Peter Doocy: They don’t want people to believe what they see

Peter Doocy: They don't want people to believe what they see

President Biden is expected to announce actions to mitigate the ‘broken’ immigration system as the White House dismisses concerns stemming from his mental acuity. Fox News’ Peter Doocy reports the latest from the White House. #FoxNews

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We are getting brand new details ahead Of President Biden's announcement today Where he'll use executive powers to Speed up the residency status for Hundreds of thousands of migrants that Are married to American citizens also Today President Biden is set to join Bill and Hillary Clinton for another Mega fund Riser Jess Mae from the White House senior White House correspondent Peter Ducey joins us right now from the White House with a preview of the day Ahead hey Peter good morning and White House officials keep complaining that Congress won't pass any big immigration Bills so President Biden is just trying To do something on his own there's this New executive order that is going to Give spouses of US citizens who are not US citizens themselves a pathway to Citizenship we have some details here uh You have to be married to a US citizen You have to have lived in the US for at Least 10 years and if approved you get 3 Years to apply for permanent residency During that time you can get a work Permit and the Biden Administration Thinks this could help about half a Million spouses get on a pathway to US Citizenship President Biden later on Today also going to enlist the services Of former President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a high dollar fundraiser in

Mlan Virginia that is a wealthy suburb Of Washington DC the cash keeps coming Even though critics keep accusing President Biden of freezing up that is Something White House officials say is Not actually happening they claim that Media is being Manipulated I think you all have called This the cheap fakes video and that's Exactly what they are they are cheap Fakes video uh they are done in bad Faith uh and uh and some of your news Organization uh have uh have been very Clear have stressed that these Right-wing uh the right-wing critics of The president have a credibility problem Uh because of the fact Checkers have Repeatedly caught them pushing Misinformation disinformation So some new vocabulary for the 2024 Election she said cheap fakes which they Consider just a clip out of context and Then deep fakes which would be somebody Using something like AI to change the Things President Biden is doing or Saying the main point though is they do Not want people to believe the things They see and hear on social media Without thinking about them critically Back to you all so real quick question So Peter the main thing is the White House is esteemed that people are Running that video it's not edited at All it you know where you see him

Standing still and people go why is he Freezing like like that um that's not Artificial intelligence the White House Has just steem that you need to see more Before and After yeah exactly and so there was the Clip from the G7 in Italy where he's Kind of looking off into the distance And walking away out of a frame they Want people to see that he was going to Talk to somebody who had just jumped out Of a plane and landed like 10 ft away Things like that Um but that's just not the way that Social media Works stuff gets clipped And this is going to be a big problem For them if they decide that it's Something that they want to to fight Than yep Peter thank you very much yeah It's also irrelevant because all the Rest of the world leaders weren't Admiring the people that had just jumped Out of the plane well and and what he Was talking about where the Italian Prime Minister had to come over you know If you're the president you know that There's 700 cameras right there why do You have your back to the camera it just Looks like you're wandering off I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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