Pro-Palestinian mob storms airport looking for Jews

Pro-Palestinian mob storms airport looking for Jews

Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg (Ret.) joins ‘FOX & Friends’ ahead of the Saudi defense minister’s expected meeting with White House officials and weighs in on the rise of anti-Israel demonstrations around the world. #FoxNews

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Happening today defense secretary CH Defense minister khed bin somman Expected to visit the White House today Right after Riad condemned Israel's move To expand ground operations in Gaza but Former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner just came back from Saudi Arabia And he says the Saudi people want to see The end of Hamas uh one of the ironies is that as a American Jew you're safer in Saudi Arabia right now than you are on a College campus the people of Saudi Arabia have a lot of care for the Palestinian civilians and so they'd like To see um you know Israel accomplish the Mission to um to uh to to make sure that The Hamas could be eliminated they're Against terrorism yep joining us now to Discuss and expand on this is co-chair Of American first policy Institute Center for American Security Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg uh General how Significant is this meeting today with The Saudi defense minister and our White House hey Brian thanks for having well It is very significant and the reason Why it's so significant right now is Remember when President Biden came in he Called the Saudi Arabians it was a Pariah state so his relationship with MBS Muhammad bin Solomon who is the Crown Prince and he's the designated s You hair to the the King Solomon they've

Got to get those relations back together And they're not really good right now And they're going to be key because What's happened is they tried to Normalize relations they the Israelis Between they and Saudi Arabia but the Saudis are backing away from us a bit Look what that deal they just had with Iran where they kind of come with a a Peace agreement that was brokered by the Chinese not by the United States so it's Very very important that the president When he talks to the defense minister of Saudi Arabia he gets his message across That you know we're with you Saudi Arabia we need you to stay in in line With with uh Israel and come together on This negotiation having some type of a Peace agreement you know you had Jared Kusher on a minute ago we were very very Close with the Abraham Accords with Bringing the Saudis on board uh and Supporting the Abraham Accords and we Think that if we had a second term I Think we would would have been there Right at the very top because that's Where Jared was right at the end of the Administration so are they key Absolutely and they're key to they kind Of hold the rest of the the mides Together and we need to really support Them and they need to support us Especially the way it looks right now With us pushing back on Iran right and

By the way it's not dead yet uh expanded Talks because is Iran contacted Saudis Right away after the attacks on October 7th but it was a lukewarm conversation There no real big readout because the Saudis recognize that Iran's the problem But let's see where this goes maybe They're going to wait for another Administration I want to bring you to What happened in Russia in one of their Provinces this prop Palestinian rioter Seem to go got word through telegram That there was going to be a uh Tel Israeli Jews were coming uh back in to Russia and they stormed the gates this Is them going through the Terminal and this is where this is the Security was there and they're going After women and children who are Jewish This is just the latest example of riots Breaking out around the world against The Israelis against the Jews lieutenant General what is this the 1930s yeah yeah Brian you know this is a Messaging issue right now and the President of the United States need Needs to get right in front of it and he Needs to be very vocal about it you see It here in the United States you saw What happened at Grand Central Station In New York City you're seeing it on Campuses look there is an issue of moral Certitude here when the when the Israelis say and we said in 1945 never

Again we need to mean that and the President needs to be the chief Spokesman by telling everybody this is Wrong this is not a Palestinian issue This is a Hamas issue this is a Terrorism issue and we need to separate The two and people need to understand This is unacceptable and not just Behavior but but for the globe the Global effort as well everybody needs to Come on board this is wrong and he needs To use the moral servitude issue as the Punch as the punch line to to basically Push back on it all where do where does This come from where this organization Pop up you mentioned too they have T-shirts they've got pre-fabricated Posters they're getting together at Grand Central Station blocking the Brooklyn Bridge taking over Columbia Cornell where's this coming from T Lane yeah you know Brian I you know You'd like to pin it on one person or One thing I think there's a general Attitude out there that people just Protest anything and this is wrong and That's the reason why I think the Strategic messaging is so critical where The president needs to stand up and say This is wrong this is a moral certitude Issue we said in 1945 never again we're Back to never again even Benjamin not Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel Said the same thing when to our never

Again issue and and we're also saying This is an existential threat to Israel He's right all right we'll get into the Actual fight uh later in the week Lieutenant lieuten Keith Kellogg thank You

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