Russia stoking fear after warships, nuclear sub arrive in Cuba

Russia stoking fear after warships, nuclear sub arrive in Cuba

Military analyst Rebecca Grant joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the priorities of the G7 summit in Savelletri, Italy, and growing concerns surrounding Russian aggression after a nuclear-powered submarine arrived near Cuba. #FoxNews

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Bring National Security military analyst And international relations expert Rebecca Grant Rebecca good morning to You so this is President Biden's fourth G7 Summit how much does this one matter And what are you going to be looking out For to take place Today this G7 meeting is actually pretty Important you know Carly at this point The G7 is a power center and the what's New here is this longterm commitment to Ukraine uh Biden and zalinsky will sign A 10-year deal now Congress will still Have to fund that but other G7 members Canada Britain Germany and host Italy Have already made a 10year pledge to Ukraine and that is a huge message to Russia and to their overlords in China That while Ukraine isn't joining NATO Europe and the G7 and NATO members are Behind Ukraine against Russia for as Long as takes and the financial asset Deal is backing that up let's get into a Little bit more detail on the Ukraine Deal as we look at French president Emanuel macron meeting with the Italian President what will the security Agreement with Ukraine do differently From what the American taxpayers have Already provided for over two years Now well it will be more of the same but There is a new component it's taken them A while but they figured out a clever Deal to take the two 260 billion of

Frozen Russian assets and use the Interest from those assets to service a New loan to Ukraine that goes for Ukraine's government operating expenses And to help their economy also a new Patriot missile battery and that's very Important is going but the real Point Here is the policy pledge that it is a Long-term pledge kind of you know even If Ukraine is under pressure on the Battlefield even if it's going to take a Couple of years here is the G7 saying we Will stand behind Ukraine the line stops Here Russia will not win as long as it Takes and backing up with these Bilateral security agreements which They're doing in place of a Ukraine NATO Membership which they're not ready to do Yet yeah one one little detail is that All of these world leaders are very Lucky to be going to the G7 hosted in One of the most beautiful regions of Italy they're going to the Borgo and AIA In the southern region of pulia it's a a Luxury hotel with a Michelin starred Restaurant so some delicious meals will Be shared together by all the leaders of The seven uh largest global economies uh On the other side of all of this beauty Is is a little bit of fear as what's Happening outside of this G7 Summit Because yesterday four Russian naval Vessels including a nuclear powered Submarine arrived in Cuba which is of

Course our backyard you have to wonder About the timing of this and what sort Of message Russia wants to send with That okay do not worry the Coast Guard Plus our US Navy is there and watching All that but you're right Russia is Sending a message the naval vessels in Cuba are part of it the Jen stoltenberg Head of NATO said uh members are worried About Russian spy activity in Europe That's a big concern in Britain as well And of course the nuclear threats so This is Putin acting out and even though Was a little offensive or New York harke Is stalled out he's trying to show that Russia is in it for the long fight so The G7 does have a lot to push back on Even in their luxurious setting and They're going to go after some of the Bigger issues Pope Francis coming to Talk about artificial intelligence so Very interesting meeting coming up Really interesting stuff Rebecca thank You let's I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kill Me and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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