On Offense for Education Freedom: A Conversation with Corey DeAngelis

On Offense for Education Freedom: A Conversation with Corey DeAngelis

Join us for the official launch of Dr. Corey DeAngelis’ new book, The Parent Revolution, in which he unapologetically argues why parents and political leaders must lean into the culture war taking place in schools. Dr. DeAngelis exposes the hypocritical elites who are content to hold other people’s children captive to poorly run government schools while sending their own children to the best private and charter schools out there. And most importantly, he equips readers with the ability to make sure the potent forces of the educational industrial complex don’t regain their footing.

Dr. DeAngelis is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children and a visiting fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He has been labeled the “school choice evangelist” and called “the most effective school choice advocate since Milton Friedman.”

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Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to our Program on offense for Education Freedom A conversation with Corey d'angelus Please welcome Lindsey Burke director of The Heritage Foundation Center for Education policy [Applause] Good morning everyone thank you for Joining us today to talk about Corey d' Angeles's new book the parent Revolution Very exciting to be able to officially Launch it here at Heritage but let's Take a few minutes to think back a 100 Or so years 1922 was a low point in American Education that year Oregon instituted a Compulsory attendance law that required All children to attend a public school Under penalty of their parents' fine or Imprisonment that law would have Outright prohibited children from Attending a private school from getting Their education from any Source other Than the state thankfully this is America and there was Swift push back in An amikas brief filed in 1923 will Guthrie wrote that the law quote adopts The favorite device of communist IC Russia the destruction of Parental Authority the standard standardization Of Education despite the diverse Character aptitude inclination and Physical capacity of children and the Monopolization by the state of the

Training and teaching of the young end Quote the Oregon law if upheld would Have created a state Monopoly of Education editorialized the New York World at the time the Supreme Court Agreed and held in Pierce V Society of Sisters that the Oregon law was Unconstitutional it was imp Pierce that We get some of the most important and Poetic language about parental rights And Education as Pierce held quote the Fundamental Theory upon which all Governments in this Union Repose Excludes any general power of the state To standardize its children by forcing Them to accept instruction from public Teachers only The child is not the mere creature of The state those who nurture him and Direct his Destiny have the right Coupled with the high duty to recognize And prepare him for additional Obligations end quote parents are a Child's first and foremost Educators as Co demonstrated in clear relief however Parents had lost too much of that power Schools were teaching their children Things that were at odds with what Parents wanted With their values they were hiding Things from parents they even failed and Their custodial care Duty closing their Doors long after we knew it was safe to

Reopen in other words public schools had Broken Faith with families but this Dereliction of Duty led to a parent Revolution as our guest today will tell Us about and it isn't hyperbolic to call It a revolution in the wake of Co 10 States have now implemented Universal Education choice just three years ago That number was Zero while Co opened a window for Parents to see into their children's Public Schools critically it opened a Door for states to adopt school choice But it wasn't covid that spent years Laying the groundwork for school choice It wasn't Co that made the moral and Values based case for Choice it wasn't Co that worked with policy makers on Bill design and it wasn't Co that Published numerous academic articles on The efficacy of school choice it was Cour Corey d'angelus has been Relentless in Calling out the damaging impact of Teachers unions living rentree in Randy Wein Garten's head he has been Relentless in pointing out the hypocrisy Of the many many politicians who stand In the way of school choice while Exercising it for their own children now Many of us especially here at Heritage Have been working to advance school Choice for decades but Corey has this Unparalleled ability to talk about it in

A way that gets to the heart of the Matter he leveraged Milton Friedman's Charge from 1955 to separate the Financing of Education from the delivery Of services with school vouchers and Distilled it down into a rallying cry Funds students not Systems Corey d'angeles is a senior Fellow at the American Federation for Children and a visiting fellow at Stanford University's Hoover institution He's been labeled the school choice Evangelist and called the most effective Advocate for school choice since Milton Friedman he's a regular on Fox News and Frequently appears in the Wall Street Journal he is also the executive Director of the educational Freedom Institute a senior fellow at the reason Foundation and adjunct scholar at the KO Institute and a board member of the Liberty Justice Center he holds a PhD in Education policy from the University of Arkansas and most importantly for our Discussion today he is the author of the Parent Revolution rescuing your kids From the radicals ruining our Schools Cory received some great Endorsements for his book and I have no Doubt that if Milton Friedman were alive Today he would have also provided an Endorsement of Corey's book so please Join me in welcoming Corey [Applause]

D'angeles thank you you're welcome Cory Thanks for being how's everybody doing Thanks for being here well we are so Excited to have you so excited like I Said to be the official official launch Uh place for your new book uh it's a Great read if you have a chance grab it On the way out I know Corey's going to Do some book signings before he heads Out so I mentioned covid in my opening Can you talk a little bit I know this is Ground that has been tread and retread Over and over again but let's start There how did covid Chang the Relationship between parents and schools And how did unions respond respond to What Co brought well Co didn't break the Government school system in a lot of Ways it was already broken and has Anybody seen the dedication of the book Actually dedicated it to Randy wearden And the teachers unions for Inadvertently doing more to advance the Concepts of school choice and Homeschooling than anyone could have Ever imagined she she should get the the School choice MVP award for the past Three years for stepping in it over and Over and over again and if you want to Take Ted Cruz's advice on the back he Says you can ruin Randy wein Garten's Day by reading this book but what I mean By this look is they were they were Fear-mongering every step of the way in

DC I was living here at the time they Were putting fake body bags outside the Public school offices in DC to say oh if You're trying to open the schools like Everybody else private schools were open The daycares were open the private educa Educational institutions and other Businesses were open but they said you Were trying to kill them if you wanted To open the schools it was non-stop Fearmongering in places like Chicago They deleted a tweet anybody see this One where they said the push to reopen Schools from the Chicago Teachers Union Is rooted in racism sexism and misogyny They threw every leftist buzzword at the Wall to see what would stick and they Were even vacationing in Puerto Rico Their board member while railing against Going back to work in person in uh in Arizona they were telling their members To write fake obit U Aries and epitaphs To Governor Doug Ducey again for more Fearmongering but the good news is Although they did hold children's Education Hostage to secure multiple Multi-billion dollar Ransom payments From taxpayers they extorted about $190 Billion in so-called covid relief Because they were able to say we're Closed and it's not because we don't Want to go back to work it's just we Need more money that's always the that's Always the answer it's the definition of

Insanity doing the same thing over and Over and over over again and expecting Different results so they've always Blamed their failures on test scores Based on money we now spend about $2,000 Per student per year in the government School system according to the National Center for Education statistics that Number has increased by about 70% even After adjusting for inflation so the Money is not making its way into the Classroom it's going towards Administrative blow and people like Randy wein Garten who make over $500,000 A year is not even really making its way To the teachers but parents got to see What the heck was going on in the Classroom through remote learning which Lindsay we let's be real we should have Just called it remotely learning because Not a lot of learning was going on good But families got to see that the School's curriculum wasn't aligned with Their values parents who thought their Kids were in good Public Schools based On their rating from the state or based On their kids report card or the test Scores they started to see that there's Another dimension of school quality That's arguably more important whether That school's curriculum aligns with Their values and VOD bacham said it best We cannot continue to send our children To Caesar for their education and be

Surprised when they come home as Romans Well the good news is parents aren't Surprised anymore they've woken up They're never going to unsee what they Saw in 2020 they've awakened like a Sleeping giant the kids have a union of Their own now they're called parents and They can beat the unions at their own Game if they lock arm Become a new interest group one for the Kids because they outnumber the Employees in the system and they care About their kids more than anybody else Particularly more than bureaucrats Sitting in offices hundreds of miles Away so I'm optimistic if you read the Parent Revolution you'll see the dark History of the school closures and how They hurt kids academically mentally and Physically and socially but you'll see a Lot of a story of Hope in that we're Racking up W's all across the country we Have 10 or 11 states going Universal on School choice the GOP has picked up the Mantle as the parents party we saw with Look not too far away from here Terry I Don't think parents should be telling Schools what they should teach mcauliff Lost his election on the issue of Education Republicans were down on the Issue of education for decades now According to polling from the Democrats For Education reform Republic Democrats Have lost their double digigit advantage

On education and they point to school Choice as being one of those reasons but It also doesn't help when you have the Teachers union uh owned Democrat Party Basically letting the Mas slip like ter Terry mccauliff did he had the school Closer as his campaign closer yes he had Randy weart and stumping for him the Night before the election and a Virginia Mom actually went on CNN of all places The next day and said that was the nail In the coffin moment for her you closed Our schools and now you're going to Close out this campaign well guess what We're going to vote for the other guy Glenn yunan won on the issue of Education which was the number two issue In that election by six points with Education voters so uh you should be Excited um one thing I will say is that The school boards Association sent a Letter to the Biden Administration when Parents were protesting and wanting to Have more of a say in their kids Education they tried to label parents as Domestic terrorists and they're still Today cutting off mics at school board Meetings in some cases as well with School Choice parents have more leverage They might not even have to leave the School because the school will have an Incentive to listen to them as opposed To labeling them as evil people as Opposed to bullying them and silencing

Them into submission well the good news Is the nsba should be renamed as the Rsba the Regional School boards Association why because 26 states have Pulled their funding or their membership From the nsba play stupid games Win Stupid prizes so lest you think Corey Doesn't keep a good count and doesn't Know if it's 10 or 11 states with school Choice it's actually just because we Have a friendly internal disagreement Baseball to the to the full the fullest It's Indiana that's 98% Universal it's Pretty Close pretty Close what do they say close only counts And Horseshoes and Hand Grenades yep so Is it fair then to say that the unions Used Co to empower themselves and Conservatives used it to empower parents Yeah I mean there's so much evidence of The unions there's like a whole chapter On on what they did they were lobbying The CDC to make the the schools closed As long as possible they knew that if Their doors were closed it wasn't that They could keep their jobs where whereas Other private Industries couldn't do so It was also that they knew that they Could F financially benefit from keeping The schools closed the incentives are so Perverse in the government school system It's the complete opposite of listening To the customers it's listening to the

Unions and they could Leverage The Closers to hold children's education Hostage to get those Ransom payments From taxpayers one story that's really Interesting out of California so in Sacramento County they had this stupid Health order that said you have to close If you're a school but if you're a Daycare CO's not going to get you it's a Really smart virus you see if if you're Learning something and you're in the Same building you're toast CO's going to Get you but if in the same school Buildings and you're just sitting there Well the virus it know it knows it Somehow knows and so there was a private Christian School in Sacramento County That saw that this was BS and so what They did was they rebranded themselves As a daycare and they retrained all of Their employees as day as child care Workers and said hey um and they just Really it's a a story that goes to show You how the incentives are completely Backwards in the public school system Which I spend a whole chapter talking About why we should call them government Schools I'm not listening to my own Advice but they're run by the government They are regulated by the government They're assigned by the government they Are compelled by the government in a in A sense and they're also funded by the Government yes I know government doesn't

Fund anything it's taxpayer funded but They're not public in any sense of the Word um families have gone to jail for Lying about their address to get into Better so-called Public Schools um They've gotten fined for doing so as Well they discriminate on the basis of Zip code it's not like a public park Where you can access it these these Things discriminate on the basis of zip Code where I live in Texas if you want To go to another school district across The line you even have to pay tuition to Do so so they're not free either in some Cases and they're not a public good any Economist in the room they are rivalrous And excludable and they do exclude kids Uh based on where they live and uh they They're not accountable to the public we Saw what happened when parents tried to Participate in this fairy tale model of Democratic accountability at school Board meetings when they don't view you As a customer guess what they're going To view you as a nuisance and try to Tell you to sit down and shut up what I'm happy about is the parents didn't Take that advice they instead were Embolden to push back even harder and These victories will continue in the Future because the more that the GOP Leans into parental rights as a Political winner the more it becomes a Form of political suicide for Democrats

To oppose it this is something I call Bipartisanship through hyper Partisanship in the book it's a phrase That I coin which it's almost Counterintuitive to think that a policy That can become bipartisan in the in the Long run if one of the parties picks up The football and starts to win votes on The issue and now we're actually seeing What I called in the book playing out Before our very eyes in Louisiana they Passed Universal school choice through Their house easily 72 to 32 super Majority vote they didn't need a single Democrat to do it but guess what 20% of The Democrats in their house voted for It you look at Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania he uh changed his education Platform right before the midterms in 2022 to include private school choice he Did that coincidentally just as Doug Mastriano was calling him a hypocrite on School choice Doug was calling out uh Shapiro and saying you went to private School you sent your kids to private School why shouldn't another families Have that opportunity right after that Shapiro changes his education platform And says hey I'm not a hypocrite I do Support school choice for kids in Failing schools he even went on Fox news Last year reiterating his support he Ultimately caved to the unions and Vetoed his own campaign promise bold

Strategy cotton let's see if it works Out for him but the point that I that I Talked about in the book and in the Wall Street Journal on my article on this is It doesn't really matter whether he had A true change of heart or whether it was Just him reading the tea leaves it's Good news for families in the end that You have politicians from both parties Who may even be up by double digits in The Feeling compelled to Signal public Support for Education Freedom as Milton Freedman once famously said he said a Lot of great things and it's hard to Keep track of all his great quotes but One of the great things that he said was That it's the way that you change things Is not about getting the right people Into office obviously that helps that They vote for what you want but the way That you truly change things in the long Run is by creating a climate of Political opinion where it becomes Politically profitable for for the wrong People to do the right thing and so I I Think we're reaching a a point of escape Velocity for school choice there's no Turning back now once parents get school Choice they fight really hard to keep it And the red States right now are Engaging in Friendly competition to Empower families with education Freedom Hopefully some blue States come along

And if they don't maybe they'll become Red States well so let's talk about that So as I said in the opening three years Ago we did not have a single state with A universal Choice from And now we have 10 or 11 however we're Counting it so you discuss in chapter 4 A shift in strategy um you talk about How um this is something that we could Easily refer to as a red State strategy And that this is something that um you Adopted worked on worked in conjunction With your allies some might call it a You're one of my allies in that in that Tightnit group vast right-wing education Conspiracy the vast right-wing educ That's right so can you can you explain That red State strategy and then I have A second question you can answer at the Same time which is or just a um uh Observation what you just said calling Out politicians for their hypocrisy Joe Biden nobody in the school Choice Movement be prey pce right was willing To do that we were very polite and you Really changed you were willing you were Out there on Twitter I remember even our Our friend on my team Jason bedrick Telling you for a long time you know Calm down you know we don't have to kick Every doing barking dog I think you said To Cory glad I didn't listen to you Jason didn't listen and you you kept at It so can you talk a little bit because

I do think that's part of how the Strategy shifted when I got into this as An academic I thought if I just banged The head of policy makers figuratively With the facts they were just going to Be convinced and they were going to Listen to me if if they had if I had Logic on my side that was going to be Enough that's not enough you need to Shame them and hit them where it hurts I Mean politicians care more about polit Politics and power than they do about Logic or morality so the the red State Strategy really de deep dives into that But I do want to point out the first Person I called out was Elizabeth Warren Um and she I actually exposed her for Lying on video to a voter in Atlanta a Mom that was just saying I just want to Have the same opportuni as you had she Had read my tweets on it and also um hi Hi Jenny how's it going and she also Read a New York Post article that I Wrote about it and pointing out that she Sent her kid to private school I found It on ancestry.com it was really hard to Find Alex is like you know 45 50 years Old now so it's not you know it it was Not uh not like it was beyond the pale To to expose um Alex war on this but she Went to this voter and said no I went to I sent my kids to Public Schools yeah There was a false denial it was a lie it Added to the Pocahontas narrative that

She was lying about everything and the Red State strategy Is to is the idea that I pointed out Earlier that the more that the GOP picks Up the football becomes the parents Party wins votes on the issue the more That there will be some democrat Defectors on the issue I talked about Josh Shapiro JB priter sucks in a lot of Ways in Illinois but he did answer a Candidate survey right before the Election three weeks before the election Uh from a news outlet and he said that He would support the same private school Scholarship program for lwi income kids That he vowed to eliminate back in 2017 And so you could say he was just looking At the polls again it doesn't matter the Reason and he might not have followed Through he didn't do anything to save it Last year so you can't give them too Much credit but there were sitting Legislators in North Carolina and Georgia Democrats that left the the Democrat Party to the GOP on the issue Of Education Trisha cotham in North Carolina and now they have Universal School choice because she was that Deciding vote they needed 60% to Override a veto in the chamber from Their hypocrite Governor Roy Cooper who Actually get this he declared a state of Emergency over school choice last year Yeah talk about an abuse of emergency

Powers but basically just goes to show You that he he was really concerned About his donors the the um the the Teachers unions who look 99.7% of Randy we Garten's campaign Contributions in 2022 guess where they Went they went to the Democrats it's a Non stop complex money laundering Operation it ought to be illegal and It's why the the Democrats are basically A wholly owned subsidiary of the Teachers union and this this includes Joe Biden as well but the red State Strategy is capitalizing on the idea That politicians respond to power as Opposed to logic and for a long time in The school Choice Movement we've made We've always made good arguments you can Make left leaning Arguments for school Choice about it being an equalizer about You can even say that the public school System has systemic racism in it if you Just look at the left's own definition Where there are desperate outcomes based On race and other characteristics uh you Can make right leaning Arguments for School choice competition's a rising Tide that lifts all boats personal Autonomy individual liberty it shouldn't Be a partisan issue it's not among Voters AC according to the latest real Clear opinion research polling super Majorities of Republican Democrat and Independent voters Nationwide support

The concept of school Choice it just Happens that the Democrat Party and the Elected officials care more about the Special Interest Who control them as Opposed to the families and so we we Were making a lot of these left leaning Arguments and it wasn't really leading To Democrats voting for it it wasn't Translating to political success this is Something Jay Green's pointed out in his His research J green at Heritage Foundation who was by the way my Department chair at the University of Arkansas I'm glad you didn't call me Doctor earlier because I'm not a real Doctor I'm more like a Joe Biden doctor I have a PhD in education policy but you Both I can't help you with the important Things yeah I'm not a Harvard doctor Either so I don't plag your eyes um But I think that's what the joke you Were trying to make um uh I don't even Know where I was Going J green um looking at the votes so Yes so when we were making these left Leaning Arguments for school choice that Didn't translate to Democrat votes and It might have turned off some Republicans if it's a it's not a Republic thing I don't need to vote for It either and so we weren't getting School choice in blue States in a Meaningful way or even in red States but If we could lean into the culture war

And point out that school choice is not Just for low-income kids that are in Objectively failing government run Schools that is a good argument for School choice don't get me wrong that it Disproportionately benefits the least Advantage who are stuck in the worst Public Schools but Co revealed that it Also benefits families that are more Politically mobile who who have their Kids in good public schools that According to the the test scores so Families exposing the rot and Corruption And the ideological divide in the Government school system has gotten Conservatives riled up and it has gotten Uh a broader Coalition of people Throughout Society to fight for school Choice low income High income all Different races all different Backgrounds and all different political Persuasions fighting for school choice Now not just certain kids in certain are Areas no more picking winners and losers And that's beneficial for politics Because politics is all about organized Interest coalitions pushing for what They want and the school choice Revolution the parent revolution has Unfolded because we've leaned into into This being a political winner for Republicans in particular in in 2022 There wasn't a red wave remember people Talking about a red wave didn't really

Happen there obviously wasn't a Blue Wave but there was a school choice wave 76% of the candidates supported by my Organization the American Federation for Children and our state Affiliates won Their races in 2022 and we didn't just Play in the easy ones we targeted 69 Incumbents in state legislatures and Took out 40 of them that's the hardest Thing to do in Politic I'm not done yet Don't Clap yet I'm from Texas I actually live in Texas I grew up in San Antonio despite a Lawmaker who tried to say you're not Even from here you have no no say of What's going on here because I used to Live in DC but I grew up in Texas I went To government schools in Texas so if I Sign your book later and you can't read Anything I write sorry I went to Government schools and I can't say it's Because I'm a doctor because I'm not a Real doctor but in Texas on super Tuesday there was a political earthquake That that rocked the entire State Because if you don't know if you don't Live in Texas or if you're not tuned Into the debate all that much the Senate Has always been good on school choice They voted for school choice 18 to13 Last year in a universal fashion Governor abbit has been fighting like a Hero on the issue going across the state Campaigning on the issue he won his

Election easily and then it moved over To the house and 21 so-called Republicans joined every single Democrat Who vote and to vote to kill school Choice five of them saw the writing on The wall didn't even run for reelection Out of the remaining AFC Victory fund my Organization school choice super pack we Targeted 10 uh we targeted 13 Anti-school choice incumbents and we Took out or forced into runoffs 10 of Them translating to a 77% win rate Against anti-school choice incumbents For voting against their own party Platform issue of school choice and Voting to trap kids in failing Government schools so um that basically Never happens if you're not in in tune With politics and how things work Incumbents historically have won their Re-election 95% of the time and we Basically inverted that trip In Texas and so we're seeing the red State strategy unfold right before our Very eyes and it's glorious to see Because there's nothing they can do About it the the momentum is going to Continue it's mostly going to be in red States for now but Hopefully uh when more these Laboratories of democracy keep working As we intended them to work we'll see Some blue States come along or maybe the Blue States will switch to red States or

There's also the educational choice for Children act in Congress right now has 150 co-sponsors including speaker Mike Johnson and they're all Republicans but It would supercharge school choice Already happening through a tax credit In red States while also expanding School choice to families through the Federal tax credit in blue states too so I also include in the book different Things you can do to the public school System to Pro to to make it better for Your children what's really interesting Is we have about 40 50 million kids in The government school system each year The left doesn't even have to have kids Anymore to shape the direction of this Country as conservatives we can't win The ideological battle and the cultural Battle in America just by uh outp Populating them we can't just have more Kids and expect our country to move back Towards the right why because the Government schools are infiltrated by The teachers unions and the radical left They can they don't have to have any Kids of their own and they can still Raise other people's children for 13 Years of their lives when they're very Young and have young impressionable Minds for seven hours a day there's no Fighting against that you think about Hollywood and its impact on culture I Think the school system even fixing this

Problem strikes at the root more than Anything else uh because they're Teaching young children uh to like big Government as the solution to all of Their problems we're not going to end This leftward socialist drift in our Country just by having more kids I mean That could help obviously but you need To fight to take back the school schools And in the the final chapters I point Out that there are tweaks to the public School system including how about simple Things just like don't keep secrets from Parents I mean I don't know if you've Heard about what's happening in California but a school district that uh I'm on the board of Liberty Justice Center as well full disclosure but we're Representing a school district called Chino unified and they passed a simple Policy it's that a bare minimum don't Keep secrets from parents if a child Changes their gender at school you Better tell the parent because that's Their kids the kids don't belong to the Government and guess what this the the State Attorney General was not happy About that he really intently wanted to Fight to keep sexual secrets about Children from their own parents it's a Ridiculous State of Affairs that we live In today in some states um but those are Some things that you can try to pass how About transparency how about let's see

Where the money's going Nationwide Between 2000 and 2020 the number of Students and teachers in the system Increased by about the same amount by About 7 or 8% but the number of Administrators in the system increased By about 90% the government school system has Become more of a jobs program for adults Than an education Initiative for kids And if we fund students as opposed to Systems that power Dynamic will shift Put the power in the hands of the Families and the schools will actually Have an incentive to listen to them it's Been a rising tide that lifts all boats In States like Florida anybody heard of The nation's report card it's the National assess assessment that's uh Administered Nationwide where you can Compare States um uh each year and Florida was doing horribly on the Nation's report card for a long time Fourth of 44th out of 50 or you have the Numbers off the top of your head I don't But later on as they've expanded school Choice they've gone to the top of the Pack on the nation's report card even After adjusting for differences in Students across States and guess what They spend far less than the national Average it's not a money issue you throw More money into the government school System it's a bottomless pit because it

Has no incentive to spend additional Dollars wisely and I don't blame the Teachers in the system they have it they Have it pretty rough I blame the Teachers unions which are not the same Thing who have no incentive to do the Right thing for kids but they also don't Do well for the teachers because they Put more money into the system and Doesn't go towards teacher salaries Between 1970 and 2020 that the average Um spending in the government run school System has increased by 170% I mentioned That earlier in real terms teacher Salaries have only gone up by about 10% In real terms so where's the money going Towards Staffing surges which means more Dues paying members for the unions which Goes towards people like Randy we Garten Who makes over $500,000 a year um So you should be optimistic though we we Are winning this war that the left and The unions have waged on our children For far too long keep the pedal to the Metal keep the foot on the gas because We're going to continue this momentum We'll continue to win because parents Have become a political Juggernaut they Are a political force to be reckoned With and it's one of the things in Society that you should be happy about So we have about six minutes before we Open it up to audience Q&A so I've got Three questions so rapid fire right on

The last I if I can do that but so uh Getting it back to the state level where School choice rightly belongs where do You see things going in say five to 10 Years yeah it's going to be red States First I mean we've already done 10 or 11 Um red states on the issue of uh Universal school choice and I mean again We had zero Universal school choice States before 2021 so in the past three Years we've had more advancements on Education freedom than we had in the Preceding three decades I mean it's a Huge amount of of momentum and so look a Lot of people people are like oh do you Think the revolution is going to Continue you're dang right it is because Parents care about their kids more than Anybody else they know their kids' needs More than anybody else and they'll never Unsee what they saw in 2020 yes the Schools are open but they remember what They saw through Zoom school they Remember and they see in front of them Today look at social media we basically Have cameras in all the schools just by Them just posting their own videos and Libs of Tik Tok showing it with the rest Of the world and that is irritating the Heck out of parents because the left Sees the school system as a way to Control the minds of other people's Children we like to talk about Monopoly Well yes one of the issues is that that

They have a monopoly on your child's Funding we spend about 20,000 a year in The government runs schools but they Also have a monopoly on the minds of Other people's children that's why they Fight against this reform more than Anything else yeah I mean look I mean we Yes we we mve the ball forward on on Banning divisive Concepts and other Tweaks to the system the unions didn't Fight that nearly as hard as they fight School choice because one well they know That they can just move the goalpost They've admitted it as such on on videos By accuracy in media in red States Including my home state of Texas Tennessee Idaho Iowa other red states That have ban CRT for example they're Admitting they're still doing it on Video saying oh well we're not teaching CRT we're going to teach social Emotional learning or maybe we'll do Student Mental Health Services they'll Just move the goalpost and it's a NeverEnding game of whacka trying to Enforce these different policies that Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to engage In that process we should still try to Move the needle forward in the school System but it's still a one-size Fits-all disaster that by definition is Never going to meet the needs of varied Individual families who are just quite Frankly going to disagree about how they

Want to raise their kids it's okay to Disagree about these things what's not Okay is forcing your values on other People's children when they don't have An exit option so school choice is the Best solution from the bottom up we're Going to continue wins in red States Louisiana's on the cusp Tennessee is on The cusp um Idaho where you at that Should be that should be coming Hopefully in the next few few years uh But it'll be red States once we run out Of red States maybe some blue States Will become red states by then and at The same time the uh if enough Democrats Defect on the Issue the the teacher unions won't be Able to contr anymore enough people move To states with Choice yeah so a lot of People ask me how do I get choice in California move to Florida Right I had thought about that before But yeah that's that's one way to do it But also if enough Democrats defected on The issue I don't think they realize This the unions won't be able to control Them anymore because the the unions can Primary one or two defectors and and put All their money into taking them out but If the whole Democrat Caucus in a state Said to hell with this I'm going to side With my constituents and parents the Unions would have nowhere else to go They would just have to lobby for other

Things maybe like the things they should Be fighting for like better pay for Teachers and maybe more autonomy and Stuff like that but no they just protect The lowest common denominator and they Fight they actually make good teachers Look bad by this this propaganda they Push on Twitter all the time Randy does It all the time I don't she might even Be in Ukraine so I was going to give her A book after this but she might be in Ukraine right now that's where she likes To go but she did so right after I Actually woke up okay so a couple years Ago I woke up I I wake up sometimes I Woke up to what I thought was a headline From a Babylon B article but it wasn't It was actually a tweet by Randy wearden Herself where she said that she was in Ukraine on the front lines to assess the Situation what the heck is the teachers Union boss from America going to do to Fix things in Ukraine right now she was Running away from the nation's report Card scores that just came out that Found Decades of learning loss after she Induced school closures in the United States I mean having the Ukrainian kids Already suffered enough go back home Randy um we already destroyed our school System you don't want to destroy destroy All the rest of the school systems too But look all jokes aside um she should Get the school choice MVP award she does

Have a dedication in the front I posted Uh how I sent it to her in on Twitter Horrible handwriting sorry again but uh I think you had three questions I think I've only answered one okay so so that You correct but that was one of the Remaining two is has Randy responded to Any any of your top secret information But she was supposed to go on Dr Phil With me a couple years ago I'm gonna Spill the tea on that one uh she had Asked uh the team if I was going to be On the other side they said yes she Didn't show up so I don't think I was Supposed to tell you guys that but uh Randy Randy will not debate in public She closes her replies on Twitter just Like she closed the schools because she Doesn't want any form of accountability In the public sphere and doesn't want to Have her ideas scrutinized in public Debate so um if there is a response I'll Probably share it on social media but We'll see how that goes she'll never Debate anybody in in in public so I Think Jay green did do a little thing on Her couple with the with a virtual kind Of conversation so that was great but Since then I don't think there's been Any kind of opposition discussion so Everybody go check out Heritage Foundation's J green Also by the book The Revolution you can Send one to Randy I mean you're already

Getting books at the event today but you Can also you live in DC you're in the Area you can go hand deliver it to to The American Federation of teachers the Nea has offices too they have lots of Members three million members get them a Copy make it a bestseller and like Randy Weart said or Ted Cruz said on the back You can ruin Randy Wine Garden's Day by Reading this book last question uh Speaking of parents you're about to be a Dad that's right breaking news uh Yes so we're winning so much I'm almost Getting tired of winning on school Choice but this was the biggest victory Of the past few years by far of my Entire life getting married to Miranda Has been a fantastic Endeavor and then Not an Endeavor but a a great time and Then also it was an Endeavor we had to We had to make the child too so that was And then so now we have baby Angelina on The way in in a couple of weeks A couple of months and uh I'm joining The parent Revolution on the front lines With you and and and that was my Question so how has this changed how you Think about your day-to-day work I mean It's got to be infinitely more personal Well it is more personal so you know on The one hand you could say that that Puts a fire in your belly to fight even Harder this is this is personal now it's Over it's about your own kid uh having

Better Opportunities uh but it also um it makes The threats more personal too so I had Someone posting our address on Twitter They didn't take it down for if that's Not doxing I don't know what is but they Were sharing our address they they Complained about my wife and I uh going On our honeymoon uh Believe It or Not People go on honeymoons yeah and um They're like how dare you work while You're on your honeymoon it we we it was A picture from like months before how Dare you work on your I mean we were in Italy at the Coliseum it was great by The way um went to a mafy coast highly Recommend it but um Yeah so like it's not like when it when It was was just me to worry about there Wasn't as much to worry about it's just Me but when it's my family people I love Um I do take it more personally I'm not Going to back down uh but you know we we Are watching ourselves more closely and Making sure that uh the family's safe And secure yeah yeah well with that and Congratulations again but would' love to Open it up to any audience questions we Also have a good online viewership um so We'll be be taking online questions as Well I think if we have any but we'll Start in person and uh yes sir in the Front middle here and we'll if you'll Wait on the mic hi uh I fear here in DC

Parents are not doing too well by their Children in nearby Baltimore I believe Something like 0% of schools got reading Proficiency for their kids so the Parents are not all right do you see School choice helping rescue some of the Lost parents yeah I will say first of All I don't blame the parents primarily In Baltimore they don't have school Choice right so you have you have 40% of Baltimore high schools with 0% Proficiency rates in math dozens of Schools with not a single child that is Proficient in math um I blame the the One siiz fits-all Monopoly those Families should have a choice to take Their kids somewhere else and the unions Fight tooth and nail against it they Stand in the schoolhouse door against Allowing families to have opportunities Because they want to keep their Monopoly But school choice could help uh to get To the point of your question with Improving uh parental involvement it Does by definition you got to research Schools for your kid just engaging that Process for a long time I think because We have a school system that you're Assigned to parents have kind of washed Their hands with it and said you're Going to take care of my kids and they Kind of uh relegate those uh that Responsibility to the government I think That's one of the unintended

Consequences or may be intended if you Look back at some of uh the the founders Of public education um but but Families uh can become more involved and There's actually been a study on this It's been a while since I read it but It's by Cornell researchers um in 2018 They published a study finding that as School choice has expanded online search Activity which is not not a perfect Proxy for Parental involvement but the Search activity for different schooling Options exploded in those areas which Just gives some evidence to the idea That once you have Choice well then you Have an incentive to actually become Involved I mean for a lot of parents That they don't have the means to choose Something else it might just be uh Depressing to think about all these Other opportunities that are so much Better that they just can't access and So um by giving them that power they'll Feel better about the relationship with Their child and their kids education and They'll start to seek out more options So it's it's not a silver bullet but it Does move the needle towards Incentivizing parents to have a more Active role with their child and and It's also the case too that as more and More parents choose in a universal Market you'll have more good options Available across the board the bad

Options are going to fall out of the Market so it almost uh is preventative Of making bad bad so-called bad choices In a way as well um there was a great Study that came out a few years maybe it Was 08 or so from Patrick Wolf down at The University of Arkansas he looked at The DC voucher program and found that His quote was parents move from the Margins to the centers of their child's Educational experience when they have Choice options I mean the leftist media Ran headlines on that DC experiment it Was a random assignment study it was Causal uh it was random chance whether You got the scholarship or not so it's Just like a medical trial and they found That for a third of the cost they were Spending about $10,000 per scholarship The government schools in DC spend more Than $30,000 per year about three times As much as the scholarship amount and Those families On average they accessed schools for Their kids that got about the same test Scores and then they ran with the Headline there and they said oh it's the Same test scores and so it's a failure It failed to produce better outcomes but What they failed to report in that Leftist media was the families reported Higher levels of satisfaction and safety And so that's a much more uh holistic Measure of success school quality is

Multi-dimensional parents want their Kids especially when they're at the in The world first school districts it's Maso's hierarchy of needs they want Their kids to be in a safe place what Good are your test scores if your kids Getting beat up and bullied every day And pushed to the brink of suicide uh so There's a lot of important things that Go into that decision-making process Which Lindsay and Jason did a study on This out of Florida asking parents why Did you choose this school in the school Choice program and you guys found that The top issues were having a values Based education that was align with your Own we shouldn't be surprised about Co I Mean you guys were looking into this in I think 2018 that study was and they Wanted a safe environment for their kids And test scores were at the bottom Although academics were in the middle it Was an important part but test scores Parents were seeing that as a disconnect Between actual learning um they don't Want the school's teaching to the test Not to mention in DC they found a 20 Percentage Point increase in graduation Rates and they still to um other Questions over here uh yes sir in the Back thank you very much for your work Um I'm curious and forgive me I came in Just a little late so if this got Mentioned at the beginning but um in

Dealing with the red States I don't Think this might be a problem but if you Get into purple and blue zones uh the Desire to have the money go directly to The school as opposed to follow the Parents have you had to sort of you know Deal with that and slap that away is That a concern because you do hear in Some education policy circles well if They're going to do this then now we're Going to set up standards for all those Private schools uh through the state and Basically republici them have you had to Deal with that and what's your Experience with that issue yeah I mean Look at Arizona with Katie Hobbs the the Hypocrite who went to Catholic School Herself and then fights tooth and nail Against school choice for others there's An interesting story out of Arizona that The union backed groups tried to put School choice on the ballot out there They failed they needed like 120,000 Signatures they said they had more than That uh I think they lied they wanted to Delay the implementation of the program In order to get past count day so they Can get that money for the kid and also They wanted it to be past the start of The school year so that parents would be Less likely to switch to private schools Later on I think they were being Insidious in what they were doing so They were either lying and that makes

Them bad people or if we want to be Gratuitous to them they were just not Very smart they couldn't count they were Doing Common Core math because they said They only only turned in like 80,000 Signatures they said they had almost Twice as much so they were way off I Think they were lying or they were Really bad at counting um but Katie Hobs Has called to regulate the program after She tried to she wanted to do it Death By A Thousand Cuts as opposed to just Getting rid of it whole hog and look the Republicans are locked arms on this They're not they're not budging and They're not going to Cave to ktie hobb's Demands because this is really popular With parents and the the story that Unfolded in Arizona was they now have About 880,000 families benefiting from School choice and with education savings Accounts and they showed up at those School those signature Gathering uh Locations and argued with the unions and Informed voters that this actually is a Benefit and it's a rising tide that Lifts all boats and their fearmongering Hasn't come out to play hasn't hasn't Actually unfolded uh in the state of Arizona or in any other state to be real But to get more direct to your question About with government shekels comes Government shackles you can have the Shackles without the shekel there are

Some places like Lindsay I'm glad you Started with the Oregon example they Outlawed private education even before Um they didn't have any private school Choice thankfully that was turned down And Pierce with the child is not the Mere creature of the state some people Would be wise to listen to those words Today Joe Biden I'm talking to you your Kids don't belong to society it's the Parents that should decide what's best For their kids but we shouldn't make Perfect the enemy of the good not all School choice bills are created equal I'll say that uh in our model Legislation and the statute in places Like Arizona they have anti-government Regulation uh stipulations in the Statute they say if you take the money You can't be forced to teach CRT or Gender ideology no school choice program Has ever done that in fact and um Because the government can already Regulate private and home education Without school choice we got to take the W politics is all about organized Interest when more people benefit from School choice and initiatives with the Funding following the child and by the Way this is all voluntary no school Choice program has ever forced the Family to take the money they can make That cost benefit decision for their own Families and by the way Randy we Garten

Who we've mentioned too many times today She's made the same argument that it'll Regulate private schools do you think She's saying that because she's an Anti-government Libertarian she's saying that because She wants to keep her gravy train going And she's a big government socialist she Just wants to keep your kids trapped in Those schools that are completely run by The government and not give you any Choice at all about whether to take that Money somewhere else if you go over here So we can get a few more y States like New York they have they have tons of Regulations of private schools and Homeschooling but no school choice so um In Ohio they they went Universal on School choice but also deregulated on Schooling at the same time and New York Has funding streams that go to the Schools it's not school choice I mean Anyway um thank you Corey for the book And congratulations on on it and I look Forward to reading it cover to cover um Sponsor one for your union members Today So just to pick up on a point you made Earlier about Arizona so there's at what Number do you think and it would depend On the states to you know because Proportionately but what number does School choice get to a a much stronger Political position and I bring that up

So Arizona it's hard to roll that back Right because there's 80 you mentioned 880,000 But in Illinois they had 9 you know it Had 9,000 and they did it it expired and and That was that like shrug and move on you Know from the political class and so I'm Wondering um and I I remember when New York got its Charter School law the Thing we we wanted most of all was it That it would Outlast the governor who Got it done right and it has and we were Racing to put them in Neighborhoods to cover enough members to Get kind of that parent constituency That would would never over be more Powerful than the teacher unions but it Would keep it sustained politically yeah So the Chicago teacher Union boss to Start is a total hypocrite her name is Stacy Davis Gates and she was found out To send her kid to private school this Year which I don't blame her everybody Should have those opportunities but just A year before she called school choice Racist and she called private school Segregation Academy school choice for me But not for thee they know the failure Factories that they're forcing other People's children into that they run With their Union aren't good it's not Good enough for their kids but Supposedly it's good enough for

Everybody else's kids but yes they had About 9,000 kids in Illinois they still Nicked the program JB priter said he was Going to support it he even said if a Bill came to his desk he would sign it To save it he probably knew the bill was Never going to get to his desk but this Is why Universal is so important there's No magic number of how many is is is Enough you want more the marrier to be Able to organize to fight back against These politicians and hold them Accountable but also that program was Targeted to low-income families and so I Think that's still a step in the right Direction take the win when you can even If it's an incremental reform even if It's just for low-income families but These F families tend to be on average Less politically mobile and so when you Have school choice you get a larger Swath of populations that have Politically active parents as well I Think everybody should be able to access These programs and then they'll be more Likely to hold politicians accountable At The Ballot Box in Florida Florida you Mentioned you know we mentioned Arizona But Florida they now have like 400,000 Kids using scholarships according to the Latest data but in 2018 not a lot of People know this any the santis fans in The Room nobody's from Florida but there's I

For people on the virtual there were a Lot of hands raised a lot of people like Des santis so in 2018 you wouldn't know This because in 2022 he won his uh Reelection by like 20 points I mean he Even win won Miami uh uh DeSantis did And in 2018 there was a headline in the Wall Street Journal called school choice Moms tip the governor's race for Disantis according to CNN exit polling He overperformed with black moms in Particular who were disproportionately Benefiting from the private school Choice program his opponent Andrew Gillum called to get rid of the program And so parents basically can turn into Single issue voters on the issue of School choice those moms proba might Have might have disagreed with disantis On everything else a lot of them but on This one issue that was so important They want their kid to get a better Opportunity than they had when they were Children and so they didn't want to lose Their scholarships and voted for Disantis so this could be a political Winner for republicans in particular Democrats should support the kids Union And not the teachers union if they're Wise as well because the the the parents Are more powerful in numbers and and and Their tenacity for fighting for their Kids and so those are just a couple of Examples but yeah they weren't able to

Do it in Florida in Florida they even Had 11% of their house Democrats vote For Universal school choice last year That's not you know that's hey I wish it Was 80% 90% should be 100% but 11% is Better than 0% I'll take anyone we can Get let me let me get a few others and You know also formula fund the program But yes ma'am in the purple I thanks so Much um just wanted to I really enjoyed Your other book your previous book about School choice myths and I'm wondering if You'll respond to another one that has Come out since this explosion of school Choice um at the state level and one Particularly related to Florida I used To work in Florida politics so this is Of particular interest to me and it's This idea that these school choice Vouchers are primarily benefiting Wealthy families who are already Enrolled in school choice programs and I Think the numbers I saw was something About 69% of these vouchers were going To folks who are already enrolled in in Private school and only 13% were folks Who were leaving the public school System so I if you'll respond to to that Claim made by the detractors the quick Response is so what no families should Be forced to pay twice all families Should be able to take their kids Education dollars to the school that Works best for them so we should we

Don't discriminate access to public Schools based on income we shouldn't Discriminate school choice programs on The and and restrict access on the basis Of income either but if you look at data In places like DC 95% of the kids are Black Or Hispanic the average household Income of students using the vouchers n DC by the way there's thousands of Families on the weight list each year Trying to get those scholarships even Though they spend a third of what They're getting in the government run School system if it was all about money No one would be trying to fight for These scholarships but uh the average Household income was about $28,000 per year for the whole household In DC a higher cost of living area and So in Florida before they went Universal The average household income was also About $330,000 a year uh looking back at Data from around 2018 so um you know the Quick response is don't play it don't Don't get on the left's playing field They want you to bicker about who's Using the program the reality is Everybody can benefit High income low Income I would argue the lowest income Benefit the most because they are in wor The worst objectively failing government Schools but look if if it's the case That you know some of them are high Income families benefiting too the

Should if they're smart they wouldn't Make this argument because you're Telling politically advantaged families That they benefit too yeah keep talk Keep running that keep running those Headlines oh look everybody can benefit The higher income families who who who Pull politicians accountable and who Donate to campaigns you can benefit too They're they're advertising for us this Is great um but again look Uh yeah I mean I'm I'm I'm I basically Responded to it which is one who cares Nobody should have to pay twice but two It is the least advantage that benefit The most and there are some there's some Data from from program suggesting that Low-income families are Disproportionately using I I think I Just heard Mike patril yelling all the Way from downtown we've got time for one More quick one yes sir I'll go over here Sorry so I'm curious to ask you um so Education is free I can get that but why Is school buses free like why are school Books free I'm going to give example so In college we we got to pay tution fee Separately we got to pay for our books Separately we got to pay for other Miscellaneous things separately why is It that you know and also what what's Your perspective on teachers pension Fund as well yeah so in Illinois since We're on the subject um that for the

First time in 2019 their pension Obligations spending has has outweighed It's the majority of spending even more So than K through all other K through2 Education expenses combined they're Spending more on unfunded pension Liabilities than they are on the actual Kids in the schools it's it's a total Clown show in Illinois but as far as Bundling Goods the argument you'll hear From the left is that this is these are Economies of scale we have to have these Big factory model schools and if we Bundle the goods together it'll be Cheaper somehow that way look at the Track record it actually doesn't Actually pan out that way because they Just keep asking for more money over and Over again uh but look um and they're Moving in this direction even more where They're fighting for the Community Schools they want the government to Control your kid from child from from Grave to from Cradle to grave and um I Don't know how to fight back against That and let and and and I think the Best solution to decouple um education Expenses from what from the services Would be to have education savings Accounts I think there's like 20 states With education savings accounts now or Less but uh a lot of states have esas Now it's like the voucher idea where you Can take the money to a private school

But it's literally goes to a savings Account that's directed by the parent And you can use it for multiple uses Vouch uh vouchers were kind of the the School choice we've mov moved towards Education choice and Milton fredman Actually talked about this in terms of Multi-use vouchers we call them esas now And in Arizona they're already doing it They're you can use your voucher for to Pay for micro schooling you can use it For homeschooling curriculum special Needs educational therapies textbooks It's the gold standard of Education Freedom of the money following the child And it's great to see I mean so much That I talked about this in the book too That the Nea the largest teachers union Uh which is pretty close to the White House not too far from here they put out An opposition research sheet on a on Prena micro schools in Arizona because They're having so much success uh the The Wall Street Journal wrote a an Editorial on it and had a a funny Cartoon picture of an elephant that was Afraid of of this this tiny ant or Something It just goes to show you that the shift In education freedom is such a threat to The unions that they're doing political Opposition research on the founder Kelly Smith apprenda and they know that The Jig Is up that's why they're they're

Losing it on social media every day they Freak out in the mainstream media they Close their replies on on all of their Tweets they can't they're just ripping Their hair out right now with anxiety Because they're no longer going to be Able to for your kids in their failing Unionized indoctrination centers that we Call Schools so one last quick thing on that With k12 and HED since k12's compulsory There is an argument that you shouldn't Force the kid to pay for the textbook Right because they're compelled to to go You're not compelled to go to higher ad So makes sense you out of pocket but Decoupling yeah like Corey says with Esas I think decoupling is is yeah you You don't even have to give us the 20K Give us 15K we'll save taxpayer money Along the way and that's how it works It's a fraction of what would would have Been spent in public Schools we'll have to follow up on that One so but thank you for the questions Great conversation to everybody I'm Sorry we're overtime so we're gonna have To wrap it there but please join me and Giving a round of applause to Corey [Applause] De right after this you won't be able to Read a dang word that I write but we'll F we'll figure it out

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