Peter Doocy: No one is getting fired for this

Peter Doocy: No one is getting fired for this

Fox News’ Peter Doocy and Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, react to the White House claims that the Afghanistan exit was a success and the need for Alvin Bragg to testify to the House Judiciary Committee

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In this hour with the bite Administration's review of the 2021 U.S Exit from Afghanistan it was Unbelievable the White House denies Suicuro was chaotic I know despite Desperate scenes in Kabul that we've all Witnessed and the death of 13 U.S Members a couple of dozen wounded and 170 Afghans killed the report also Points the finger of blame at president Donald Trump and Peter Ducey joins us Live from the White House with the Details for us hey Peter good morning The most recent draft of History written By the US government insists the Afghan Withdrawal wasn't perfect but it wasn't That bad So I'm sorry I just won't buy the whole Argument of chaos for all this talk of Chaos I just didn't see it not from my Perch it was tough in the first few Hours you would expect it to be The Taliban uh the nfc's blame on Biden's predecessor reads like this the Taliban agreed to participate in a peace Process but only as long as the United States remained committed to withdraw by The agreement's deadline as part of the Deal president Trump also pressured the Afghan government to release 5 000 Taliban fighters from prison including Senior War commanders without securing The release of the only American hostage Known to be held by the Taliban a

Reminder 13 Americans carrying out the Final stages of the drawdown were killed In Kabul Completely ridiculous it's a rewriting Of History we lost 13 Brave Americans Many thousands of Americans at least Were left there in Afghanistan it was a Complete debacle but for them to try to Rewrite this history it's just it's just Terrible And ultimately officials in releasing This report on the Thursday before a Holiday weekend are hoping to emphasize What they think went right People don't have an issue with the Decision to order troops out of Afghanistan it is with the way that this President ordered it done there were Children being killed there were people Hanging off of Air Force jets that were Leaving and you're saying that you guys Are proud of the way that this mission Was conducted and there's nobody's Saying that everything was perfect but There was a lot that went right so yeah There's a lot to be proud of Peter And we asked as far as we know nobody is Going to be fired based on the look back At mistakes that were made back to you Peter do you think Justin you're an Unofficial opinion you had such direct I Looked at for me it looked like you were Outraged by some of the things you're in The report

Did other people share that dismay about The contents of these 12 pages in their Review it really felt like it did it was One of the longest briefings that we've Ever had in there it was about an hour And a half of Kirby and he was getting It from everybody uh John Kirby Yesterday had the hardest job in Communications in the world because when People think back to the Afghan Withdrawal especially the focus on the Kabul Airport the the play people are Not assigning blame oh well Trump did This oh well it was actually Biden's Order that led to this people just look At that and remember it as being a sad Period in world history and they look at It as being a complete mess but the way That this report is written it was Trump's fault and it was some Intelligence failures uh basically they Guessed wrong about how long the Taliban Could uh it was going to take to Overthrow the Afghan government Um and so it did seem like pretty much Everybody in the room I had questions that were along those Lines and I will point out they sent us Via email this report only about 10 Minutes wow before the briefing started And it's a it's a long report you gotta Zoom in on some parts on your phone we Didn't even have time to print it out Before we had to go to the briefing

Usually you could go through something Like this digest it for hours and hours It's intentional people were it yeah I Mean they it's not like they wrote the Report yesterday and they were rushing To get it out they've had this thing They've been working on it for a year And Um the the way that they did it it Didn't lend itself necessarily to uh Super in-depth questions but uh that is Very interesting especially also many Are questioning the timing of this you Know it they did this on Monday Thursday It's Holy Week a lot of people are Taking off today because of Good Friday And many people are you know traveling For Easter so in Ainsley I'll tell you We were sitting in the briefing room and I looked out the window and watched as The motorcade left to take the bidens to Camp David for the weekend we still Haven't heard anything from President Biden himself and I remember the day of The explosion at the Abbey gate I asked President Biden in the East room if he Bared responsibility for what happened And he said the buck stops with him That's a that's a quote I checked the Transcript yesterday but as this report Comes out and they try to review what Happened so they don't make the same Mistakes again Nothing from the president on camera and

Nothing in the president's name like a Statement that they put out you know Statement from the president about XYZ We get them every day not about this at Least not yet right and by the way they Ended with saying how the world came Together after that and they look at the Ukraine effort they would they put they Weave in Ukraine topics into this which Is incredible uh Peter great job as Usual thank you thanks Brian this is Just the same old song and dance though Everything they blame on Donald Trump And I was watching Fox last night and The anchors were throwing to a tease of What the next story is and they said we Have the Afghanistan withdrawal report And guess who they're blaming Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know They're blaming Trump so when we came Back from the segment I'm watching and The anchors explain it's Trump that They're blaming but we already knew Based on that tease they always blame Trump for everything Yeah let's bring in Congressman Wesley Hunt he's on the house Judiciary Committee he's also an army veteran a Graduate of West Point uh Congressman Great to see you this morning uh you Heard that you heard it yesterday you Heard all of those statements from Admiral Kirby what's your reaction I think that this is an insult to the

Intelligence of the American people we All watch what happened in the Battle Cry of this Administration is to always Blame Trump now let's keep in mind that The last two years of the Trump Administration we had stability in Afghanistan for the last 18 months we Didn't lose a soldier and within a few Months of the Biden Administration Taking power what happened we lost 13 Brave soldiers in that bushed withdrawal That reminded us of the fall of Saigon During Vietnam and then to add insult to Injury when those brave Soldiers came Home Joe Biden stood on that tarmac and Checked his watch repeatedly and I can Guarantee you that he had time for those Soldiers and I think that every time These kinds of things happen the entire World is watching and that's why we're In this weekend State this is the Weekend state that we have been since Jimmy Carter and that's why we're saying All this conflict all over the world so You understand leadership in the Military better than I do but Mackenzie And Millie said that we told him what we Told him and if you get to this Threshold pull out but I recommend 2500 To 4 500 troops he says no one advised Me This Army would collapse so he threw his Commanders under the bus and the CIA Under the bus who told them this would

Happen and then he goes and says the Doha agreement I had to go by what President Trump agreed to no you didn't Because Trump originally said well even In May it was conditions based and then He puts it to September so what would What's wrong with saying Goods hold on Things are a little crazy we got Millions of dollars of equipment we have Allies and Americans we can't do it so Quick he just wanted out and he's Getting away with it Oh you know exactly what he wanted sir He wanted to be out before 9 11 that was The whole point he wanted to have his Moment as the as the president to say Look at what I did uh 911 got us into Afghanistan and I was a president to get Us out and it cost us American lives and You don't lead because you want to get Out by a specific date you lead by doing What's in the best interest of the Soldiers that are on the ground and That's where he failed us the other Thing that I find it astounding is you Guys crushed the Taliban every time he Came up against him suddenly he's Cowering in the corner what if we don't Leave when we told him we would all hell Would break loose no you tell them when We're leaving Trump made that clear he Was in conversations with the leader and They called in to say do you want to Take Cabo or should we take it so to me

You had a chance to regain control and He just wanted out That's correct and we are the strongest Nation in the world we are the big dogs On the porch don't ever forget that no One should dictate terms to us we Dictate terms to them and this we can State that we have seen for the past Three going on three years now again It's while we're seeing what's happening In Taiwan it's it's why we saw Vladimir Putin invade the Ukraine and I can Assure you that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin don't wake up in the morning and They say oh my gosh how could I make the World a better place they wake up in the Morning and look at how weak way we are And they want to take charge of this World and we we must stop them all right Congressman hunt the House GOP firing Off this first subpoena and the probe Donald Trump indictment for Alan Bragg And for the guy who used to work for him Mark pomerance who also left that office The DA's office to go write a book on Why Trump should be indicted what's your Reaction to this and what will we learn From Alvin Bragg Yeah so so Palm Ransom bride they're Clearly liberal hacks they have a really Bad case of trump derasement syndrome And I can assure you that Jim Jordan Who's the head of the Judiciary Committee we have a plan for all these

People to expose them for exactly who They are and just a couple of weeks ago We had a we had a hearing to where we we Were questioning some people that Weaponized the FBI and the doj against Some parents that were just curious as To what was going on uh in the in our in Our schools and with our education System and that's the kind of stuff that We have to stop and the person that is Standing in the way of this is President Trump and he said this best when he said If they're coming after me they're going To come after you it's up to our Committee to show the world exactly what Their agenda agenda is and and and to Just show that they have an agenda to Destroy our country they have an agenda To destroy the very fabric of America We've got to expose this so that in two Years the American people we the people Can get this right Congressman Wesley hunt really Appreciate you being with us this Morning and speaking to all of those Issues I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Means here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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