People decide elections and that’s how it should be: David Schoen

People decide elections and that’s how it should be: David Schoen

Former Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen and Article III Project founder Mike Davis discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Trump ballot ban in Colorado on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Joining us now is Mike Davis founder and President of the article 3 project and Former Gorsuch Clerk and David shown Former Trump impeachment lawyer uh David Let's start with you um I think all of Us predicted this would be a 90 decision But we actually had these unhinged People who were once Fairly Well-respected Legal Minds trying to get People to believe that this was their Electoral Nirvana Trump was going to be Off the ballot in all these super Tuesday St And a couple of others and that you Didn't even have to really run a Campaign how Wild is that it's it's wild But it's worse than that it's a Tremendous disservice it's Reckless They're constitutionally toned deaf and I never would have thought I'd say that About Professor tribe judge ludig it's Crazy and when the oral arguments were Going on and they saw the way the tide Was running they said well the guy doing The argument is no good neither side did Particularly great job on the arguments The court decided this case and the Court came together you know president Trump gave a speech today which he said He hopes this will bring the country Together I would hope so too because It's a decision that fundamentally says Let's decide a presidential race at The Ballot Box and that's the way it should

Be Abe lincol said people decide Elections and that's the way it should Be this case broke down in two parts Basically they said section five of 14th Amendment requires Congress to pass Enabling legislation and that hasn't Happened well Jamie Raskin already is Talking about trying to pass I have let me let me play that for Mike Because this was quite something the Supreme Court's not going to stop him Mike Watch I am working with a number of my Colleagues including uh Debbie W and Schultz and Eric swell to revive Legislation that we had to set up a Process by which we could determine that Someone uh who committed Insurrection is Disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and the House of Representatives already impeached Donald Trump for participating in Insurrection Uh by inciting It Mike whether it's trying to get rid Of voter ID laws to protect the Integrity of the vote or trying to Nullify the Supreme Court's decision They just simply don't want a regular Verified credible election at this point Doesn't seem like it yeah this is Absolutely insane that these Democrats After losing N9 to nothing in the Supreme Court they lost Justice soda Mayor that how bad their case was and

Now they think that they're just going To ignore the Supreme Court and have House Democrats just disqualify President Trump nothing screams Democracy like uh disregarding the will Of American voters and disregarding a Nine to nothing decision of the Supreme Court the court also in its um prui uh Decision today wrote that the disruption Would be all the more acute and could Nullify the votes of millions and change The eltion result of Section 3 Enforcement were attempted after the Nation has voted nothing in the Constitution requires that we endure Such chaos arriving at any time or Different times up to and perhaps beyond The Inauguration David is this a warning to The states not to try anything it seems Like after the election I was actually Heartened by the court went that far by The fact that they went that far I think It's very important that they did and For another particular reason I Disagreed with the Trump team's argument That uh it's it's an accurate argument Textu but I didn't think they should Have made it that section three really Just bars one from holding office not Being on the ballot we don't want to see After the election an effort by Jamie Raskin or whoever else to remove President Trump from the ballot if he

Wins the election um I think it'd be too Little too late anyway but uh no I think It was an important statement by the Court now Mike I want to go back to the Meric Garland uh in treaty in that Church over the weekend where again he Reiterated the Justice Department's Opposition to State voter ID laws and And and somewhere It Was Written I can't Remember forgive me somewhere on one of The Publications online that it was very Patronizing and frankly insulting to U Many of the people in attendance who Thought wait a second you think is he Think you know we're not intelligent Enough to have a voter ID I mean it's Just cynical I mean imagine how I mean Just think about how racist that sounds That the Attorney General of the United States goes into a black church and Pretends like they don't have the Wherewithal to get a voter ID in America Like every other American they are using Black Americans here and this is about The their ability to rig elections and Steal elections and I think that these States these Republican lawyers need to Start filing lawsuits and getting Injunctions right now now on voter ID on Signature verification on all mail Ballots on Election observers so we Don't have the election rigged again Like it was in 2020 well I think that That we're focusing on 2024 and I think

And David you can chime in on this to me It is essential that vote the vote is Wraps up within at the latest 24 hours After the polls close this idea that We're not going to learn perhaps for two Weeks until you know until whenever they Decide they're going to close the big Black box where all the votes are they We're not going to learn uh about who Wins until days or maybe weeks after the Election how is that America no I think You're absolutely right but you know the Whole landscape has changed we do have Ohava the um the absente ballots the Overseas ballots servicemen and all that But you're not really talking about that Because that generally doesn't make a Difference you mean election Integrity You mean counting the ballots that have Been cast in a timely fashion so we know Who won an election or if it has to be Uh recount then there's going to be a Recount yeah we're not re we're not Retiga 2020 a rigged not rigged we're Focusing on 2024 and they have got to Get this straight Mike and David thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere Else

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