Reject Pride, Embrace Fidelity

Reject Pride, Embrace Fidelity

There is no virtue in the LGBT+ Pride agenda. It’s empty, selfish, and destructive. Let’s return to fidelity instead.

Have you noticed that the same people Who spent weeks chastising an NFL kicker For praising his wife during a Commencement speech have no problem Forcing the entire country to celebrate Kids who want to cut off their genitals It's June which means schools pro sports Leagues corporations government agencies And media Outlets are all signaling Their allegiance to the virtue of Lgbtqia plus Pride the clerics of Pride Reject God's design for Humanity and Insist that their definitions of man Woman and marriage should be treated With reverence the problem is that the Pride agenda of sterilizing children and Banishing parents to the margins of Their children's lives is tearing Families apart and if left unchecked it Will literally lead to the extinction of Humans instead of promoting Pride that Is empty selfish and destructive let's Instead return to Fidelity recommitting Ourselves to God our families our Communities and our country

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