Police chief calls on Newsom to help tackle state’s fentanyl crisis

Police chief calls on Newsom to help tackle state’s fentanyl crisis

San Bernardino Police Chief Darren Goodman discusses California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ‘smug’ response to a question about the state’s fentanyl crisis and how soft-on-crime policies are hurting communities on ‘Cross Country.’ #foxnews #fox #crosscountry

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So maybe some of this nonsense in Los Angeles makes a little bit more sense When you remember who's in charge in California this week Gavin Newsom was Asked what he's doing to confront the Fentanyl crisis take a listen to what The governor had to say Hey Gavin tell me what you gonna do About the fentanyl epidemic please my Name is JJ Smith what should I do I want To know what do you want what you want To do about the fentanyl epidemic tell Me what we need to do That's why I'm here San Bernardino Police Chief Darren Goodman did not mince words tweeting his Discuss over the exchange and calling Out Gavin newsom's smug attitude and the Chief joins me right now Chief um you're A straight shooter I can tell just by Your your your your tweets out there What is your message to the governor Well you know a message to the governor Is the same as it would be to my Community you know uh we we need to Solve problems and we should have a plan To do so uh if I answered a question From my community the way that he did I Think that I would probably Um be in a lot of hot water to say the Least Um you know we need help you know and Right now we're not getting much help From our legislators in fact you know

It's just the opposite a lot of the Things that they're proposing or in Acting are tying our hands and you're Seeing that with law enforcement across The country you know Chief can you paint The picture for our audience a lot a lot Of them don't wear the badge when you go Out to the scene and you're seeing the Homeless defecating in the middle of the Street you see people actively with Needles in them selling drugs on the Street robbing we've already reported on The bill that says that you know you can Just rob a store logic it's less than 950 dollars how's that like as an Officer to police that type of criminal Activity Well you know it's it's it's devastating And for a variety of reasons one is Because we understand you know Homelessness is is a is a tragedy it's It's not something that in and of itself Should be criminalized but there's a There's a flip side to that and that Means that we have to consider those People who who haven't made mistakes in Their lives the business owners who've Done everything that they possibly could To own and operate a business to serve Others to provide jobs to people in our Community and you know those those Homeowners who want to be able to enjoy Parks uh take their kids you know down The sidewalk without you know

Encountering some of this Decay and and As public leaders you know we have to Consider the fact that we're allowing People to to Simply rot in their skin on Our sidewalks and that's not acceptable One of the things that I do know Um we we should consider is the fact That many of these people are mentally Ill and many of these people perhaps More of them are Devastatingly addicted to drugs so you Can't expect someone to mentally ill or In the throes of addiction to make a Rational decision on coming off of the Streets you know our laws need to keep Up with the current environment and that Means that we have to consider imposing Uh you know at least mandates on some of These these people who who can't make Decisions for themselves it's so true Chief it's clear that America is in Peril here do you believe because the Picture that they pick is is that the Public doesn't have you guys back law Enforcement do you believe you have the Support of the public You know I I really think the vast Majority of the public does support us And I think that you know many of the The members of the public who don't uh Either are you know focused on some of Those mistakes that we have made in our Industry and I'll say flat-footedly that There have been some mistakes but right

Now our legislation or our legislators Rather they're not focused on police Reform they're focused on police Punishment what they're doing is Punishing the communities that we serve Uh in an effort to take away our ability To actually do our job you know for Example there's proposed legislation Right now as we speak in California that Would actually take away police canines It would take away our ability to stop a Vehicle for a low-level traffic Violation and and I'll stop right there For just a second and say that the Majority of the drugs and guns that we Seize off our streets are found in Vehicles yeah every single that occurs Has a vehicle component to it either the Suspect a Rove in a vehicle he escaped a Vehicle he transferred guns and drugs in The vehicle and in many cases there's Bodies being transported or human Trafficked in vehicles so if you take Away the ability for us to do low-level Traffic stops as a as a means of further Investigating what may be going on in That vehicle only will many many more Crimes go unsolved but people will die You're a spot on Chief as someone that's With law enforcement every single day Especially with the K-9 units I can Attest to what you're saying thanks so Much for joining the program hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe

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