New York Times bestsellers list ‘inaccurate’: James Patterson

New York Times bestsellers list 'inaccurate': James Patterson

Author James Patterson says the New York Times best sellers list is ‘inaccurate’ after his book, which he says performed better than other titles, did not make the cut. #foxnews

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[Music] He is one of the world's best-selling Authors and now James Patterson is Accusing the New York Times of Manipulating its best seller list in a Letter to the times Patterson writes you Suggest your process has statistical Rigor and it simply doesn't as the Nation's bookstores and our publishing Houses have known for years your lists Are often outside the realm of Statistical possibility best-selling Author James Patterson Welcome James so make your case to us I'm Barefoot like the singers good for You Yeah yeah this is a little bit of fake News and we've all known this all the Writers and and you guys probably know It because you've seen it with your own Books and and you this isn't really Complicated you just should count the You know you have book scan counts about 80 of the sales all the change count the Sales there there are people who count The Indie sales so it shouldn't be Complicated but it but apparently it is Yeah James I mean I've already I've Always heard from my Publishers Pete Your book better be so far ahead that They can't deny it otherwise they will Try to find a way is that kind of the Sentiment well what happened I put out a Book Walk The Blue Line recently and

It's about Law Officers and it's not Political I don't think it should be it Just tells the truth about Law Officers So it comes out in the first week it's Not on the times list I'm going this is Weird because we have the numbers from All over the country and it should be Like number two after uh after Governor Uh Florida governor and uh I'm doing what He did with Trump right and uh Um it should be two or three and it's Outsold the bottom seven on the list Like five to one it's not on the list So I write a letter and then they refuse To publish it which is interesting so James what's this yeah we just sort of Tried to point out that the list is Inaccurate a lot of times what's the Implication of the inaccuracy like What's the Fallout I mean if you're a New York Times bestseller you get what If you're denied that that honor you're You're denied what Denied more sales your deny publicity You know the list gets published in a Lot of places Um Um and uh I I think you know in a very Minor way the times is supposed to have Journalistic rigor and and if they can't Do this it does reflect on their Reputation in a minor way I think James Is it is it explained by left-wing bias

I mean is that what it is I don't know there's a little of that Except that you know I put out a book I Didn't write it but I published it Called free water And it won the Newberry this year which Means it's a really good children's book That should have been on the list six Weeks and it's only been on that just Recently is going to get on board the Other weird thing about it is to let the Time Celeste comes out this you know on Sunday tonight that list is a week Behind the list at the Wall Street Journal the LA Times and all that's Crazy too why would they be a week late That's like putting out the sports Scores a weekly it just doesn't make any Sense so the New York Times gave a Response to they said our Best seller lists are based on detailed Analysis of Book Sales from a wide range Of retailers tens of thousands of brick And mortar stores of all sizes and Numerous online bookselling vendors to Best represent what is selling across The United States you know James what's Interesting is you're putting on paper What so many people kind of already knew And understood I'm really glad you did Because I just think we're in a moment Where you just need to tell the truth About everything absolutely It's just and when you and when we

Contact I mean they said well we don't Base it on Raw sales uh so what are you Base it on put sales Yeah and they claim that it has to do And this is ironic with with fox now They claim it has to do with Understanding who Their audience is oh And they rate stores that where they Think okay that's an interesting thing I Have to tell also whatever you can make Of that one what you will yeah James Patterson it's great to have you on the Program great to talk to you this Morning thank you sir I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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