‘NEWSFLASH’: Biden’s ballot absence is the first ‘crack in the egg,’ NH gov. says

‘NEWSFLASH’: Biden’s ballot absence is the first ‘crack in the egg,’ NH gov. says

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu joins ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’ on FOX News Radio to discuss a wide range of topics, including President Biden’s ordeal with the New Hampshire primary. #foxnews

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Governor sonunu welcome Back hey Brian how we doing buddy good What do you think the Secretary of State's going to say to Benjamin Netanyahu why do you think he's rushing Over to Israel yeah you know I I get the sense That it is to try to put the breakes on On some of the aggression um so to say But that's not going to happen I'm not Even saying it it it really should Happen I mean Israel was was absolutely Attack this is a this isn't a dispute Over territory or anything like that This is a group these Hamas killers want To literally wipe out every Jew on the Planet I mean that's their goal they Want the second Holocaust so to go in And then tell the leader of the Jew of The Israeli State back off a little bit That's that's not going to go very well And unfortunately we haven't shown Strength across the the world in a in a Systematic way we we don't always back Up our friends with this Biden Administration so it it comes from a I Think the argument would be coming from A place of weakness in itself so I I Just don't think Netanyahu is going to Pay attention to to much that we have to Say so uh are you surprised uh of Columbia University Cornell we seeing at NYU we're seeing it at the uh all the Schools at the California state schools

This uh sympathy towards Hamas to the Palestinians and condemnation of Israelis does this surprise Governor Sonunu it should surprise everybody Right because again this isn't some sort Of territorial dispute and even killed Match here this is these are killing That came in and and we saw the Brutality that they were willing to Inflict um you know on October 7th so I Was asked to speak at Harvard about a Week ago I told them to go screw I said No we're not doing this because they Capit their their kind of capitulation To these student groups who are on the Side of of absolute uh murderous killers And and that's what it is and now I'm a Parent I got a couple kids in you know That age and that kind of college age I Don't just put it on the students where Are the parents talking to their to Their to their children that are part of These groups that are part of these These demonstrations these young adults Are so it isn't Republican Democrat here Guys it isn't Progressive conservative They are just so off base in terms of What they think they're protesting about I don't even think they know and Understand the issues at Bear here They're just kind of going with whatever The progressives tell them to do they're Going with that Ultra Progressive wing And it's dangerous it isn't just a you

Know we have a disagreement of Philosophy here this is dangerous Thinking where it is okay to now support A group of terrorists that are going to Brutally murder um you know not just Innocent civilians but our allies our Our compatriots people that have have You know fought for the freedom of their Own Homeland and that's okay now this is Nothing that I think anybody saw coming But and it's not just Harvard it's not Just Yale it's in real it's really all Across I mean we see it a lot in the Colleges but it's everywhere um by the Way we just have to tell you that the Rafa gate is open for injured uh Palestinians and for foreigners to get Out so that's beginning to open up up a Little bit they should pressure Egypt to Open up the gate for uh for civilians And get the kids out of there because Hamas needs to be destroyed but Governor Normally I ask you about the Republican Race and I will but first Democrats Dean Phillips is in and he wants to be uh in The New Hampshire primary uh Joe Biden Doesn't and because he wants to be there He is uh causing all types of unrest on The left what is the situation are you Guys for the Democrats the first Primary oh we're the first primary There's no doubt about it um you know Joe Biden tried to tried to move the the Primary out of New Hampshire to South

Carolina it didn't work uh the Iowa Democrats thought about trying to take It and put a primary in Iowa that didn't Work we're first we're going first That's all there is Joe Biden won't be On the ballot um but here here's the News flash for Joe Biden nobody cares Like nobody really cares that Joe Biden's not on the ballot here there's Not some giant clamoring wing of the Democrat Party I wish I could vote for Biden in the New Hampshire primary where They're moving on they've given up on Them they're moving on I think Dean Phillips has a huge opportunity here to Just crack the Democrat Party wide open Now that's going to happen whether it Happens with Dean Phillips in New Hampshire whether it happens at the Convention or somewhere in between I've Always been a believer that Biden likely Isn't on that ballot come November of 24 So one way or another it's going to Happen but this is the first serious Crack in the EG Biden whether he Realizes you know what a gaff he's made Or not I don't I mean there's a lot more Important things he should be realizing Which he clearly doesn't so um I don't Know how in tune he is to the situation But there's a huge problem in the Democrat Party and that fracturing is Starting right here in New Hampshire and To Dean Phillips credit he's gonna he's

Gonna work it the right way he's already Got support from from some of our Legislators he's got support from Individuals who used to support Biden He's gonna go town to town and Diner to Diner he's got three about three months Here to really uh make a name for Himself and that's more than enough time Considering Biden isn't even on the Ballot well now all of a sudden you guys Are getting rip because there's too many White people in your state and that's Not emblematic of the diverse Democratic Party you have heard that and now Phillip says that's the problem with the Democratic party they're too divisive Just go Inn New Hampshire and now Clyburn's coming back at him and then he Comes back and says he's disappointed in James klyber he should know better and Now more people are coming back at Phillips unwind this for me yeah so look Look the the idea that they were going To move the Democrat first the nation Primary to Carolina because it was had More um representation of people of Color but you forget one key point they Don't vote and and they basically have The party bosses tell everyone how to Vote they have a they have one of the Lowest voter turnouts in the entire Country what's the point of having great Representation uh if you're not allowing Them to to vote if you and there's still

Even a question by the way whether they Hold the Democrat Primary in South Carolina they may just give it to Biden They did that for Trump in 2020 20 they May not even hold a a primary there so It's they've really screwed this thing Up they've caused a big mess uh New Hampshire we haven't changed a thing We're still going first this is where The arguments are going to be laid down With the individuals and the citizens uh And the media's here the attention is Here and that's why Dean Phillips has a Real shot and opportunity you have these Party bosses these elitists like Clayburn who just think that well if I You have my people that have my Endorsement you know that's all that Matters no it's the citizens that matter It's the voters that matter not these Elitists in the Democrat Party and this Is just a huge opportunity for the Democrat Party to kind of get back to Basics do it the right way and God bless Dean Phillips he's leading the charge Yeah it turns out that representative Benny Thompson he of January 6 uh Fame Says that Philip's decision to go to New Hampshire is disrespectful to voters of Color what what what is that what what Does that mean like I I I don't even Have a response to that Brian I I I'm Not even sure what that means that Sounds like people just you know yelling

Fire in a crowded theater it really does I'm just going to say something to scare Everybody and put a negative light on Dean Phillips campaign even though look He's a super nice guy he's a very Accomplished individual don't agree with Him politically I'm pretty much anything I I'll give you I'll give you that but He's gonna run the race the way it Should be run person to person asking For their vote earning the vote not just Earning uh the approval of a couple Elites that that'll hand it to you you Know when you really haven't earned it On the ground I mean remember Biden he He didn't engage in the Press he he Campaigned from his basement he got his Clock cleaned in New Hampshire back in In 2020 and that's what it needed un he Was lucky enough to have a party Structure that didn't really listen to Voters only listen to elitist and that's How that's how he ultimately gets the Nomination hopefully Democrats can Smarten up and realize that they can't Keep going down that path or or they get You know out of touch millionaire old White guys that have no connection to The party base of of of the progressives So there's a huge opportunity on the Democrat side to kind of get back to Basics on the Republican side we're Still doing our thing right we're having An Open Primary there's still a lot lot

Of votes out there to be to be moved um A lot of Voters won't decide who they're Voting for until you know maybe December Or even January so there's still a lot Of room for all the candidates to to Make a move here on Trump on a real Clear average in New Hampshire Trump's Got 46.3 Haley 14.8 D santis 10.5 and chrisy 8.5 is that what you're hearing on the Ground that's about right yeah that's About right um and and I want to Wouldn't expect it to move I won't Expect those numbers to move until after Thanksgiving uh it depends on what Happens in the third I mean remember the Third debate's going to be interesting Right because there's going to be about Half as many people on the stage they're Gonna have about twice as much airtime G To be a little chipper maybe than than We've seen before um and they they got To they can't just keep repeating the Same thing right so they got to come With something new and exciting and a Little bit inspirational so I think this Third debate is going to be pretty Pivotal I wouldn't see those poll Numbers move until slightly after Thanksgiving that's typically when New Hampshire voters start getting down to Business talking to family members and And they start saying okay who where are We going to go here and I think if

Someone can get some momentum probably Haley or D santis if one of those those Two can can get a lot of momentum and Really surge here then you can start Seeing a race where people start Consolidating behind one of them and uh And moving forward so you think on the Stage I know uh Tim Scott's having Trouble qualifying for the next debate And Governor bergam to you like him I Know you guys are friends Governor Bergam to is having trouble qualifying Do you think it's going to be Four I think it could be four yeah four Maybe five yep I think so and and for All those folks you know three months Ago said well the field won't narrow Itself down it just is right the the RNC Is actually doing I think a pretty good Job you know making sure that we have a A a strong discussion on issues and not Just getting 15 people their their Five Minutes of Fame on a stage they're Making it tougher to enter those debates I have no problem with that and and as You said these are all great candidates I mean they're all great some will Qualify some won't some are hitting you Know their marks some aren't um but They're all great but ultimately it Really does have to be narrowed down and So if you get to four or five you know Viable candidates by Iowa New Hampshire You start narrowing this down to

One-on-one with Trump and somebody else Before the first before you know super Tuesday now you got a real race you Really do now it's a 5050 up for grabs And anyone with political momentum could Steal this thing right and so far have You uh changed your mind at all that Trump can't Win uh on in November no I mean Biden's Making it easier but I don't think Biden's on the ticket if I if if I was Sure Biden was on the ticket I'd say Yeah maybe Trump could actually beat That guy it ain't gonna be him Brian It's not they're G to give this to Somebody else and the new fresh face if You will uh on a presidential ticket is Going to get all the excitement in the World you could have a horrible Governor Like Gavin Nome as bad as that guy is at His job and there's not many that has Ever ever been worse maybe Gua he's Terrible uh but he but he'll be a new Face that hasn't been attacked and They'll be able to brush off some of the Very clear arguments against him but it It'll still be hard when he's going Against someone like Trump he'll Galvanize a lot of the independence on His side and that's just a reality Republicans have to face it doesn't you Know what the issue of this campaign is It's not abortion it's not the economy It's not jobs it's winning winning is

The issue for republicans in 2024 so Let's find any of these other candidates That we know can cross the line with the Victory in November because it's so Dramat this country will look Dramatically different if Republicans Don't win and please try to tell me how The policies of the previous four years Weren't better than these I don't know If anyone could make that argument Lastly you know the electoral process Beyond New Hampshire what is too late When is too late to change the horse in The race I think Super Tuesday I think If if super Tuesday can be a 5050 yeah I Think if that that can be a 50-50 Gambit Between Trump and somebody else we have A shot if Trump just runs the table on Super Tuesday that's it it's toast I Mean no no no I'm not talking about Republicans when when the Democrats have To make a decision on whether Biden's Gonna be no see I think Biden himself Joe Biden and Biden himself could make That decision going into the convention Yeah see they they may give it up they May actually give it up but they'll give It up to who they want they'll be king Makers if you will right they'll say We're going to tell all of our delegates That we've earned in the primary process Is to go here and here and therefore not Only they not in office anymore they've Gone out people thank them and they get

To be king makers for the next Generation of Democrats that's a that's A very enticing probability Governor It's a it's a scenario but not one That's ever been done and it would mean You'd have to bypass Harris who's awful 60 Minutes feature proed that again so They're trying to make her look good so I've never heard that scenario where you Go and give your delegates to somebody Else yeah well look I've never heard of A scenario where the you know someone Like that that is running against eight Other contenders in the Republican Prim Rate doesn't get on the debate stage I've never heard of scenario where you Have a a a a a literally a scile President who can't keep his words Together yet still may become president Again or a scenario where the leading Republican candidate might end up in Jail I mean this is a year of never been Scenario so let's put it all on the Table and have fun watching the show and By the way if you want to come to the Circus I got a front row seat anyone Come on up to New Hampshire we'll bring You around I bring everybody around this Is the place to bre Brian it's wild when Is the date of this you know I'm not not Announced I likely January 23rd but that Is not the date I I don't announce that The secretary of state will make a Formal announcement soon but late late

January is likely he is uh Governor uh Chrisan unu Governor thanks so much Everyone I'm Brian kilme I want you to Do me a favor I want you to click to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page This is the only way that I know for Sure that you're not going to miss any Great commentary any great news bites Any great interviews coming your way on Fox you can get it all here on YouTube So subscribe right now

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