Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint in California

Secret Service agent robbed at gunpoint in California

Fox News’ Madeleine Rivera reports on crime in California after a Secret Service agent was robbed at gunpoint. #foxnews

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Uh meanwhile listen to this we've been Talking to you about out of control Lawlessness out in California for years With thieves breaking into shops a lot Of retail theft right and Brazen Smash And grabs at jewelry stores across the State but guess what happened now now You get this remember that star sted Event that took place in Los Angeles There was a secret service agent who was Actually robbed at gunpoint so they're Not safe meline Rivera joins us live Maddie can you tell us what happened There hey guys good morning that's right Well this happened in Tuson California Which is about 30 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles authorities in Tustin say they responded to a call Around 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday And found a secret service agent whose Bag was stolen at gunpoint Secret Service says the agent fired his gun but It's unclear if the suspect or suspects Were hit no one has been taken into Custody but police are asking for the Public's help and they've got this photo Of a car that was spotted leaving the Area secret service says thankfully the Agent wasn't hurt he was coming back From a work assignment President Biden Returned to his La hotel around 9:00 P.m. that evening after that stared Fundraiser as you mentioned Brian with Attendees that included former president

Obama George Clooney and Julia Roberts Theft is a big concern in California Lego stores for instance have become hot Targets for some California theft Rings The LA Times reporting two suspects Allegedly stole more than $100,000 worth of Lego items from six Southern California stores in the last Two months to two people from another Crime ring were arrested in on June 5th After police saw one of the suspects Stealing Lego products from Target Stores and check out this video from Last week showing about 20 suspects Using Hammers and other tools to break Into jewelry cases in a store in sunale Northwest of San Jose police arrested Five suspects in that incident guys back To you so manyy I I guess the message is Be careful who you robed because with That secret service agent they didn't Realize he had a gun and once they took Off with his bag he started shooting at Him and the Secret Service doesn't even Know if he hit Anybody yeah well this is a big concern In California theft in general is a big Concern in California I mean case in Point just take a look at November crime Will be on the ballot in November and Voters there it seems like an initiative To reform proposition 47 for instance Has made it into the ballot and of Course for a lot of people in California

Proposition 47 has come under a lot of Fire because it's loosened restrictions Penalties for some drug and Retail and Theft uh crimes so you know voters will Be making their voices heard regarding This issue in November you can still Less than a thousand dollar thank you Maddie I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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