Newt Gingrich: This will be the longest general election in American history

Newt Gingrich: This will be the longest general election in American history

Former House Speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich tells ‘Hannity’ that ‘if Nikki Haley is wise,’ she will ‘get out of the race.’  #foxnews

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Fox News contributor former Speaker of The House new kingrich you are very Confident after Iowa that you feel the Primary is over um I would assume that Position is not changed uh what do you Make of the rise and polls post Iowa and Do you agree with me that I think Ronda Santa supporters are more likely to go To president Trump than to say Nikki H well first of all I agree with Everything you said about Governor Dan Sanas who I do think has a great future Has been an extraordinarily good Governor and I hope that he will stay Active in public life uh I think that I Just did a newsletter for tomorrow at Gage 360 pointing out this is about to Be the longest general election in American history I think it's something Like 287 days from Wednesday until Election day Donald Trump tomorrow night Will be the Republican nominee um if if Ambassador Haley is wise she'll find a Graceful way as uh Governor danis did to Get out of the race if she's unwise uh She will go to South Carolina and she Will be decisively defeated in her home State and that will just shrink her Right now you have to have great respect For her courage her determination her Energy her Articulation um she's about as high as She's ever going to get uh and I think If tomorrow night ends as Matt to

Suggests and I think he's right uh it's Going to be Trump somewhere between 15 And 30 points ahead of her well two Primaries in a row against the man who Totally dominates the party nationally Uh the objective reality is it's over And I think if that's what happens Tomorrow night uh that I hope Governor Haley will decide that um she's done her Best just as Governor Dan sanis did but That in fact this is now Donald Trump's Party and we need to unify to defeat Joe Biden I I think what we're seeing emerge Though is a bench because let's say Donald Trump's the nominee let's say he Wins the general election uh in four Years there will be a real Open primary And uh I would not be at all surprised To see people like Governor D santis People like Nikki haly wanting to jump In then as well uh at that point they Got to calculate you know this four-year Interim period of time now we now see The biggest number that Donald Trump is Leading over Joe Biden we also see Joe Biden has the lowest poll numbers he's Ever had 33% you see that he's losing a Big part of his base African-Americans Hispanic Americans uh women young people A big part of what we usually look at as The base of the democratic party um if That continues how could he possibly Come back Look I mean the objective reality is

That at a performance level this is a Disastrous Administration Biden's IL Illegal immigrants alone would syn a Normal candidate and they it's just Going to get worse it's not going to get Better uh Chicago announced yesterday They have no extra space New York got so Desperate they kicked out American School children for the night and Brought in illegal immigrants because it Was so cold uh I mean every time people Will turn around the illegal immigration Policy of Biden which is a deliberate Policy to open the border and have the Maximum number of people enter the US Illegally that's blowing up on the Democrats everywhere second um the Country is not at all convinced by the Woke left-wing radicalism simple example 6% of Americans are willing to buy an Electric vehicle the Biden Administration wants to make that 100% Well you can't in a free Society coers 94% of the country into doing something They don't want to do so I think on both Policy grounds and performance grounds Biden will get worse and worse weaker And weaker Democrats will become more And more terrified and I think this will Be a bigger blowout than Reagan over Carter I think that this is one of the Amazing moments in American history and Trump will have over 280 days to Crisscross the country strengthen the

Republican party and campaign among Groups who normally never see a Republican mean will have the time now To design a true general election Strategy of trying to unify the whole Country and if you watch his tone he has Very correctly begun to move towards a Unifying bring us together solve Problems for example fix the big cities Not something Republicans normally talk About so I'm encouraged that this could Be a remarkable general election but he Does have potentially as many as four Trials facing him what impact do you see That potentially Having just pisses people off I mean I Had a woman today literally we were CH And I were a giant doing some grocery Shopping and a woman came up to me African-American works at the store she Said you know I'm not quite sure I'm for Trump but I hate what they're doing to Him and I think it's really unfair and It really bothers me and I think that's True of almost every American if they Had picked one fight and gone after him Legally on one ground that might have Made sense but when you see them coming At him from every single angle and of Course now with the with the uh problems That Fanny Willis has in U in Atlanta uh It begins to be almost like theater of The Absurd you talking about County County yeah bton County DA

Well they got problems there they have a Lot of delays seemingly in the DC case As well I don't think Alvin BR has even Decided what he's actually charging Trump with the New York which was the First set of charges so I mean God only Knows how that's going to work out People and Yeah I just to say when people realize That the District of Columbia voted 95% For Biden that the current judge is a Radical left-winger that the current Prosecutor is so uh out of the rules That the Supreme Court actually Admonished him for having broken the Rules and trying to get another Republican politician years ago they're Just going to say this whole thing is Rigged and I I don't care what they try To do to Trump when it's rigged the Country is going to Rally to the Individual Against The Establishment and All they're doing I think they got Trump The nomination uh at least a month Earlier I really thought he would get it By uh the time we got to Super Tuesday I Never dreamed he would get it by uh the End of the New Hampshire primary which Was really the last great stand of the Non-trump Republicans and it tells you That what's happened is the radical Corrupt Biden J judicial department or Justice department has in fact so Alienated people that given a choice

Whatever Trump's weaknesses May Sometimes be he is the person standing And representing all of us who need Protection from an outof control Left-wing government and I think that Gives him a strength that we have Probably not seen in modern times wow Coming from you a great historian that's An amazing comment new gingr great to Have you as always thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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