Saudi Prince reacts to Hezbollah leader: ‘Axis of Resistance’ is a big lie

Saudi Prince reacts to Hezbollah leader: 'Axis of Resistance' is a big lie

IDF spokesman Maj. Doron Spielman reacts to Saudi Prince Abdulrahman bin Mosaad claiming the ‘Axis of Resistance’ is a big lie and discusses Israel’s assault on Gaza on ‘One Nation.’

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And now this news don't think the Arab World is still all aligned against Israel they are not case in point Saudi Prince bin massud in a major speech Just Hours ago saying this about Hassan mon Nella's remarks yesterday he runs Hezbollah saying this there is no doubt That the axis of resistance is a big lie That's what nasarella referred to Yesterday the 100,000 missiles and Massive weapons that Hezbollah has have Nothing to do with supporting the Palestinian cause the so-called axis of Resistance has been dealing with the Palestinian issue for years and is only A means of implementing Iran's agenda in The region no kidding I cannot believe Saudi Arabia is saying this out loud for The latest on that in Israel's assault On Gaza let's bring on major Duron Spielman he's the international Spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces uh nice to see you uh uh thanks For joining us your reaction to the Saudis Remarks thank you for having me I think That they are right on I think that that This is uh you know quite clear that What this is about is not peace it's not Providing peace for Palestinians for Gazans or Israelis there is no Discussion here of trying to come to Some type of agreement that is going to Further Humanity in any way what this is

About from Kamas is a cult of death it Is about death it is about destruction Like your previous speaker show when it Says from The River To The Sea this is Not about some type of Equitable Settlement this is only about destroying The Jewish people and the state of Israel and I think Saudi Arabia's Statement is uh directly on the money They're the ones who are seeing the Truth it's those masses of people you're Showing in these screens you know it Breaks my heart because these people may Not realizing it but they're playing Directly into hamas's hands major I Understand today just to talk about the Fight specifically uh hezb hits you guys With a few rockets and you had your Biggest border Skirmish in 17 years uh And what you point you also put Photographs of the locations of their Missile sites how serious is this Northern front getting for You look hisbah is a serious serious Threat you're talking you know if Hamas Is a bloody murderous regime that's Trying to destroy the state of Israel Hisbah is really the largest Terror Army In the entire world they've been around And financed by IR for years they've Killed hundreds of Americans including Before 911b had killed killed more Americans than any other group and so Any other terror group you're talking

About a fierce enemy we're taking it Very seriously and they're trying you Know on one hand to join Hamas and on The other hand they're trying to be Careful but when they threaten us we're Hitting them back hard they have to Understand any threat is going to be Responded to enormously by Israel we're Not going to allow any danger to our Population and at the same time we've Said to the people of Lebanon which is Where hisbah is based Why would you want to put your future in The hands of hisbah who is rooting for Hamas which is essentially Isis and Actually some of the Lebanese from from Southern Lebanon are actually beginning To move out of the way because they Realize they don't want to be partnered With Isis but we're looking for an Answer a much larger answer and to push Hisbah to the point of which they know Not to enter into a for with Israel real Quick major and by the way anytime There's a civilian Casualty that is Something you are against when there's a Civilian casualty with Hamas that is Something they cheer they put babies in Ovens there's no equal proportion here And I'm just going to bring up one last Question uh I hear you're going to go to A major hosue hostage rescue mode that You've gotten a lot of intelligence and We should look for that in the next

Couple of days would you confirm or deny That I obviously cannot give away Operational details that would further Our enemies who are you know for them The hostages just like the res of Gaza Hamas looks at these people not as human Beings literally only as bargaining Chips you know we're looking basically At a play that they set in advance how Would they get away with murder was the Question they asked themselves and they Realized hostages and civilians in Gaza Are the only way that they can get away With murder we clearly are absolutely Committed to bringing those hostages Home we're also committed to trying as You said not to kill gods and civilians Right Hamas are an evil actor and They're trying to do both you've sent Thousands of millions of text messages To tell them where to go and how to get Out you've dropped Flyers to tell them Where to go and how to get out they put Their soldiers in uh ambulances and they Wonder why you hit the ambulances uh Major stay safe keep fighting and get This total complete Victory appreciate It thank you so much hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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