Pete Hegseth: Biden is turning it up a notch

Pete Hegseth: Biden is turning it up a notch

Fox News host Pete Hegseth reacts to President Biden’s new Office of Environmental Justice on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #FoxNews

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Thanks Brett well when it comes to any Movie franchise if you're going to do a Sequel you have to change things up a Bit to keep the audience interested Maybe you add a new favorite character Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln the Prospector [Music] Hello to the prospector It's a box Or a plot twist Obi-Wan never told you what happened to Your father He told me enough He told me you killed him no I am your father [Music] I'll never forget what I heard that the First time or if you're into superhero Movies how about a new villain What killed the dinosaurs there is age [Music] Arnold will always spice it up we bring This up because last night we learned That Joe Biden well a sequel is in the Works He's about to announce his re-election Campaign and this sequel will include All the must-haves Some new characters a new villain and a New storyline So let's start with the storyline shall We Joe is going from deep blue to bright Green

You know he dabbled well kind of a lot With the green energy stuff during his First two years in office but it was not Enough for far left members of his party And Joe needs them this time around he Definitely does so he's turning things Up a notch rebranding himself as the Green new Joe And it starts today with a big Announcement This executive order creates a new Office of environmental justice and new Role for the chief environmental justice Officer they're going to coordinate They will coordinate all our efforts Across government to make sure we're Delivering the greatest possible Benefits to people's lives that means Every Federal agency must take into Account environmental and health impacts On communities and the work to prove to Prevent those negative impacts Environmental justice will be the Mission of the entire government one Long sentence environmental justice in Every corner of the government so let's Get this straight this so-called Environmental justice Office will help Communities impacted by pollution Okay so does that mean it will help the People in East Palestine Ohio Here's binder Say what this environmental justice Announcement will mean if any

If any people in East Palestine Ohio That's a very good question Um look I think what's important to note About uh this uh environmental justice EO is the president's continued support In his climate agenda his ambitious Climate agenda he has the the most Ambitious climate agenda than any other President in history and I one way that You can look at this today is that he's Continuing to deliver on that ambitious Agenda and he's not done yet right Brutal I guess that's a no but we Already knew this fancy new office Wasn't actually going to help people If you're paying attention it's obvious What Joe Biden is doing he's appealing To the aocs the Bernies and the Ed Marquis who just yesterday announced They're rebooting what is this the third Fourth reboot of their precious Green New Deal Yes we are reintroducing the green new Deal today and we have a coalition Stronger than ever and with that we're Also releasing the green New Deal Implementation guide there is so much Money out there for us to start working On projects on community level and on a Grassroots level check it out we're Going to make it happen can't wait to Get our hands on that guide For those of you keeping track at home Democrats are ready to drop all kinds of

Money to save the planet Yesterday it was the green new deal Today it's environmental justice and of Course we can't forget the inflation Reduction act which has very little to Do with inflation and everything to do With going green Biden today admitted That We pass the inflation reduction act Which makes the most significant Investment in dealing with climate Change ever anywhere in the history of The world literally not particularly 370 billion dollar investment it offers Working Families a thousand dollars a Year in savings for pride and rebates For to buy new efficient appliances Weatherize their homes get tax credits For personalities pumps and rooftop Solar energy efficient ovens dryers and So much more provides tax credits for Electric vehicles I almost did the whole Show in aviators they want to be cool Like Joe now let's be clear this climate Bill is just the start of what's to come It's a mere 400 billion dollar payment For Biden's entire green agenda a Marxist takeover to control every aspect Of Our Lives I have a feeling that a lot of electric Cars and solar panels and windmills are In our future wonderful which is Interesting because windmills are Actually harming the environment they're

Killing our sea life dead whales are Washing up on shore in record numbers Prime time has been reporting on this For months Paved that pave the ocean floor and then Embed 90-story wind turbines off the coast Like you said they're they'll be visible But the Aesthetics is the least of it You know there's no reason to kill whole Species of protected animals to do that This is harmful which it it clearly is Common sense we tell you that's what Killed these whales that's the only new Thing going on out there right now they Don't care about that and listen to this Joe Biden knew this would happen last August he got a letter from Top Officials warning him about the impacts Of wind energy projects on Fisheries he Doesn't care I guess Biden's philosophy is that you Have to kill the environment in order to Save it But remember this is the Biden sequel so If green new Joe is going to be Successful He's going to need some fresh new Characters And to be frank climates are John Kerry Isn't getting it done for the Administration anymore he's a fading Star nobody cares about a failed 2004 Presidential candidate reporting for

Duty So the administration is spicing things Up a bit and teaming up with Her Meet Sophia Kiani she's a climate Activist she's an influencer and she was Invited to the White House today for a Climate event Interesting choice so we have our new Character What about our new villain Enter Biden's arch nemesis RFK Jr who The moment he entered the race got 14 of Biden voters Biden might be green but RFK is greener And he wants to be president He's been fighting to clean up the Hudson River for decades and has been a Long time opponent of fracking in Biden's World he's basically the Green Goblin So this could get interesting the green New Joe is shaping up to be quite the Sequel hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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