Paging Dr. Google?

Paging Dr. Google?

‘The Big Saturday Show’ panelists react to a poll that found nearly 40% of respondents relied on the internet for their health instead of a doctor’s opinion.
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Welcome back to the big Saturday show Let's go to the doctor's office more and More people are suffering with health Ailments they aren't going to a doctor They're paging Dr Google a new poll Finding about 40 percent of people rely On the internet about their health over A doctor's opinion where shall We Begin This discussion Dr Sapphire is this I Can't even believe I'm going to ask you This question is that even a good idea First of all sure I mean the Integra the Internet is full of a lot of great Information but as you were privy when I Got a Christmas gift a few years ago That says don't confuse my medical Degree with Dr Google and there's again A reason to this we're talking about AI It should be used in conjunction with Human brain and so yes you can get some Information off of the computer but I'll Tell you even with chat GPT I can never Say right but in the internet most People are not black and white and every Individual is different and I'd love to Say that everyone presents with the Classic textbook symptoms of each Ailment that they come in for but they Don't and so when you start googling Yourself symptoms which you may you may Not know what's what's important and What's not you may get something Completely different and while we're Used to sending people to go get a

Second opinion you know if you don't Like what I say go to another doctor get A second opinion get a third opinion now We're finding people are Googling They've decided what's going on and they Will just continue to find a doctor or a Nurse practitioner until they tell them What they feel I'm actually sorry doctor Doctor I not that I'm an expert but it Says right here that you're wrong so Just disregard everything that you just Heard does it drive you Bonkers by the Way when people come in and say you know Dr Sapphire I was Googling and it says Probably this so you think it's that Right well let me tell you I will say That one a couple of things that really Irritate me and it's not patience but it Is the intrusion of some of the Electronics and the government when it Comes to the doctor-patient relationship So there's a federal law that actually Recently passed in the last year where Patients get their biopsy results Immediately and that's part of the tech They get the alert even before I get it And then they get their results and then They Google their results and then by The time that I call them they have Already given themselves a death Sentence right and it is it is a it's a Completely different conversation than If I had given them the information and We discussed it and so it is problematic

All right so another part of this poll We can show you self-diagnosing on Google it found that among the people They talked to they did it four times in The past year so guy let me ask you have You ever self-diagnosed on Google The fastest way to catastrophize and Spiral is to Google symptoms and it like Always brings you to the worst possible Conclusion so I used to do it a little Bit I was always very skeptical because It's like all right it's the internet Huge chunk of salt and fortunately I am Close friends with a colleague and a Doctor uh whose phone number I have and I have perhaps texted her more often Than I should for some totally free Medical advice so thanks to that totally Anonymous person yeah so what about you Jamie I like I'm guilty I do it but you Know with injuries that maybe you're not So you know like you just got a knee Problem or whatever this is another Problem uh with covid and the measures Is that we were all doing you know Virtual meetings with the doctor and Then encouraged you know to go to the Tele doctor or the phone or the nurse Who's with the insurance company that it Involved technology and sometimes it Involved the bot to tell you to go to This link if this sounds like you need This and that's what we got trained in a Lot of ways to forget about the

Imperative value of human connection Especially with doctors especially with People there is something important to Instinct to having a person who knows Your history your family history to Understand what's going on even your Emotional history it's like okay Tammy's Overreacting to something and but let me Look seriously and that alone calms a Person down of being able to have that Professional so I do think it's even if I travel medicine I I think that it it's helpful Especially in rural areas Etc but I Think going to the doctor is an Important relationship So don't Google your medical problems We'll give you Dr Sapphire's phone Number and you can just text her and say You'll get much better advice Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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