Rep. Steve Scalise: Biden is MIA on the border crisis

Rep. Steve Scalise: Biden is MIA on the border crisis

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., discusses how the Biden administration has not been competently handling the border crisis on ‘Hannity.’

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All three of you in light of what we've Been talking about and in light of what Director Ray said and I I I think it's Really really important that we we go to What also was said by secretary mayorcas Yesterday he was asked a very simple Question this question was asked by Senator Johnson of Wisconsin uh about How many people have come into this Country illegally watch this Tape your Chair let me see I need numbers I again Don't feel me how many people has this Administration led into the country let Me say at the outset that U our job Would be a lot easier if the broken Immigration system was Mr secretary I Want a number how many people have you Led into this country I I should Also I'll give you the number it's about Six million about 1.7 million as known Goda alwayss now again we don't know who These people Are we just know that they've come to This country and they're residing Somewhere Are we asking too much to you're the Secretary of Homeland Security the Director of the FBI is saying we have Terror threats that are increasing and They don't know how many people they've Allowed into the country can you explain That Sean this is alarming and in fact If you go under President Obama Jay

Johnson when he was Homeland Security Secretary said a thousand people coming Across was too many we've got millions That have come across they can't tell You how many are on the terrorist watch List some of the countries you talked About uh places from foreign adversaries At a time as you see when terror is Getting on the rise this is a major Concern that's why we passed hr2 the Strongest border security package this Group here came together passed a strong Border security package to fix this Problem Joe Biden doesn't want to talk About it but look this isn't a Republican or Democrat issues Democrat Mayors around the country recognize this Is a major problem they're calling on President Biden to fix this as well I Think the country has come a long way to Recogn izing this is one of the top Issues major threat to our national Security Joe Biden's the only one Mia on This hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere Else

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