Nathan Wade interrupted by media team during interview when asked about Fani Willis

Nathan Wade interrupted by media team during interview when asked about Fani Willis

Fox News contributor David Webb joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Hillary Clinton’s decision to endorse Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s primary challenger and his reaction to Nathan Wade being interrupted by his media team during a CNN interview. #FoxNews

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Listen to this Hillary Clinton just done Democrats by throwing out an endorsement In one of the party's biggest primaries The failed presidential candidate is Backing Westchester County Executive George ladimir who was challenging Incumbent Squad member Jamal Bowman for A congressional seat in New York's 16th District Clinton writing onx with Trump On the ballot we need strong principal Democrats in Congress more than ever in Congress George ladimer will protect Abortion rights stand up to the NRA and Fight for President Biden's agenda just Like he's always done David Webb is a Host of the David Webb show and a Fox News contributor and David joins us now Dave what do you make of this Dem on Demem violence the queen of the Establishment in Hillary Clinton versus The squad let's go down a different Road Donors to the Clinton Foundation people Like over the over the years you've had Heim Saban George Soros Nam sound Familiar the Jewish fund out of Chicago Big donor organizations Hillary Clinton Got to protect the Clinton Foundation Hillary Clinton doesn't care between the Two at one point she said I'm the most Progressive when she was running against Donald Trump right she was her Progressive credential Jamal Bowman Upset the money cart not the apple cart Politically and she's protecting it her

Endorsement of Latimer well pretty much Irrelevant a lot of endorsements are to Be honest but irrelevant ler already Shows a lot of lead a lot of strong Polling against Bowman Bowman's a known Liar he committed a crime in the house By pulling the fire alarm he was this Guy is damaged goods and in West a Former Westchester County Executive Against a progressive Democrat it's kind Of a straightforward so Clinton's Protecting her donor base well yeah but Clinton doesn't have anything to do with The fact that the polling already shows Before this endorsement that uh Jamal Bowman is down 17 the alarm Bells Are Ringing yeah you're Welcome and a lot of people say that It's because of his stance on Israel Remember when he came out and uh Supported a lot of these protests and What's going on people in his district Don't like that no and and again combine All of that again the bad press but Really think about how the clintons have Survived they know how to play the game As it goes along and they're getting a Lot of push back from these funds and These major donors and think about this George soros's organizations fund a lot Of this we've seen that the money Trails Established but George Soros also Donates to the Clinton foundation so It's kind of an interesting Clinton it's

Always about the money and you can Always follow the Moneylion plus they're Public Service David uh mean I want to get your Thoughts on this Nathan Wade did an Interview with CNN and this is not a Joke this is real his media consultant Actually interrupted after he was asked About his relationship with fton County DA funny was audio issues watch this Audio there's been this effort to to to To say that okay these these exact dates Are are are are at issue and these exact Dates are I'm Getting I'm getting signaled here yeah Want go off mic for a second yes Okay everything okay Yeah ah the old audio issues I don't Think AIO I'm getting signal by the Consultant I thought there was signal in His ear I don't know about you David When comes toon wellis Nathan Wade I Think that former couple they need new Media consultants to teach them about Optics they also need some new attorneys Remember there's still some legal Battles going on underway which could Involve her in the involve him and his Relationship with her there you know There's still an effort to get her Disqualified so there's more going on And the last thing they need is a blo Hard who wasn't qualified to do the job Screwing up the dates which then goes

Into the appeal these two are like the Worst Power couple we'll call it that or the Low power couple when it comes legally Who was they're only interested in going After Trump they can't affect that case That's what this is about so there's Also something interesting going on with Jay-Z uh his his organization Rock Nation is appears to be supporting School choice uh supporting these Vouchers for young people who live in Underprivileged communities T typically A republican issue and he's saying that This is the right way to go he got a lot Of push back for doing that but think About it in Philadelphia where 65% of Black parents as reported have moved Since Co moved their kids into Charter Schools the failing schools in Philadelphia Pennsylvania has Charter Schools it has Choice something the Governor fought against I think it's a Good move for him look I can't know all His reasons but it's not a bad business Investment in the future of people in Human capital so good for him but 20 Seconds before need to go off to Fox and Friends why does the farle hate the fact That parents especially black parents Want Choice when it comes to where and How their kids are educated because it's A loss of control you can't have people Learning growing and running their lives

If you're the big government group you Take them on you want to own them yeah Aft pres Pennsylvania teachers union uh President pushed back on social media Saying this ain't it to Jay-Z's Announcement but did not say why this Well he took a picture with major Choice Supporter that's the problem with Jeffrey y David thank you so much for Joining us on this busy news day President Biden in Italy for the G7 Summit there will be continuing coverage Of that on Fox and Friends which starts Right now have a great day Everybody I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley airheart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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