‘PIVOT THE BLAME’: Cuomo faces scrutiny for COVID-era policies

'PIVOT THE BLAME': Cuomo faces scrutiny for COVID-era policies

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., sounds off on former N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is facing growing scrutiny for his COVID-era policies. #foxnews

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We have two very different opinions on What happened during Co I think the Federal government failed this nation And it was abysmal so there you have the Former New York Governor Andrew CUO Passing the buck over his policies in The early days of covid back then his Administration issued an advisory that Forced nursing homes to take patients Who had tested positive for the virus And many argue that that decision led to Needless more deaths maybe thousands of Them Republican Nicole malakis from New York is with me now she was in the room Yesterday and good morning to you um What what were you able to determine do You think maybe something that you Either did not know before or maybe gave You Confirmation well I think what was Shocking was the governor claiming that He did not know anything about that March 25th order that his administration Issued on a nursing homes to accept These individuals I've never heard that Before that he that he completely did Not even know it existed until a month Later and then when asked who authorized It because it was his letter his name And commissioner's name of Commissioner Of Health's name on the letterhead he Basically said we don't know it's I Think it's it was it was probably done At the staff level how is that possible

That the governor of the state of New York who did 111 daily briefings Basically got an Emmy for his Performance in these briefings knowing All the details of what was going on in New York state acting as the king of New York did not know about this deadly Mandate until a month later particularly When all the other local elected Officials people like me and the state Legislature we knew and we were telling The executive chamber about our concerns And the nursing homes were reaching out To all the elected officials expressing The concern so what we what we learned Yesterday is that he's not going to take Accountability he's not going to Apologize and when asked whether he Would change that order today knowing What he knows now thousands of New Yorkers elderly New Yorkers uh who were Killed as a result uh he said No in fact He would explain it more and communicate It more because the nursing homes didn't Understand that they could reject people If they could not care for them so he Didn't try to Pivot the blame on the Actual nursing homes who had no choice But to accept these people because the Mandate language was clear it was clear They were forced to take these people Whether they could care for them whether They had the proper Staffing levels Whether they could separate them from

Positive and uh negative or uh whether They had the PPE Okay um let me okay couple things here Here's another soundbite from the Governor maintaining his innocence roll This here first department of justice Found we did nothing Wrong the uh investigations found that The uh New York Advisory was holy consistent with the Federal guidance set by cmsn CDC Two investigations found exactly that That what New York did was implement the Federal guidance I I imagine you said a Lot of that behind closed doors here are The numbers in New York covid confirmed Deaths at nursing homes 6926 confirmed out of facility deaths 4600 um uh presumed death at the nursing Home 20 these numbers are staggering uh Just shy of 15,00 You mentioned this directive on the 25th Of March is it possible between his Daily briefings that began on the 2 of March and went through the 19th of June Is it possible that we just did not Understand enough about the virus at That Time well I look I think uh you could Give the benefit of the doubt if the Language was not written as it was cu The CMS and CDC guidelines were very Clear it made a recommendation that you Could accept uh patients who were coming

Being ad um discharged from the Hospitals into a nursing room setting if You had the ability to separate and care For them uh and the proper Staffing Levels his mandate was not a a Recommendation it was they shall do it And that they could not test them if to See if they were positive before Accepting them they they literally Prohibited the nursing homes from Testing these patients to see if they Were still positive before accepting Them and there was no ability in this Man to reject a nursing a nursing home Patient if you could not care for them And that was the biggest issue they were Not given the proper PPE to deal with The the issue at hand so the the Governor again deflecting and pointing Fingers but the accountability the buck Stops with him uh will there be a public Hearing will we hear him say this yes or No I I believe so I think there's a lot Of questions that look there's a lot of Things that were discrepancies between What his administration officials have Told us uh and what the governor said Yester And then he also by the way did not use The additional measures that were set up Right US Navy Comfort sh that President Trump said in the Javit Center I ask That question it was here it was here And they didn't get a l they lot of

Patience yeah uh thank you for your time We'll see what comes of it really it was The story here in New York that shut Down the entire country I believe that To this day but it started here Nicole Malet takas thank you for your time We'll talk again thank you all right Dan I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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