Rand Paul: Somebody is asleep at the switch

Rand Paul: Somebody is asleep at the switch

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the discovery of Chinese ‘spy’ police stations in the U.S. and the broader concern surrounding Beijing’s espionage efforts. #FoxNews

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All right uh on this Wednesday morning China reportedly may have as many as six More illegal police stations operating Across the country in the name of China In the United States it all comes as Leaked documents reveal the Chinese Military could soon deploy a supersonic Spy drone unit to get an edge as Tensions grow with Taiwan Republican Senators from the great state of Kentucky Rand Paul joins us right now From Capitol Hill good morning to you Senator good morning thanks for having Me that's a this Picture How did China put a bunch of Um undercover police stations under our Nose here in the United States Yeah and I think That's the same response everybody has You see this online and people scratch Their head and say oh my goodness Chinese police station in our country so It is sort of something we need to get To the bottom of obviously something we Can't tolerate but the interesting thing Is in doing it I think we also show how We're different than their than their Country there still is a presumption of Innocence some of these people are Chinese uh American uh U.S citizens and So they will get a court trial they will Get a lawyer and they will have a real Uh administration of justice not just an

Edict from government but if true Obviously these police stations if That's what they are should be closed Down yeah no kidding there was a story The original story I think I read in the New York Post a couple of days ago said That these people at this New York site In particular were cracking down on Chinese dissidents uh bad mouth in China From the United States obviously a knock On the door hey lay off of that yeah and I think we will get to the bottom of This several other countries have Discovered these as well uh in fact the Several Chinese police departments were Bragging that they had these ancillary Stations around the world but I think Several countries in Europe have closed These down too so I think it's good that We're on top of this but it's also good That people remember particularly as We're often angry with China that we Don't become China in the process that We have the presumption of innocence in Our country and they will get a real Trial with the jury and that we won't Give them summary judgment as they do in Authoritarian countries absolutely of Course here in the United States we try To be transparent unlike China when it Comes to the origins of covet I know Yesterday uh you you were talking to the Secretary of uh Department of Homeland Security about the origin of covet you

Didn't get very far but we wanted to Play a little of it yesterday today Watch this We complain about the Chinese not giving Us stuff what I would like today is the Assurance that you're going to give us Any information we ask related to the Origins of covid we defer to other Departments and agencies whose remit is To investigate the origins of covet 19. Somebody's asleep at the switch whether It's you or somebody else in government Got a big government we got all these Different Intel agencies we've got who's Who's watching to my knowledge DHS has not done Does not have ongoing work and has no Future plan to do work on assessing the Dangers uh that may be associated with Gain of function research Ultimately a senator you know starting Back with Anthony fauci uh he said it Was not a lab leak because the United States funded the lab in part and so are We responsible for the death of what six Million people around the world fauci Says no because we had nothing to do With that yeah I think falchi deserves Culpability and history is going to Judge him very poorly because he made The judgment to fund This research it's Dangerous research he doesn't want to Call it gain a function but most other Scientists do call it gain a function in

Wuhan in an opaque totalitarian country And in the end there was a leak from the Lab and millions of people died Worldwide and this didn't happen sort of Accidentally the leak may have been Accident but the funding wasn't Accidental Tony fauci actually went Around the system we had set up a system Where there's a committee they're Supposed to go before a committee to Judge whether this was dangerous and Whether it should be funded Tony fauci Exempted Wuhan from the committee they Never ever went before the committee and This is extraordinary the committee That Was supposed to provide safety and Review this never looked at the research In Wuhan because Tony fauci gave them Exception so the thing is yes he does Bear responsibility for maybe one of the Worst judgment errors in the history of Modern medicine or modern Public Health To fund this dangerous research Well we don't know what we don't know But it would be nice if people were just A little more transparent across the Board absolutely Senator thank you very Much for joining us today thank you all Right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade And I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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