‘NIGHTMARE’: Liberal mayor slammed for defense of teen rioters

'NIGHTMARE': Liberal mayor slammed for defense of teen rioters

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell discusses liberal policies exacerbating Chicago crime and the decision to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention in the city. #foxnews

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Chicago's new far-left mayor elect Brandon Johnson just won't stop Defending violent teenagers and they're Rioting they storm the city's downtown Streets last weekend took over Businesses apartment building entryways Breaking Windows smashing cars beating Pedestrians Mayor elect Johnson called for the Teenagers to be protected rather than Punished Look demonizing children is wrong They're young sometimes they make silly Decisions they do and so we have to make Sure that we are investing to make sure That young people know that they are Supported Three people got shot what is he talking About silly decisions Fox News political Analyst gianno Caldwell with an op-ed Challenging the mayor writing this the Rioters aren't victims they're law Breakers with him pacifying the riot Chicago is likely to have a summer of Hell with an empty suit mayor who will Allow criminals to control the streets That quote from giano's op-ed he's in Focus now giano finish your thought Because you know those streets best You know this incoming mayor is going Into the belly of the violent crime Beast offering cookies and milk Showing people that he is not up for This job that he's going to take on the

People who voted in this previous Election who potiff voted for Paul Vallas knew that Brandon Johnson was Going to be a nightmare and he's showing Us very early what his intentions are it Is disturbing is disgusting the fact That he's saying hey we can't demonize These true these kids these teenagers Some of those folks have shot people Some of them have killed people what are You talking about you're putting the Lives of the residents in Chicago at Stake over an idea that your Progressive Bases pushed you into and now Chicagoans All over the city no matter what Neighborhood you live in no matter what Kind of job you have what kind of income You have are going to pay the price and This is only the springtime in the Summer it'll get far worse Harris last Weekend the weekend before I mean the The shooting and the death rate is up Already I mean aside from the riots Chicago is dangerous we I just had on Part of the power panel always is is Half Democrat and he tried to say oh Harris you haven't been to Chicago I Don't know who he thinks he's talking to Uh but anyway have been there and Continue to go there and we cover these Stories constantly this is not a safe Place you're going to hold a convention There next summer the Democrats are why That's a great question when overall

Crime in Chicago is up 61 from the first Four weeks of January we understand that They're going to have this DNC Convention which I think is going to be Great because they give an opportunity To see what salts on crime policies can Do to a city and you absolutely know Seems like the one on our screen right Now those rioting and in Chicago we'll See a little bit more of that I think When a DNC even though they're going to Have a lot of security a lot of Federal Security Police and all of that I think We're still going to see what happens in Chicago on a regular basis and it is Very unfortunate that the that the Democrats believe that their policy Prescription has been good when you have Literally seen people killed over these Policies mayor Lori life is no chase Policy you can't chase Suspects on foot Police officers can't chase Suspects on Foot if they were going to chase them in A car they got to call and get their Supervisor's permission wow which means The which means the the suspect could Get away and murder more people these Are disastrous policies which I believe In part led to the murder of my baby Brother Christian last summer this is Life this is not a game these aren't Ideas theoretical ideas that people are Like oh well maybe we should do this I Read this in a textbook maybe this will

Work no we need law and order otherwise We're going to see more and more people End up dead and that's why I believe is Going to happen with Brandon Johnson as Mayor well look we're up against it too Here in New York and I say we I don't Live here I live across the river but For people who do Manhattan District's Attorney the liberal Manhattan district Attorney Alvin Bragg campaigned on Racial Equity now we are learning that Meant prioritizing Equity over Prosecuting some thieves and a 2021 Meeting he told one group theft is a Crime of poverty quote the punishments Are disproportionately harsh and fall Disproportionately on the backs of People of color this makes them morally Indefensible I will either dismiss these Charges outright or offer the accuse Person the opportunity to complete a Program without ever setting foot in a Courtroom by the way Tim and I look Today there's no number That stops this the number is only age So take as much as you want he's going To excuse you until you're an adult More terrible policies coming out of New York City and I'll tell you this idea That this is some type of racial Equity Is a lie when we talked about Criminal Justice Reform for years the Criminal Justice Reform we were talking about was Equality and the law for example if

Somebody gets arrested for doing cocaine And somebody gets arrested for doing Crack we're talking about pretty much The same drug more people were getting More time for crack cocaine which we Know is a drug that mostly black folks Use versus Coke was a drug mostly white Folks use at that because those could Could afford it so that was the Distinction there it wasn't oh yeah Let's let people shoot kill Robin Steele And if they're black then it's okay like This is insanity it's crazy Paris and I'm really tired of it this the way They're taking the direction they're Taking this country is really Endangering the lives of black people These are the areas that they live in And you're saying hey we're going to let More people that are criminals who Commit criminal acts back on the street To terrorize their communities even more Black brown otherwise these are low Income areas by the way the age cutoff For the new you can steal whatever you Want it's not a crime it's not just an Adult it's 25. you and I had like lives At 25. I gotta let you go outnumbered is Next I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade And I'm aimsley Earhart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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