when he was at the NRA kind of like No one will ever touch your guns when I'm in the white house you'll never have To worry about that you know in this Pack supporting DeSantis comes out with A campaign that shows him saying like Maybe we're okay with bump stocks maybe We're okay with red flag loss I mean in His own words so he's doing most of the Unleashing of the Firepower on DeSantis But those supporting DeSantis are

Starting to spend money and push back so We'll see if they really get into a Bloody face-to-face mono a mono fight Whether DeSantis is up for it yeah and There's Trump supporting ad uh goofing On these anecdotes about DeSantis eating Pudding with his fingers who Among Us Has not done that right I mean no I Don't know they'll find anything to go After each other about though so yes um Yeah putting Gates apparently um it Makes me flash back to the stories about Senator Klobuchar eating her salads with A fork yep I mean with a comb because There was no fork and so politics makes People pick on silly things uh house Speaker Kevin McCarthy Has laid out in large part a plan to Raise the debt limit and cut spending He's not there's no specifics really About all the cuts that have been made That would be handled down the road but There are specifics about things like Stopping the president's plans to Forgive student loan debt and refund the IRS of course this is never going to Pass the Senate but Biden has been Saying what you're offer what you're Offering now here it is the two sides Are using such extreme language about Each other which is the way they do it In Washington but it makes you wonder How they give each other any kind of out Off ramp to get together and work on

Something if you actually care about the Country and not defaulting and getting Our fiscal house in order none of us at Home can run our budgets or our Checkbooks the way that the federal Government does and so it's insulting to The American people Um Republicans when they're in charge Spend a ton of money Democrats when They're in charge spend a ton of money The two sides want to point fingers at Each other now but with McCarthy laid Down this marker now and putting out This potential proposal I mean it's it's the White House's move At this point I mean they continue to Say that everything they seem from Republicans is nothing but quote Mega Extremism but at some point with Something on the table you have to then Have a conversation yeah uh finally Shannon I know uh Supreme Court lover as I point out Um uh this case about the Christian mail Carrier who doesn't want to work Sundays Is interesting Lower Court ruled against Him seems like there's more sympathy for Um for him in the Supreme Court yeah it Does it's it's interesting because when He was hired by the Postal Service they Didn't have Sunday service then when They contracted with Amazon to do Sunday Service he said I can't work Sundays It's a Sabbath for me and they said fine

They were able to either he got the Shift covered or the Postal Service did Well there came a union agreement at Some point and there were more and more Complaints by employees who didn't want To cover his Sunday shift he started to Get um disciplined and and finally he Quit he says I knew I was going to be Terminated so I quit so the question is How much of a hardship does an employer Have to bear to be able to accommodate a Religious request from an employee and Years ago 1977 there was a Supreme Court Case that said anything beyond a de Minimis cost so like the very most basic Inconvenience for the employer they Could say that's an undue hardship so You know people supporting the postal Worker um will say you know employers Have no motivation to have any kind of Negotiation with the employee because They know they're probably going to get Away with saying ah we tried and it Didn't work so I think that listen Nobody could give a brightline test that They think is workable is it a dollar Amount for the employer is it morale is It people quitting But I think that you'll push beyond the De minimis cost I think that the court Is going to elevate that standard in Some way says to say that there has to Be something a little bit more Substantive at issue for the employer

Before they can simply say no we try and This doesn't work for us but nobody Really had that brightline test so I'll Be interested to see you know they have Their first little private vote on it Friday and then we wait months to figure Out what they've actually decided so I Can't wait to see who writes this and And how they find a solution yeah and Are there going to be ramifications for The broader Workforce or is this limited To this case I mean are you going to Have there are a lot of 24 not 24 7 but There are a lot of seven day a week Businesses where people have to work Sunday somebody has to work Sunday and You know what's to stop somebody who is Wants to be Brazen about it and say nah I'm not working Sundays uh I got to go To church even if they don't Right and you know it was interesting Justice Alito pointed out There are a number of different Religious groups from all kinds of Different faiths and different Backgrounds who filed in this case and Said you know whether it's Um a wardrobe issue or grooming issue or Something that's related to a religious Observance or wanting Saturday off as a Sabbath I mean there are all kinds of Different groups who've come forward to Say the current state of the law has Meant that we've been discriminated

Against we haven't been able to get Basic religious Protections in because The employer has said based on this 1977 Case I really don't have to negotiate With you that much so although this case Is about an Evangelical Christian it Certainly does have wide-ranging Potential implications Thanks a lot good to talk to you we'll See you Sunday on the TV see you then [Music] Thank you This is Vivek ramaswamy with your Fox News commentary coming up A string of recent incidents appearing To stem from simple mistakes or Reigniting debate about self-defense in The U.S this is a Very sad case Of some young adults that were looking For a friend's house And ended up at this man's house in a Rural New York town Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy says the group's Two vehicles were leaving the driveway When the suspect fired Two Shots from His porch hitting 20-year-old Kalyn Gillis who was killed that homeowner is Charged with second-degree murder in Missouri felony charges for an 84-year-old homeowner after a teenage Boy was shot and injured when he went to The wrong address to pick up his younger Siblings the 16 year old should not have

Been shot in the head and then shot once More that's the reason for the outrage Kansas city mayor Quentin Lucas after That shooting sparked weekend protests In Texas two teenage cheerleaders were Shot after opening the wrong car door And this six-year-old girl is lucky to Be alive in North Carolina he walked Through Hilliard and he said he was Going to kill the kid she and her dad Were shot while trying to retrieve a Runaway basketball from a man's yard and When he went to the Grand around the guy Continued to shoot he didn't care who he Shot the six-year-old girl was grazed by A bullet in her cheek that homeowner Faces multiple charges but multiple law Enforcement agencies were still looking For him last night the theory of our Constitution is that every human being Has a natural right of self-defense Andy McCarthy is a former assistant U.S Attorney and a Fox News contributor it's Often mistakenly assumed that our right To keep and bear arms for example Is provided by the Second Amendment That's actually not true what the Framers believed was that everyone had a Natural right of self-defense and the Second Amendment is there to ensure that Right that existed before the United States existed and existed before Obviously the Second Amendment did so It's a fundamental natural right and

It's been widely understood that way you Know since there have been human beings Really how much latitude do states have On this issue we come to you know what's Known as the castle doctrine and then Stand your ground laws you know can States put as many or as few Restrictions as they want on Self-defense Well there is a certain zone of Protection that you get out of the Second amendment that states would not Be able to restrict So for example the courts have now made It clear that we all have a right to Bear arms and we have a right to bear Arms in the home for purposes of Self-defense so that much is clear and The states have traditionally very broad Authority with respect to police power Within the state and activities within Their borders So there are some states that try as Hard as they can to limit as far as they Can Your ability to use or carry a firearm For purposes of self-defense And how far they'll be able to go with Those kinds of restrictions is something That it's hard to say because that Hasn't really been completely litigated At this point Um some states are More forgiving to the firearm owner in

Terms of how much latitude there is in Perceiving that you are threatened and Other states try to lean the other way So that as a practical matter the ride Almost disappears but again uh if they Restrict too much you would have the Right to go into court and say your Second amendment rights were being Violated In the Missouri case where a homeowner Andrew Lester is facing felony charges For shooting a teenager who went to his House by mistake while he was trying to Pick up his younger siblings the teen Ralph Laurel rang the doorbell How critical is that for the prosecutors In that case it's an important fact Because with all these cases eventually Will come down to is whether the Homeowner acted reasonably that is was The person In reasonable fear that his rights as a Homeowner were being violated that his Space was being violated uh in a Threatening way so you know is it Important that somebody was ringing the Doorbell as opposed to you know breaking In the door of course that's a an Important fact on the other hand it's Not necessarily a dispositive fact Because you can imagine any number of Circumstances where somebody who was Intending to be threatening to people Inside a home would actually ring the

Bell rather than break in So you know it's going to depend as it Does in all these cases on what all the Facts and circumstances were and whether The jury thinks that adding it all up The person acted reasonably or not How sympathetic Are juries To self-defense claims I think they're generally very Sympathetic but you know the juries are Just like you and me right I mean we're Just they're people from the community And they are influenced by all the Things that would make us Sympathetic or unsympathetic so uh I Think whenever you ask you know how how Sympathetic jurors are I think it's fair To say that you know depending on Whether you're in a region or a place Where there's a a strong gun culture and By that I mean a strong sense of um Personal Self-defense responsibility where it's a Common thing for people to own firearms Self-defense the homeowners in those Areas tends to get a lot of sympathy From jurors on the other hand in many Cities across the United States uh there Is an anti-gun culture and I think Because people are raised in that milieu They may tend to be less sympathetic to A homeowner who tries to defend himself But they will apply the law and if the

Judge tells them uh that you we have a Right to self-defense and that if Somebody had a reasonable perception That he was in danger or his family was In danger it's very hard for prosecutors To get a conviction under those Circumstances because the jury has to Find Beyond a reasonable doubt that There was a homicide for prosecutors Race sometimes also a factor in these Types of cases in in the Missouri case The homeowners white the teenager who Did survive the shooting um is black Legally speaking though how much is that A factor Legally speaking it shouldn't be a Factor at all in other words the laws Themselves that we apply and the legal Instructions that judges give to juries Don't Factor racing because we have race Neutral laws but of course the reason That we have jury trials rather than Having litigation decided by say panels Of experts or even judges is because you Want to bring the community's judgment To Bear uh before somebody gets Convicted of a crime so it would be Unrealistic to think that attitudes that Are held by people in the community Won't factor into how a case will go Simply because the laws don't mention Race and and the judge's instructions Won't mention race I've heard lawyers Say before that cases of one in jury

Selection and what they mean by that is Especially if you're a defense lawyer You want to have people on the jury who You think will be sympathetic to the Kinds of claims you want to make and the Kinds of uh themes that you want to Raise in the course of a trial and if You succeed in getting a jury who you Think will be sympathetic to a racial Argument it would be foolish to think That you won't be hearing racial Arguments Tricky potentially tricky thing for the Defense in one recent case would seem to Be the age of the victim there's there's A you know big difference in some of These recent cases the 16 year old boy In another case a 20 year old woman and Then a six-year-old girl it would seem Pretty hard to argue that you needed to Protect yourself from a six-year-old Whose ball rolled into the yard yeah and I think Lisa based on your questions You're really getting to what these Cases come down to you know it's always Nice to be the lawyer who gets asked you Know what do you think will happen here What do you think will happen there but The fact is the kinds of things that You're underscoring here show that what This comes down to are fact questions That jurors are going to be called on to Resolve not so much I mean they'll be Given legal principles but one thing

That a jury gets told by any good Litigator is that we don't want you to Check your common sense at the door And the kinds of facts that you're Raising which go to the heart of whether Somebody is acting reasonably or not When they try to defend themselves are Exactly what the jury will have to Wrestle with and I wish I could sit here And tell you you know there's a there's A solid legal answer you know that if You give me these three facts this is How the case should come out but it Really doesn't work that way you know a Lot of cases are in the gray area where You can easily see that a person might Have perceived Danger who was uh in the home and had a Firearm uh and you could also easily see That the person who was trying to get Into the home whether by mistake or in Some unthreatening way didn't intend and Objectively didn't seem to be Particularly threatening but that it's Possible that the person in the Situation in the home might have taken It as threatening and those are the Really hard cases they're the ones where All the things that you're raising now Like the age and the appearance of the Person at the door whether the person Rang the bell you know all those things Will be scrutinized by the jury but what It essentially comes down to is using

Your common sense do you think this Person acted reasonably or not and That's a it's a very fact intensive Inquiry one last thing I'm just Wondering if these kinds of cases are More common than the recent headlines Would suggest well self-defense is a Very common scenario that comes up you Know in cases involving physical Confrontations I think What we may be hitting now and I I'm not I don't really feel I know enough to say Whether this is so or not so we could Have just had you know a weird raft of You know unusually difficult situations That came up you know in quick in time I Think you know most of the time what Happens is you know you really do have Somebody who is a hardened criminal who Is up to no good and you have somebody Who was trying to defend his home his Family his property and those situations I mean it's obviously there's a lot of Uh tragedy that can fall out of them but They're a lot easier to wrap your brain Around than some of the situations that We've been talking about which are much Stickier former Federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy thank You as always for your time oh thanks so Much [Music] [Music] Good news with Tanya J powers

The Boston Marathon was held this week And a 77-year-old woman made history by Crossing the finish line for the 37th Consecutive time more than any other Woman in the history of the road race Patty hung completed her 26.2 miles with A time of 5 hours 40 minutes and 37 Seconds last year in her 36th running of The marathon she surpassed the previous Record set by Andrea hatch of Maine who Ended her streak in 2013. hung was a Math teacher then went back to school Later in life to become a nurse and While she was born and raised in Boston She now works as a pediatric nurse in Oakland California she didn't start Running until her late 30s and says it Was something that changed her life Patty says she was looking for her Purpose she had gone through a divorce Was the mother of three kids and needed A challenge so she decided to run the Boston Marathon and took part in her First one in 1987. she says she's got no Plans to stop and that she's going to Keep going as long as her body in mind Allow her to Tanya J Powers Fox News [Music] Pull up a chair and join me for Rachel Campos Tuffy and me former US Congressman Sean Duffy as we share our Perspective on the discussions happening At kitchen tables Across America Download from the kitchen table the

Duffy's at or Wherever you download podcasts subscribe To this podcast at It's time for your Fox News commentary Vivek ramaswamy What's on your mind remember the Bud Light campaign during the 2016 election Season the beer Behemoth paid outspoken Left-wing celebrities Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen to tip their hat to Democrats The only person that would ever convince To crack open a cold one is Senator Elizabeth Warren now the king of beers Is paying homage to the newest cultural Zeitgeist by paying trans activist Dylan Mulvaney to prod grown men into dressing Like Audrey have burn while drinking Beer for a drink that was once a blue Collar staple of Middle America this is Not a winning sales strategy it's a way For the CEO to Signal his virtue while Alienating a customer base that is too Afraid to say it out loud one of my Goals of my candidacy for president of The United States is to close the gap Between what people are willing to say Behind closed doors and what they are Willing to say in public So when that Spirit here goes Dylan Mulvaney might need mental health care Not endorsement deals more often than Not when somebody identifies as a gender Different from their biological sex that Is a sign and symptom that they're

Suffering from a mental illness I reject The idea that it is somehow Humane to Affirm their confusion rather than to Actually help them that is inhumane Here's the reality Transgenderism is not a civil rights Issue it is a social Contagion Psychological epidemics have been well Documented for over 300 years as my Friend Jordan Peterson has rightly Identified Western culture is Periodically consumed by these social Psychosis that grip certain groups into Hysteria especially the most vulnerable Among Us This Cult of gender ideology Increasingly forced sexuality upon our Children look at grad Queen's Story Hour Makes a mockery of women look at the Fact that they can't answer what is a Woman it undermines female sports look At Leo Thomas and countless others by Creating a zero-sum game where men with Mental health disorders dominate at the Expense of women but by hitching itself To this ever growing alphabet soup of Queer rights the trans movement has Successfully wrapped itself in a veneer Of legitimacy and shuts down rational Debate or reasonable criticism The trans movement now tells us that Your own sex your biological sex Is entirely fluid over your life even Though there is a definitive sex

Chromosome these two beliefs are Impossible to espouse at the same time When this social contagion finally ends Those who stood up to it from JK Rowling To Jordan Peterson they're going to be Remembered as compassionate thought Leaders who saved our culture from that Cult even as they are publicly flogged Let's abandon this farce that the Humane Thing to do is to affirm gender Confusion rather than to actually help Those who suffer from it That's what it means to crack a cold Hard truth My name is Vivek ramaswamy I'm running As a republican for U.S president I Wrote a book called woke Inc inside Corporate America social justice scam And I'm looking to revive the essence of Our national Soul You've been listening to the Fox News Rundown now and now stay up to date by Subscribing to this podcast at listen ad free on FOX News podcasts Plus on Apple podcast And Prime members can listen to the show Ad-free on Amazon music and for up to The minute news go to

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