‘RISKY’ BUSINESS: Biden accused of ignoring one of the ‘greatest crises’

'RISKY' BUSINESS: Biden accused of ignoring one of the 'greatest crises'

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R., joined ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ to discuss Republicans’ proposal and why Biden’s action is ‘risky’ as the battle over government spending continues. #FoxNews

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[Music] And we begin this Sunday morning with This upcoming week's debt ceiling Negotiations the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans Unveiling a plan to raise the debt Ceiling while cutting spending with Hopes of getting a vote by this upcoming Thursday or Friday in the house right Now the national debt is at 31.7 Trillion dollars with interest alone on That debt of more than half a trillion Under this proposal from House Republicans the national debt ceiling Would be raised by 1.5 trillion dollars While spending levels would be rolled Back to 2022 levels the bill would also Impose a one percent cap on future Spending clawback unused covid-19 money Cancel IRS funding for new staff and Repeal green tax credits from the Inflation reduction act President Biden Did not have a serious response to the Plan instead he attacked what he called Mega Republicans saying that any Spending cuts attached to the increase In the debt ceiling is a non-starter Folks this is really dangerous Mega Republican Congress are threatening to Default on the national debt the debt That took 230 years to accumulate Overall overall Unless we do what they say they say They're going to default unless I agree

To all these wacko Notions they have The fault Would be worse than totally Irresponsible Joining me right now in this Sunday Morning Futures exclusive is the house Speaker California Congressman Kevin McCarthy Mr Speaker it's great to have You this morning welcome well thank you For having me back on the show Maria Well you heard the president he called You Mega Republican extremism he said These ideas are wacko did you threaten To allow the nation to default no we're The only ones in Washington that are Actually putting a responsible plan out That will raise the debt limit think About for more than 80 days it's been Since I sat down with the president on February 1st to negotiate to work Through this and he's ignored it but I'm Beginning to wonder about his thoughts Think about what he's saying when we say Limit save and grow when we limit the Future spending of Congress that's an Idea by Senator manchin to go at one Percent we're saying to save people's Money to go back what we are spending Just four months ago what we're also Saying is claw back that covid money That was appropriate but sat there for Two years and wasn't used he actually Signed the law that says the pandemic's Over then when we talk about work

Requirements Senator Biden voted for him And just a couple weeks ago when the Democrats had a very large victory in Wisconsin they won the state supreme Court they passed work requirements on Welfare by 82 percent so does he Consider his own party Wacko and Maga as Well I'm beginning to wonder about the Words that he says and the thoughts that He's using because the idea that he Won't even negotiate for more than 80 Days he is now putting the country in Default we're the only ones being Responsible and sensible about this do You feel that you have the votes here's What Larry Lindsay writes from the Lindsay Group Biden does have some Unlikely allies a handful of House Republicans are withholding support from The McCarthy plan McCarthy has only a Five-seat majority so you need almost Every vote do you have the votes to pass This in the house this upcoming week we Do have a very small majority only five Seats one of the smallest we've ever Ever had but I cannot imagine someone in Our conference that would want to go Along with Biden's Reckless spending This is responsible this is something That we have sat down for months that Everybody's had input in it's not it's Not where everybody gets 100 of what They want but when we send this to the Senate we're showing that yes we're able

To raise the debt ceiling into the next Year but what we're doing is we're being Responsible fiscally and bringing our House back in order it doesn't solve all Of our problems but it gets us on the Right path and this gets us to the Negotiating table just as government and America expects us to do so do you feel That you can hold a vote this upcoming Week what are your plans we will hold a Vote this week and we will pass in we Will send it to the Senate and for more Than 80 days where the president has Ignored us called people names for Things that he even voted for himself Makes no sense or logic to it I think as President and the leader of the Free World this is one of the problems we Have challenges around this country Country around the world he needs to Show leadership and come to the Negotiating table instead of put us in Default this is risky what he's doing He's threatening the markets think of His ideas in the next month if you Actually have good credit you pay more If you have bad credit you get a Discount who believes in these type of Ideas this goes against everything what America was created upon that if you Work hard you can succeed and that's the Difference come to the table negotiate And do what is right yeah you mentioned That housing proposal isn't that the way

We got into the worst housing crisis That anyone has ever seen back in 2007. Maria mark my words when we look to the Future and there's a new housing crisis And there's a new default it is his Actions but it goes to something much Deeper it's a socialist belief that you Reward bad behavior so what does it tell The American public first of all there's No consequences for Crime anymore Secondly you know what don't pay your Bills because you get rewarded third Don't pay back your student loans even Though you signed the paper and you said You would do it because you wanted an Education somebody else will pay that For you it takes away the work ethic in America and for the idea for the President to think that's a wacko idea No that's an idea that built this Country and made us stronger yeah it's a Great point and to be fair you have many Democrats actually encouraging the President to sit down with you and and Negotiate the strongest criticism came From Joe manchin of West Virginia who Said while it is reasonable to sincerely Disagree with any specific debt ceiling Approach we will achieve a historic Default if President Biden continues to Refuse even to negotiate so you just to Be clear you have not heard a response From this President uh based on after Your plan no we're the only one that has

A plan out there you know what's Interesting it's only human nature when You want to avoid somebody to talk about Something you're afraid you're not just Afraid but you know you've done Something wrong this is a present that Has ignored one of the greatest crisis We have before us our fiscal problem Every Nation every great nation has Collapsed when they've overextended Themselves in the next 10 years we will Now spend ten and a half trillion Dollars just on interest from 1940 and Today we've only spent nine trillion That means 17 and a half percent of Everything the taxpayer goes in is just Going to pay interest on the debt he Weakens us makes us more dependent on China his overspending he wants to spend More money than we spent during covet he Added six trillion dollars that's where Inflation was created so he's creating Inflation making us dependent upon China And then he's jeopardizing Medicare and Social Security security because For the First time in a 10-year window not just A highway trust fund but Medicare and Social Security becomes insolvent so it Automatically gets cut this rests upon His feet not because he made a bad Decision the real decision is he's Afraid to even negotiate yeah I can't Believe that the leader of the Free World and to choose the words if it

Makes me begin to wonder about what his Thoughts are what do you mean I mean who Would go out and think an idea is wacko It's something that he actually Supported or Mansion says limit Government of one percent growth every Household a debt ceiling is like giving Your child a credit card and you hit the Limit would you automatically just raise The limit or would you first look at how They spent their money we're raising the Limit responsibly but we're looking at Our fiscal house and curving the waste Limiting the growth in the future saving Us a taxpayer money but also growing the Economy by making us energy independent And getting a cutting red tape so we can Build things in America we could build Those roads but how realistic is it to Have a a one percent cap for the next 10 Years using fiscal year 2022 spending Baseline for 10 years only a one percent Nominal increase every year I mean it Sounds like a good concept but for 10 Years and the other issue I want to ask You about is is is raising the debt Ceiling only until next march do you Really want to go through this whole Process again next March during an Election year or are those two ideas Negotiating chips on your part Ability to negotiate if the president Wants to sit at a table and find a way That we can take the debt ceiling

Further and make other savings I'm open To that this isn't predetermined what Has to happen but right now the Republicans are the only responsible Ones who are looking at the future of What the debt ceiling looking at our Fiscal house and getting that in order In 2011 we had a spending cap put in and It saved us trillions of dollars do you Know when Republicans were in power for Those eight years do you know how much Discretionary spending went up not one Dollar we went down 10 billion and we Grew you know what happens here is we Have more money coming in to government Than at any time in history 20 percent Of our GDP when the 50-year average is 17. our problem is when the Democrats Took over the increased spending and Brought US inflation they are spending At more than 23 percent of GDP and the 50-year average is 21. he's taking us to 25. that is a sign that we saw in Venezuela and he's leading the same way Wow so you're going to have this vote This week and you're expecting to pass It you're also doing a congressional Review act uh with regards to China and The president's plans to uh get solar Panels into America tell me about that What is the problem with the president's Plan on solar panels because it feels to Many of us that this climate change Agenda is sending all of the business to

China batteries solar plans they're all Made in China so we're become more Reliant on communist China Maria you Understand this China debate better than Anyone when we took the majority we Created a select committee on China Because I'm very concerned about our Future what the president has done it's Not just about solar panels it's Anything to do with China the dependency That he continues to push us especially In the energy field but right now he Just expanded the amount of money that Government will subsidize for new Renewable energy but these solar panels Are made in China we block the ability For the come so now China is sending to Other countries you know what the President did he lifted it and now Allows China to send it to other Countries dump on the market will go After American businesses and you know Who what's economy is going to get Stimulated China by using American Taxpayers that is what's wrong that's Why we have to be at the negotiating Table and that's why we have to change That and Brooke Goldman Sachs just came Out and said their plan that they put Forth is going to cost us three times as Much so the Chinese economy is going to Grow three times as much as they planned Before because it's you the American Taxpayer paying for it and subsidizing

It because as president president Allowed it we're going to repeal that Real quick on Russia and China and their Influence over Africa we are reporting All morning this morning about Sudan and The violence there your thoughts and What should the U.S do the embassy staff Has been evacuated from war-torn Sudan First I've got to thank the military for Their work to get the people out safely But this is this is a chaotic area and Has been but but it goes to a much Broader question we have fewer allies Today than when the president took Office Saudi Arabia no longer looks at America To be number one we've got something in The world that we haven't had since the 1930s an axis of power of China North Korea Russia and Iran we've now got our Own allies the only country this President Biden has had a state dinner For was Franz macron who recently came Back from China saying they need to Become less dependent upon America we've Got China going after the U.S dollar Using our own allies to saying they'll Start trading in Nuance as well that Stems from a weak leadership in our White House he says nothing he allows a Balloon to come over he has weak Policies that brings US inflation and Then he ignores the ability to even sit Down and negotiate he he pulled us out

Of Afghanistan without listening to our Ally without listening to our military We're finding it in our hearings alone That has weakened America in The Stance And we've watched it time and again you Know secretary Gates was right when he Said long before this president took Office every foreign policy this Decision this president has made for the Last 40 years has been wrong and he's Proving it but he's making us weaker and We can't sustain that much longer well Congressman look after you pass this Bill it goes to the Senate what are your Expectations for the Senate and and your Approval ratings are up uh certainly Among Republicans and and both sides Congrats on that on keeping these Promises in terms of foreign policy I Know you're headed to Israel at the end Of the week as well but real quick your Expectations for the Senate on this debt Deal well the Senate has to do to Something because under Senator Schumer The only things I've watched him do is Name March the main maple syrup and Thank UConn for winning a basketball Tournament they haven't proposed Anything they can't they don't even have Their Senators showing up for work I Mean the Senate has done nothing so You'll see the House Republicans are the Only ones who are being responsible we Sat together we asked to meet with the

President starting February 1st he Ignored us we will take action to make Us fiscally stronger less dependent on China curve the inflation the Democrats Brought but also put us on a path where We'll grow this economy even stronger Make us energy independent be able to Get cut the red tape so we can build Things in America all right we will we Will leave it there and continue to Watch your work on all of this uh Speaker McCarthy thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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