Ron Johnson: This is ‘not getting the attention it deserves’ in the Hunter case

Ron Johnson: This is ‘not getting the attention it deserves’ in the Hunter case

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., says the intelligence community’s alleged obstruction of the Senate’s investigation into Hunter Biden is ‘massive corruption’ and ‘coordination.’ #foxnews

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[Music] Welcome back house Judiciary Committee Chairman Congressman Jim Jordan is Demanding answers this morning as to why The intelligence Community allegedly Obstructed Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson's investigation into Hunter Biden's overseas business deals in 2020 By labeling their work Russian Disinformation in a letter sent to the Director of National Intelligence AAL Haynes Jordan is seeking information on Why intelligence officials were quick to Debunk the investigation joining me Right now with reaction this Sunday Morning Futures exclusive is Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Senator thanks very Much for being here this Morning morning Ria I am looking at a Letter that your colleague uh Senator Chuck Grassley sent uh to Merck Garland And Christopher Ray asking the same Questions he requested information about The FBI and doj uh and uh the legally Protected whistleblower disclosures that Informed his office of political bias What happened Well first of all this this letter this Whistleblower that came to sener grass's Office is not getting the intention it Deserves basically what it reveals is There were 40 confidential human sources That the FBI had that had derogatory Information on the Bens and basically

The FBI shut them all down they had a The foreign influence task force uh my Staff calls at the the unit that was There to catch and kill derogatory Information they'd find out where an FBI Office had this they would swoop in There and then they'd label it Russian Disinformation uh so you know this is a Massive massive scandal from my Standpoint and as serious as the Corruption of the Biden crime family is As as appreciative I am of chairman Jordan and comr in terms of their Ongoing investigation fing the piece of The puzzle uh I think what's an even Greater Scandal is the corruption within Federal law enforcement the Department Of Justice our Intel Community this Needs to be fully exposed and right now It's being pretty well hidden I I asked Christopher Ray whether he had read I Just assumed you you obviously have seen And read the letter that chairman Grassley sent you and he said well I'm Generally aware of it and I said oh you Ought to read that thing I mean that's Just how oblivious he is to what's Happening uh at least he appears to be Oblivious to what's happening uh Underneath him in the FBI well that's The question is it oblivious or is it Actually intentional I mean what's going On with these agencies if you can see Crime as pure as day why aren't we

Seeing anything done about it also What's amazing to me is these emails That were uncovered Biden had emails 82,000 pages of emails with different Names under a pudm different he he he Was doing a different name and Hunter Biden was on those Emails of course the other Scandal here Is the corrupt and complicit media that Covers up everything you know as it Relates to Corruption of Democrats and The bidens and so if if you really trace This back you know you back go back to The exoneration of Hillary Clinton you See the corruption of the crossfire Hurricane exam uh investigation you see The coordination of the first Trump Impeachment where you had whistleblowers Working with Adam Schiff you file that Through to the obstruction of our Investigation in Hunter Biden by the FBI By the intelligence Community you take a Look at the intelligence Community Writing that letter with 51 former Members saying that the laptop was Russian information operation again this Is massive corruption this is massive Coordination we had Democrat Senators Who were obstructing uh our Investigation claiming that Senator Grassley and I were sisting and Disseminating Russian disinformation This didn't just happen this had to be Coordinated this needs to be fully

Investigated we we need something like a Church commission to get to the bottom Of this but again the media is not going To look into this if we had an unbiased Media you wouldn't have this corruption In federal agencies but we have a highly Partisan media and it's going to be a Real problem getting to the bottom of All this and why do you think that is Why is the media so far unwilling to Look under all of this Evidence because most journalists Graduated from colleges and universities That were taken over by the radical left Uh so we don't graduate journalists by And large anymore we graduate advocates For the left it's an enormous problem in This country you know I was listening to Your interview with the uh chairman comr And you know he used the same word I'm Using this has been obvious it's obvious Of the corruption of of the the Biden Family for example uh the $40,000 Supposed loan uh all you have to do if You're if you're the FBI and you have Their investigatory power uh you just You you subpoena those bank records you Get in there you find them quickly you Find out okay did James bid or did Joe Biden make a loan to James Biden to have It repaid this is not rocket science This is very easy I'm an accountant it's Easy to trace these transactions now Hunter bid made it more difficult with

This Labyrinth of companies set up for Moneyer in which again is one of the Things that's obvious about how corrupt The Biden family is but if the FBI would Have been doing this investigation with Integrity if David Weiss would have been We turned over hundreds of pages of bank Records what did they do with them the The the the US attorney the former Attorney that bill bar set up to gather All this information he didn't even know About the hunterbiden laptop until it Was made public by public reports in October I mean this is massive Corruptions and some of the highest Levels of these law enforcement agencies But they are the law and they hold Themselves Above the Law and as a result They've insulated themselves from Congressional oversight and public Scrutiny this is a major major problem In this country well what about the Witness testimony and uh these reports Of uh intimidation to some of those Whistleblowers your thoughts on on what The whistleblowers are facing as they Try to expose the Truth yeah we have very strong laws Protecting whistleblowers they just Aren't used well uh so you you have These courageous people that come Forward and they do whistleblow and they They do describe corruption if they if They go public they get destroyed uh

Which is why the whistleblowers coming To our offices are remaining Confidential you know they're Anonymous Uh but again that doesn't have the same Impact so we need more whistleblowers Coming forward we will protect you if You want to remain anonymous but we Actually need people who have the Courage to identify themselves and start Telling the truth if we're ever going to Restore in credibility And integrity to these agencies we need People with Integrity in those agencies Coming forward we will do everything we Can to protect them but again the the The the reality situation is with all These laws in place protecting Whistleblowers they're they're not They're not perfect and and Whistleblowers who make themselves Public get destroyed by the media get Destroyed by the left wow Senator thank You very much for being here this Morning uh of real education Senator Ron Johnson joining us in Wisconsin I'm Steve duy I'm Brian K and I'm Angley Aart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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