Newt Gingrich: This new Biden campaign push is ‘childish’

Newt Gingrich: This new Biden campaign push is 'childish'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says the administration is assuming young Americans are ‘simple-minded’ on ‘Hannity.’
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All right breaking moments ago so-called Climate protesters stormed the field at The annual Congressional baseball game Before getting apprehended we're going To continue to monitor that situation But first we do turn to Biden's Campaign Which is rapidly deteriorating and to Make matters worse voters they're not Very keen on kamla Harris either According to a new poll just one-third Of Voters and only 60% of Democrats Think she would win a general election And her favorability well that's similar To Biden 10 points underwater and Joe Actually has one point higher in terms Of approval campaign is now resorting to Very desperate pandering to win over Voters they are launching seniors for Biden Harris promoting pickle ball and Bone Banks and meanwhile Democrats Simultaneously they're trying to win Back younger voters many of which are Abandoning their support for Biden James Carville's been screaming about this and You can't make this up how are they Trying to attract young voters with beer And birth control free beer free birth Control and I guess free college tuition Vote for us the bad news for Biden Doesn't end there a new poll out today For marish shows Trump leading Biden by Two and the all-important swing state of Pennsylvania which Biden did eek out in 2020 which could be the deciding State

Come November now things have gotten so Bad for the Biden campaign National Review writer Charles cook is is calling Biden's candidacy a quote decoy Presidential candidacy here with Reaction Fox News contributor former Speaker of the House new Gingrich it's Kind of hard for the vice president to Have a lower approval rating than the President beer and birth control and Free college what a nice deal please Vote for us is that going to Work no I mean look you just lump Together two or three different things Here I mean camela is hopeless because She's camela I mean anybody who watches Her knows that the idea of her being President makes Biden look Good uh which is really hard nowadays so You have to start with the idea that She's imprinted on the country Permanently that she is a really shallow Uneducated and uneducable person uh and That uh other than her weird laugh There's no really signific ific part to Now I do think her efforts in the last Month or two on abortion running around The country on women's rights she's Actually stabilized and sounded Semi-serious but I think uh basically She's a huge drag on the ticket and and When you ask people do you think Biden Could survive four more years the people Who say no now have to face are so

You're voting for camela Harris to be President and I think that makes it Really increases the challenge for Biden I think that stuff with beer and Contraception this is this is childish This assumes that young people are so Simple-minded that they are they have a Single point of reference uh they don't Have to they don't think about not Getting a job they don't think about not Being able to buy a house they don't Think about the price of groceries this Week you know they're supposed to just Go oh my gosh I get a free beer gee I Really like Joe Biden that's stupid I Mean most people most Americans are just Much more complicated uh than the people In the White House and that's a reality And the fact is maybe I'm oldfashioned Is is vote buying legal now if you're Buying beer and birth control and free College and pickle ball and foam Banks I Don't know that sounds like you're Trying to bribe people to me but I I Come From New York I'm I guess I'm very Cynical I don't live there anymore by The way for the record Well look when George Washington first Ran for office the tradition the Tradition in Virginia was everybody got Together for election day and candidates Bought free liquor Washington who'd been A military hero thought that he was Above that and refused to buy any free

Liquor and came in last uh at the next Election Washington bought more free Liquor than any other candidate now I Don't know if that's bribery or just the Way they campaigned uh but I can tell You that this is a very deep American Tradition the problem for the Democrats Is it doesn't count uh you know I keep Telling people Biden inflation is so bad That you cannot buy enough ads to offset Going to the grocery store and people go To the grocery store every time CL and I Go to the grocery store we're stunned You're either getting smaller packages Or higher prices or in some cases you're Getting smaller packages and higher Prices so no matter how many ads Biden Buys you know he's faced with the Reality that most American families are Going to go to there and they're going To realize we were talking to someone The other day who said that they friends Who can no longer afford to buy GIF Peanut butter they now buy the generic Because literally for their family they Can't afford something like GIF peanut Butter well that's a failed presidency And I think people it plus you have a President who freezes for a full minute Uh at a public event and you begin to Think you know to be not to be to be the Commanderin-chief Is really a big job and you really have To be aware and you have to be

Capable historically and you're the Historian peace and prosperity Drive Elections okay uh let's assume that That's true ask yourself are you better Off than you were four years ago you're Paying about 12 Grand more a year than You were paying four years ago for the Exact same items I don't think people Are better off uh we'll get into some of The economic numbers but two-thirds of Americans are struggling mightily to pay Their bills and nearly 25% of Americans Have have literally uh been had to Forego meals because they can't afford Them uh that's Biden's America then of Course our top geopolitical foes Including people with Terror ties have Been crossing our country about 11 Million unvetted Joe Biden illegal Immigrants how's that working out how's Defund dismantle nobil laws working out In small towns and big cities across the Country how's peace and prosperity Around the world doing with war in Europe and War in the Middle East not Too well or Joe Biden surrendering in The war on terror um how's it working Out with this new lawfare in the Weaponization of Justice to what extent Does all of this cumulatively in the Minds of Americans say they've had Enough do you think they've had enough In 145 days will they change This look look I think first of all this

Is more than any election in my lifetime A survival election uh people have to Say to themselves can I survive four More years of Joe Biden in the White House at the grocery store can I survive Uh four more years of my culture my Values my country being undermined can I Survive and amazingly weak and Incompetent uh commanderin-chief in the Dangerous world and on the basis of Survival Donald J Trump's going to be President okay well we can only hope uh I'd like to say think that America gets This right uh Mr speaker thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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