Pollster: These numbers are ‘damning’ for Biden

Pollster: These numbers are 'damning' for Biden

Pollster Lee Carter discusses support for Biden’s re-election bid and his administration’s effort to target young voters online. #FoxNews

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As President Biden apparently holding Back his 2024 campaign launch despite Reports that he's definitely running for A second term axios writing quote Advisors and close allies don't expect Him to announce a run for re-election Anytime soon and some now believe it Could come as late as July or perhaps Even the fall I think it does need to Come before November of 2024 but I'm not Sure this all comes as a recent poll Shows only one third of Americans think Joe Biden deserves to be re-elected Lee Carter is the president of Ms Lansky and Partners and the author of persuasion She joins us now Lee a third of Americans what Todd just said do not Think that he should be re-elected I Mean is that possibly a reason why They're holding back on announcing I I think the news is not good in this Poll for Joe bidening back when the news For Joe Biden polls for a while has been Uh one that he pretty much sits under 50 Approval rating for almost every Category so he's underwater Um but I think his strategy for him is a Smart one he did a very similar thing uh When he ran in 2020 which is he very Much stayed under the radar we didn't Hear a whole lot from him until right About when the primaries were starting So I expect him to do something similar The more he campaigns actually the less

He well he does I think he needs to put His head down do his job not communicate As much and let the Republicans frankly Go at it for each other and then he Should really be making an issue for Himself I think his best chance at Winning is to make some kind of progress On abortion or make more that of an Issue uh than than he has up until now You know more than a third of Voters uh Who voted in the midterm said that that Was the primary reason that they were Voting and so he could pay pick up some More folks who would have otherwise gone Against him I think that's going to be Good for him but the polls are really Really damning for him when I look at at Some of this I mean he has lost quite a Bit of momentum even since July of last Year uh and so he's going to have to get Some wins up on the board if he's going To have a chance at 24. well the way He's going to try and get those voters In 2024 reportedly is to use influencers In his re-election campaign setting Quote we're trying to reach young people But also moms who use different Platforms to get information and climate Activists interesting how there's like Three categories of people in this world Uh and people whose main way of getting Information is digital don't Republicans Need to follow suit on this league Because I always get these sense that

Like Republicans think that their way of Doing it is better because it's the way It always has been done but I'd argue That over the course of the last couple Elections it's not working so don't Republicans need to follow suit on this Yeah there's no question about it I mean Conservatives tend to be not only Conservative in politics they tend to be Conservative in temperament which means Conservatives can be somewhat reluctant To change the world is changing we need To be more digitally forward we need to Get in front of the folks but the other Thing is a lot of the issues that are Most important to young people don't Necessarily score well with Republicans And so Republicans are going to have to Have a message and a platform that is Going to appeal to young people at the Same time the base of the Republican Party is really really solid when you Look at enthusiasm among Republicans for Voting in 2024 much more enthusiastic About voting than those on the left Makes sense as to why the Democrats not Really in favor of a Tick-Tock ban yeah Keep fighting in the basement there you Go use tick tock which obviously many People want to ban but Democrats are Like that could really hurt us that's Not banded uh lee Carter thank you very Much Thank you so much good to see you both


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