‘Ridiculous’: Retired Marine slams Biden admin’s Afghanistan report

'Ridiculous': Retired Marine slams Biden admin's Afghanistan report

Retired Marine Corps Col. Chris Douglas criticizes the Biden administration’s ‘ridiculous’ claims about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. #FoxNews

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All right let's walk out this whole Afghanistan press conference we Witnessed yesterday you know the Biden House White House review of The Deadly Uh exit from Afghanistan which they say Was great he's laying almost all the Blame on former president Trump let's Take a look at the report and what President Biden said about the Withdrawal I mean first off one of the Claims and we're going to go over it in Detail no one predicted we can go back Uh go back again no one predicted during The trend no one predicted the collapse Of the Afghan Army uh august 19 2021. The reality the military and all Intel Officers said if you get down to a Certain Threshold when it comes to troops we're Gonna have trouble holding the country And there were some signs that they're Losing half the country already when They were still debating what they were Going to do in August the claim military Advisers did not urge urge him to keep 2500 troops in Afghanistan the reality Top general advice keeping several Thousand troops in Afghanistan holding On to Bob Graham Air Base because keep In mind you had seven thousand NATO Troops there so together they had enough To sustain the force and maybe give this War a chance for a soft Landing or a Transition and a government to hold

Itself after all technically they had Hundreds of thousands of troops between The police and between the military and Finally in the last uh in the last visit And the last wall visit we have this the Afghan fund they have money it's frozen Because the Taliban promise to do Certain things in order to unfreeze Those funds they've done almost none of It our people our allies and some Americans are still there so they have 3.5 million Frozen Afghan assets and Guess what they're going to start using Them they're going to start getting hold Of some of those funds let's expand on What we learned with uh now retired Lieutenant colonel CJ Douglas great to See you Colonel good to see you what Role did you have in the after action Report of the Afghanistan operation so Brian I was part of the Central Command Ar-15-6 investigation that looked into The actions before during and after the Attack at Abby gate where were you During the exit during the exit for part Of the time I was in Tampa down at Marine Central Command and then for the Remainder of it I was in Qatar assisting With the evacuation would you say when You when you see when you see cutter When you see cutter that's where you Were yes uh was that chaotic it was Chaotic and I mean you have to remember That they received that that K that that

Iconic picture of the uh plane filled With Afghans which is about 800 that That landed in in Qatar and so uh and And those people all got processed Through there and it was uh it was Chaotic there were people you had to Scrape human remains off the wheel wells When those planes landed right I did not But uh service members did when Austin And blinken showed up to see the Operations in uh Qatar they saw hangers They were organized they chose not to go To the place there was total chaos so I Can say in their defense in this they Were steered towards hangers that were Prepared for their view what they were Unaware of was the the absolute chaos That was created by putting all the Personnel that were in the hangars that They saw into other hangers and that Created additional chaos so here's what John got a little bit about John Kirby Said yesterday let's listen And so for all this talk of chaos I just Didn't see it not from my perch at one Point during the evacuation there was an Aircraft taking off full of people Americans and Afghans alike every 48 Minutes and not one single mission was Missed so I'm sorry I just won't buy the Whole argument of chaos it was tough in The first few hours you would expect it To be there was nobody at the airport Certainly no Americans it took time to

Get in there Do you agree I disagree completely and And I can say that um you know while I've got great respect for uh for Mr Kirby um he came in late during the The Briefing that we gave the Secretary of Defense so maybe he missed some of the Images and videos that we showed the Sectef Um you know post uh return from cutter So you say as of late of May of 2021 the Assessment was still that Kabul would Probably not come not come under serious Pressure until late 2021 that's the uh That's the claim what do you say about That I I say that's ridiculous because I mean Anybody who is watching the news uh saw The increase of uh Taliban encirclement Of the provincial capitals and District Centers throughout Afghanistan and Ultimately tightening the Noose around Kabul and to to the point that you know It didn't take a student of military History to see what the what they were Getting ready to execute the decision to Notify Coalition partners that were Preparing for a for the Neo ended up Being a tremendous mistake and resulted In a chaotic evacuation what do you mean By that The uh After the entire south of Afghanistan Have fallen to the Taliban to declare

The Neo on August 14th either started Months earlier when we still control The Institute of Sergeant months earlier Right and so it should have started much Earlier I mean you know let's be honest I mean if it was hey we're going to Withdraw you know the president himself Had made this uh reflection upon Iraq Saying it would take a year to get all The personnel and Equipment out it would Take seven months if we left everything And our grandchildren would ultimately Pay the price for those weapons was the President and the first lady calling in To Cabo airport uh uh High uh uh Hamid Karzai airport demanding certain VIPs Get in from our interviews what we found Was the senior leadership all the way Down to the lower levels we're receiving Calls from the president the first lady The administration Um General officers flag officers and Elected officials was the state Department drinking the night before They were leaving having a party an exit Party uh in the embassy as a real result Of the investigation what we learned was Personnel saying it physically took Service members U.S service members to Go door to door to pull Personnel from The embassy out of their rooms at the Time of the evacuation was called was Their plan left for president uh for President Biden I mean let's let's be

Honest you know the as far as DOD is Concerned they were working a plan Um but when you know the uh and that's Well before the 14th of August I mean But I mean whether or not there was a Plan that you know I think you've said It before I mean ultimately the decision To leave and to follow the Trump Established timeline rest solely on the Administration I mean we've seen that He's uh you know he had the ability as The president he the original plan was To leave one may they moved it to September 11th it was backed up to the Uh the first of September and ultimately The 31st U.S forces were out so to say That uh you know that there was no plan DOD Personnel Central Command Personnel We're rapidly planning to coordinate and Execute an evacuation Um this is out it's outrageous which is It's outrageous it is an inaccurate Inaccurate all right Colonel I'll talk To you later on radio about it and we Have General Jack King coming up in a Half hour they can't get away with this I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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