Rep. Scalise SLAMS The Biden Admin For Their Climate Hypocrisy

Rep. Scalise SLAMS The Biden Admin For Their Climate Hypocrisy

Comments made on 4/24/23

This is what confuses me so so you have John Kerry out there saying listen the Cost of Renewables is going down so we Need to kneecap uh uh natural gas and Coal if that was the case Steve wouldn't You think you'll just let the market Play out and the consumer is going to Buy the cheaper energy source Yeah Sean they don't believe in the Markets and frankly they don't care that It's the middle class and low-income Families that are getting kneecapped and And think about this he's saying that The cost is coming down some with wind And solar that's with hundreds of Billions of dollars in taxpayer Subsidies and oil and natural gas and Especially natural gas for electricity Has actually allowed Us in America to Bring down carbon emissions why would he Want to go and kneecap the very source Of energy that's allowing America to Lead the world in lower emissions when All the countries that he gets on his Private jet and flies around the globe Emitting all kind of carbon going to in Europe they're not meeting the Paris Accord agreements and so you would want To be emulating what America does Because we do it cleaner than anywhere In the world instead they want to wreck America's economy with these illegal Regulations that are going to get thrown Out in the courts but it's crushing

Middle class families and it shows the Elitism they're so out of touch with the Real world they are rushing middle class Families with higher costs and it's not Going to achieve look China isn't Abiding by any of this China is the World's polluter and they're letting China off the hook

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