Piers Morgan: This makes my stomach churn

Piers Morgan: This makes my stomach churn

FOX Nation host Piers Morgan on Palestinian Ambassador to the U.K. Husam Zomlot’s reluctance to condemn Hamas terrorists’ attacks on Israel as massive pro-Palestinian protests span the globe. #FOXNews

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Do you want to clear the air and clearly Condemn the attack in Hamas Today no I want to clear the record First of all the Palestinian Authority Is not what represents the Palestinian People it's the PLO D designate the PLO from the Terrorist list in the US Congress Specific condemnation it would just be a Very quick Answer uh uh uh uh and allow me Margaret Because I watched your interview with Israeli Ambassador and he said two Things very important he said uh uh you Know those are unintended consequences Well he had a chance the Palestinian Ambassador to the United Kingdom Refusing to condemn Hamas terrorists as Pro Palestinian protesters hits the Streets across the globe including as You can see right there London on Saturday speaking in London join us Right now from London is Piers Morgan The host of Piers Morgan uncensored on Fox Nation Piers good afternoon to you Good afternoon Steve uh this guy had it Really easy just a yes or a no the Correct answer is yes he'd like to Condemn the the mass murder of innocent Civilians but he didn't do it why you Know I've interviewed a lot of pro Palestinian voices on my show uncensor Last month including that Ambassador and I've asked all of them that question

Because to me you can absolutely say That you're concerned about the plight Of the Palestinians both before and After what happened on October the 7th That's completely normal and a Completely human reaction sure however However if you're not prepared to Condemn that appalling terror attack Then I'm afraid I don't want to hear you Asking for condemnation of anything else So I start with that question and his Inability there repeatedly to just give A straight of course I condemn it it was Terrible is very telling and you're Seeing this in these demonstrations now All over the world a lot of the people Demonstrate are indeed genuine peace Protesters and I respect that in Democracy you're allowed to demonstrate Peacefully however they're getting Infiltrated with more and more people Who are blatantly pro- Hamas and Hamas Is a terror organization so when you Stand there with your plard supporting Hamas or you chant Jihad or from the River to the Sea which we all know means The eradication of Israel which is the Stated mission of Hamas then you are Promoting and supporting and endorsing Terrorism and what happened on October The 7th and that is completely Unacceptable uh you know Piers as we Were looking at some of the video of the Protests uh there in London on Saturday

Great big uh protest in Washington DC They're estimating perhaps as many as a 100,000 were marching uh and in addition To from the river to the sea that they Chanted here they also chanted uh F Joe Biden so what were they in addition to The from The River To The Sea what else Were they cheering and and chanting There in London oh lots of abuse for our Prime minister Rishi sunak who has also Stood up for Israel's right to defend Itself and indeed not just a right but In my estimation it has a fundamental Duty to protect his people from an Organization whose spokesman only last Week reiterated that they want to do What happened on October the 7th again And again and again and again so those People Marching for the Palestinians I Get it I get why people are concerned About the ferocity of Israel's response But I also ask him a simple question do You think hamash should stay in power in Gaza after what they did and if as most People answer well no probably not then In that case how do you get rid of them And nobody has another answer right you Know they live deliberately amongst Their own population who they themselves Have repressed now for 17 years or so And they will continue to do that they Spent a lot of the money that's been Given to them supposedly to try and make The Gaza a more prosperous place on just

Terrorizing Israelis and now on October The 7th they did what they have warned They would do if they ever got the Chance and that is commit an effective Genocide on the people of Israel so These protests we've got one for example On Saturday coming in London now it's a Very special day in London on Saturday It's Armistice Day it's today we Celebrate the end of World War I is also A day that forms part of a weekend of Remembrance Sunday and the Senate half In London where we commemorate and Remember and honor all those who lost Their lives serving this country in war Around the world and you the idea there Were going to be huge mobs of people uh Going around some of whom will be Promoting a terror organization as we're Supposed to be celebrating and honoring The memories of those who died in Conflict against people like the Nazis Makes my stomach churn and that is why You are wearing a poppy today live from London absolutely and we have Veteran Day in this country appears thank you Much for joining us thanks a lot guys All right I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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