Peter Doocy: This is a mess

Peter Doocy: This is a mess

The FOX News correspondent reports the latest on the 2024 race and unsuccessful efforts to remove fake blood from White House gates. #FOXNews

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All right well funny you should bring Him up let's talk about the White House Race a little more Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ronda santis Picking up a major endorsement in Iowa So Peter Ducey is live from the White House with the latest on the 24 election So what has been the reception so far Peter of the Endorsement well it's interesting and Kind of like you guys were just talking About it every single primary poll has Donald Trump with a huge lead over the Rest of the field but nobody has voted Yet nobody has caucused yet he is not The nominee at this point and there are Many high-profile Republicans trying to Make sure that there is someone else who Can rise to the top be the party's Standard Bearer the latest official iow Was governor Kim Reynolds someone who most importantly Can win and that person is Ronda santis I am so proud to stand here tonight and Give him my full support and endorsement For president of the United States of America this is the time of the cycle Where we're going to start to figure out How much endorsements matter Arkansas Governor Sarah hucke Sanders is going to Back her old boss president Trump and President Biden has been on the road a Lot more with official events than Campaign events and he's got a new very

Unlikely Defender as wispers grow that Maybe Biden wouldn't be the guy on the Ballot next year and this person is Stick up for Biden and lashing out at Gavin Nome right now there are two there are Two additional Democrats running for Pennsylvan excuse me running for President right Now one one is a congressman from Minnesota the other one is the governor Of California they're both running for President but only one had the guts to Announce it And as President Biden wakes up this Morning and looks out the window of the Residence if he uh points out at the Street he's going to see that the fence Line is still defaced the park service Was out there yesterday with a pressure Washer trying to get that fake blood That these anti-israel protesters Smeared all over the gates on Saturday Night uh there are still black tarps Covering it they apparently have been Unsuccessful in getting that mess off The fence line so far 3 days later Peter Just your opinion here I thought if you Touch the White House there'd be guys in Black outfits that would wrestle you to The ground I'm stunned they were able to Breach the fence defile the perimeter I Mean they knew this this was 100,000

People in Washington they said to Everyone they're marching to the White House are you surprised knowing the Security like you know it that they were Able to do this yeah like if I went Outside right now to a different fence Post with a C and a spray paint and I Wrote anything on there I would expect To be in handcuffs in about 5 minutes And there might even be a dog biting me A secret service dog biting at me and So at some point so and this is a photo That I took with my iPhone on the way in This morning at some point a decision Was made not to get these guys off the Fence uh we do see Pennsylvania Avenue Closed a lot during the day somebody Drops a backpack somebody is misbehaving They will clear everything body off Pennsylvania Avenue a decision was made Somewhere in the chain of command not to Uh keep people back and to let this Particular demonstration come all the Way up to the gates but I if if it's Going to take the National Park Service More than a day to get this paint or Whatever the substance is down that That's that's a mess that's M I'm sorry So to the country Peter after the uh Russia invaded Ukraine the Russian Embassy up on the Upper East Side here In New York was covered in all that red Paint paint too uh and it took I mean I Want to say a month for them to be able

To remove it and you can still see some Of it on there because it's it's like a Stucco Material um or a cement and I Don't know what they're using but it Takes a long time and they have to get The right company you would think if You're the White House you would have That cleaned up quickly and Peter it Wasn't just the paint I saw them with With the end of flags poking through the Gate of the White House barrier yeah and Yesterday it looked like there were uh As you look down the fence line there Was a lot of stuff that was glued to the Individual iron bars and a lot of that Looks like it's been removed but when You have part of the White House that's Dra uh draped in a black tarp it almost Has the look of like a a state funeral Or like they're mourning something uh But it's really just because they are Cleaning up this big mess that was left Behind by these anti-israel prot Embarrassed by it Yeah you said can of spray paint Peter you said if you went out with a Can of spray paint you would be arrested But also a dog might be biting you you Said the secret service dog there's Always a possibility it could be the Biden's dog hey there's that Dey kid Commander was exiled yeah yeah they did Probably one of it known commands oh Dey Go well I'm glad yall had a nice dinner

Together thank you'all for waking up for The show I hope you got to see your Grandbaby too Steve I did indeed I got a bunch of on When I'm back tomorrow Angley I'll show You the picture of where I'm bouncing Bridget on my lap while Peter is Ordering off the menu oh Peter if you Only I know you do know you have brought So much joy to your parents with that Baby she's darling I I don't really do Anything Bridget does all the the hard Stuff all right thank you for that Report I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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