President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen discusses unanimous abortion pill case decision on Inside Politics

President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen discusses unanimous abortion pill case decision on Inside Politics

National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen appears on CNN’s Inside Politics to discuss today’s unanimous 9-0 decision by the Supreme Court in Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, a case determining whether or not the abortion pill mifepristone can remain widely available to the public.

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And for that I want to bring in CNN Senior Supreme Court analyst Joe B scoic And Jeff Rosen who's the president and CEO of the national Constitution Center Jeff you know given that this is a Procedural ruling can this come back to The court and could the decision be Different the next time Around well I suppose it's possible that If you found people who are concretely Injured by the change and making Abortion more accessible uh after after 2016 it might come back but this Particular challenge is going to be hard To bring back and the central ruling as As Janes said is to reject the idea of Doctor standing jce Kavanaugh said the Plaintiff's loose approach would allow Any doctor or healthc care provider to Challenge any FDA decision he had all These examples what if the EPA ruled Back admission standards could doctors Say they need to spend more time with Asthma patients basically they were Afraid of opening up the federal courts To any doctors who didn't like a Particular government policy and could Object to Sue it's really striking that This was unanimous uh but but it's also Does not tell us much about what could Happen to this regulation in the future Or to the other big abortion case that The Supreme Court is considering Involving whether or not Idaho can

Override a federal requirement that all Women are treated in emergency rooms and Ban abortions in all circumstances yeah In that Idaho case of course was not Ruled on today could be ruled on there's Another dises in dat tomorrow we'll see If it's then or later in the term Jeff And Joan thank you both uh so much

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