Ron DeSantis hits at Trump for failing to attend debates: ‘He owes it to show up’

Ron DeSantis hits at Trump for failing to attend debates: 'He owes it to show up'

Republican presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis calls out his opponents for their stance on gender identity policies and shares his takeaways from the latest GOP debate. #FoxNews

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So Governor to your point this is an Important issue for parents what is the Red line as it relates to the state and Kids what what is the rights of parents And what is the right of of of of the State and a disan as Administration you Don't have a right to abuse your kids That's been the law for forever um you Know you can't take a 12-year-old and Get them a tattoo it's just you got to Be a certain age but yet somehow you can Chop off their private parts give me a Break and you know what Nikki said in There it shows you first of all she was Talking about a different Bill our Parents rights and education no which Had nothing to do with this so she was Uh she was dissembling because she knows She's not good she called it the don't Say gay bill that's what the Liberals Tried to call it that is a false Narrative that's what the corporate Media does and it shows she buys into These left-wing narratives the fact that She used that term for that bill which Had nothing to do with the mutilation But they believe that somehow this is a Parent right uh even though it's Irreversible and it's very damaging and Many other countries said we can't do it There's been on some policy thing There's been an escalation between you And Nikki Haley is it because she's Surging in the race that now you have

Turned your attention toward her versus Donald Trump well first of all I take on All comers you know she they're spending Millions of dollars trying to attack me So of course we're going to fight back Uh The Surge is more of a media uh uh Thing you're not seeing it on the ground With conservative voters in fact Conservative voters don't support her I Mean that's just the reality uh but People are responsible for their record Uh she runs saying she's so tough on China she was the number one governor in South Carolina when she was there of Bringing China into her State we posted The letter on our website where she was Saying how great they were to the Ambassador and then the video of her in Front of a Chinese flag at this Chinese Company in South Carolina where she says That she works for them now um as Governor and so that's just the reality Now she's singing a different tune but Notice she was really uh bragging about These liberal Wall Street donors who are Now supporting these are people that Supported Hillary Clinton these are People that have opposed Donald Trump in The past they will not allow strong Policy going to be here later in the Hour I'm going to ask her about that I'm Going to send it to Steve Angley and Brian yeah Governor thanks for joining Us I want to talk about the

Anti-Semitism we see that on some of These University campuses and last night You said that Joe Biden was not doing Enough to hold Iran accountable which is Really the backbone for Hezbollah and For Hamas what would you do Differently well he has given them Massive sanctions relief I would get rid Of all the sanctions relief I would turn The screws on them financially so that They're not able to send money across The Middle East and and Biden refuses to Do that on the universities I'd send the Justice department in for civil rights Investigations against these people I Mean you have pen uh where if you say That there should be genocide of the Jews they just shrug their shoulder yet They have fired people on their staff For simply opposing affirmative action So you see what's happening there's a Sickness in our universities there's a Lot of rod in our universities Incidentally I'm the only Republican That's ever done anything about it in Florida uh we're going after this Sickness people are talking about how Some of these very leftwing professors Are leaving Florida because University Should not be about imposing an Ideological agenda we need to get back To it being about pursuing truth and Preparing students to be citizens of This

Repu so Governor congratulations last Night Calvin coolage was trending when When the question was what president do You look for uh look toward for Inspiration uh you know we heard Ronald Reagan we heard Lake Lincoln we heard George Washington Thomas Jefferson and You cited Calvin kulage who left office Uh a couple of months before the Great Depression started it seems like it a Curious Choice can you explain why Calvin kulage was so important to Ronda Santz well you know they they had Already mention Lincoln Reagan and Washington who are obviously three top Ones I would draw inspiration from but You know Calvin kulage uh was probably The most constitutionally sound President we've had in the last 100 Years uh when he was president the Country did very well he was right on Almost every issue that he tackled he Had a very successful presidency um you Know and he's kind of you know he wasn't His flash year or whatever but uh he got The job done and he understood that and There's the story famous story cuz he Was known as silent cow uh there was a Woman that went up to him she said Mr President I I have a bet that I could Get you to say more than two words he Looked at her dead panned and said you Lose Governor great uh last night about Donald Trump uh you and christe clashed

On whether he can do the job I know you Wouldn't be running if you didn't think You could be better but do you think That he could do the job if he got the Nomination and got back to the White House so chrisy he was he was trying to Go into much different direction you Know we have pointed out that Donald Trump has lost some zip on his fast ball That father times undefeated that he'd Be the oldest president ever elected if He could get elected that's different Than trying to say somebody's uh not Mentally competent to to say stand trial Or to be to be involved in life and That's what Chris was trying to say That's never what I've said I just think Ideally we want somebody uh that's in The prime that can serve two full terms Which I could do uh and that is going to Be uh working at 100% full of energy uh Very energetic so so that's what we'll Do uh but the reality is uh you know He's not been willing to Campaign hard He's not been willing to go to debates I Think he owes it to show up debates you Know he did a town hall I saw the other Night but didn't take any questions from The audience it was just basically an Interview so you know we go to all these Places we're taking questions from Iowans for people in New Hampshire South Carolina I think that's what you got to Do I think you got to prove prove your

Medal I think you got to show people why You're the best choice sure Governor is Iowa a must win for you well we're going To win Iowa I mean I what's happening on The ground there is incredible it Totally defies what the DC media is Trying to do but at the end of the day What you have to do is win a majority of The delegates and so there have been People that have won Iowa that is not Necessarily mean they want and vice Versa that's happened so uh it's a long Slog and you got to be able to Accumulate those delegates Governor Ronda s Folks I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme And I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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