Peter Doocy: Things are bleak for Biden

Peter Doocy: Things are bleak for Biden

Fox News’ Peter Doocy provides details on Biden’s dwindling support among Black voters, Millennials and Gen Z. #foxnews

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So President Biden hosted an early Juneth celebration at the White House Yesterday as his support among black Voters continues to go down now one Polling Guru is suggesting that Joe Biden should drop out of the Presidential race with less than five Months to election day Peter Ducey just Back from France joins us from Washington Peter good morning and the President came back to the White House Last night after a few days in France And a few days in Delaware to host an Early juneth celebration there on the La We've got some video of it I don't Remember ever seeing uh President Biden Try to dance on camera last night was Not going to be the night he did briefly Address the crowd on the south lawn Though to accuse Republicans of trying To take away black Americans right to Vote trying to do anything to reverse This trend he has shed 7% of his black Voter support since October of 2020 Trump has gained in that time 9% things are Bleak with young voters Too so now we've got this headline from The rap SNL and Parks and Recreation Writers pitch ads to help Biden reach JZ And young Millennials these ads are Going to come out next month in July and The organizer is claiming in this Interview that it's not draver celebrity Endorsement rather they are creating

Content uh with Millennial and genen Z Writers for Millennial and jenz voters At the same time the pollster Nate Silver is warning Biden just hit a new All-time low in approval 37.4% at 538 yesterday dropping out Would be a big risk but there's some Threshold below which continuing to run Is a bigger risk are we there yet I Don't know but it's more than fair to Ask we have no indication President Biden is planning to drop out he's going To go talk about gun safety later on Today before heading back out to Europe Uh Western Europe for the G7 in Italy Where the talk will once again turn like Last week to Russ V Ukraine back to you Peter I was pretty stunned to see how Much Jill Biden's uh trips back and Forth across the oceans from D $345,000 it's cost taxpayers and it Sounds like the DNC is going to Reimburse the cost of some first class Tickets which is the way they generally Do it for that's like a few thousand do Personal travel out that is I wonder if This started cuz remember Peter you told The story and then you said how much is This going to cost the Taxpayer yeah well you're welcome Taxpayers for getting you some first Class ticket reimbursements that's right So now Peter regarding uh Nate silver Saying you know they should have

Listened to me in February he should Have dropped out last year there's Nobody at the White House there's nobody At the campaign who's saying okay we're Going to lay low and then just before The convention he's going to drop out Nobody's suggesting that he's going to Say you know what I had a good year so Long no and there was a lot of talk About different prominent Democrats a Couple months ago who maybe were putting Themselves in a position if Biden Decided he was going to bow out but that Is all done there all systems go with Biden at the top of the ticket and Harris as the vice president and hoping For the best so Peter I'm hoping you can Put this into context because when you Look at the numbers he's underwater when It comes to young young voters obviously Losing support amongst minority voters Uh and voters point to the economy they Say all of this is impacted them they Can't get a house and all that stuff the White House already has some of the best Holwood people to produce their Messaging and all that is it the Position of the White House that people Just don't understand the story of the Administration that they've actually Done more and if they could just get These producers to make these little ads That they will understand more I mean I'm just not understanding it is

Lawrence and a lot of people talked to At the White House or from the campaign In Delaware have been saying for a Couple months now well a lot of Voters Just are not paying attention they're Not as plugged into Politics as we are But at some point it's too late and at Some point people do have to start Paying attention because we're like two And a half months away from uh people Forming opinions and then uh applying For ballots to get sent to their house And so it's the time for people to start Paying attention is is coming up quickly I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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