‘NO MORE TIME’: Mother of Hamas hostage issues desperate plea for help

'NO MORE TIME': Mother of Hamas hostage issues desperate plea for help

Doris Liber, whose son is being held hostage by Hamas, joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss what action she would like to see taken and why she believes little progress has been made in securing the release of those held by the terror group. #FOXNews

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We don't have a list of the hostages we Don't know their condition I don't have Anything so I need your help I'm so Proud of being an American being an Israeli as well but I I do need you now Because there's nothing helping me now Doris Liber in an emotional plea for Help during a news conference held by House Republican leaders yesterday you Would have seen her live on America's Newsroom well her son guy ELO has been Missing since the Hamas terror attack at The Israeli Music Festival on October 7th just one of many atrocities carried Out by the Iranian back terror group on That horrific Day Doris joins us now Doris thank you for being here after you Gave the press conference yesterday with House Republican leaders you then went On to have many meetings and I think it Would be helpful for us to understand What was the reception that you were Getting and you asked for help do you Think you'll will get It I I I hope so um it's it's help that I need I need action now uh you know We've been waiting for over a month now And nothing is progressing so this is a Time to take action anybody that can Influence or do anything uh there's no More time yeah there's Babies there Elderly sick people that need attention And I need my son then you certainly do What would action look like to

You what do you mean well when you say You need action so obviously we want the Hostages to be released unconditionally And immediately that should be the act The number one action but when you say You would like to see some action does That mean the Congress are Congress Passing some support in terms of Resources or are you looking for Additional types of action that would be Maybe more something kinetic on the Ground that would help get them out both Anything anything that can help Negotiations must be conducted or Started or shared with the people Because uh we're you know we're lost Here we have no information whatsoever About our loved ones um and uh we were Meeting with very powerful meetings from Both parties and uh yeah That's that's my plea right now we need To do something it's you know uh the Sympathy that we got is is heartwarming No doubt but um it's it's not a time to Sit and you know be sympathetic it's a Time to see what we can really do to get Some kind of progress here MH rep Representative Richie Torres is from New York and he had some comments that I Think are very interesting about Ceasefire versus hostage release listen Here I find it troubling that more Energy has been spent calling on Israel To enter into a ceasefire rather than

Calling on Hamas to surrender and Release the Hostages I I I hear what you're saying In terms of negotiations and I think as We have a relationship with cutter and We could put some more pressure there Perhaps I mean I know the state Department is doing their thing but you Said you met with members of both Parties and you felt that the support Was there do you think at the pro Palestinian perspective on Capitol Hill Or in Washington did you find that to be Small or was it Troubling Um that's like A it's good to have you know voices Heard out and everybody has his own Voice uh but at this time this is not uh This is not a question of pro Palestinians or or or Pro Israel it has Nothing to do with it it's civilians There are you know human right laws and They were crossed so Uh it's like it's scrambling everything Together I don't think that that's you Know that's Helping um the pro Palestinian problem Is it you Know goes back and uh it's probably Something that will not be solved I wish It would uh in Israel today you know Like a quarter of the population are Arabs if they're uh Christian or Muslim

And uh we live very good together and I I really hope that would be the case but I hear you uh that's left for Politicians or you know right you wanty And you want your son back and we want That for you as well Doris Liber thank You for joining us today thank you very Much

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