Sen. JD Vance: It must stop that Democrats are allowed to break the law without consequences

Sen. JD Vance: It must stop that Democrats are allowed to break the law without consequences

Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, reveals why the GOP voted to hold AG Merrick Garland in contempt on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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All right all I can say is that the Audio of Biden's classified docs Interview must be really really really Bad so bad that mayor Garland believed That keeping it secret was worth the Risk that he'd be held in contempt of Congress sure enough late today the House voted to hold him in contempt for Refusing to produce the recordings of The president's interview with special Counsel Robert Herr now remember after Interviewing Biden and then declining to File charges her described him as an Elderly man with a poor memory pretty Charitable noting that Biden's Recollection about the his time as vice President was hazy Biden couldn't recall The year that his son died and when he Struggled to remember what a fax machine Was he did it not once but twice what it Was called joining us now Ohio Senator JD Vance Senator good to see you tonight Um um why was it important that um Merrick Garland be held in contempt Today well first Laura if you break the Law you actually have to suffer some Consequences for it we have Steve Bannon Being threatened to thrown in prison uh Because he was in contempt of congress You of course have multiple other Republican officials who have had Contempt of congress used to weaponize Our justice system against political Enemies and then of course you have

Remember Eric Holder uh in the Obama Administration he was in contemp of Congress they did nothing now Meritt Garland is in contempt to Congress and I Think it's important for Republicans to Say that if you guys try to weaponize The political system against your Enemies then we're actually going to Follow the law we're going to do what we Have to do and you're going to suffer Consequences for breaking the law but What what what did holder suffer nothing I mean isn't he speaking at Harvard Tonight I'm just get making it up but Like he's he's not suffered at all Probably gotten up up to speaking fees This is unfortunately standard the Standard lore that too many Establishment Republicans have allowed That Democrats are allowed to break the Law no consequences that has to stop and If we've learned anything from the law Fair against Donald Trump we have to Learn that if less Republicans fight Back against this stuff it's going to Keep on Happening Now Garland said that There's no legitimate interest Government interest and oversight Interest in the audio recordings y all Had the transcript Congress had the Transcript why' you need the recordings To that what do you say no government Interest or oversight interest in Knowing how the president of the United

States handled a high pressure interview Look the crazy thing here lur is they're Saying that executive privilege well the Substance of the interview is already Out there in the transcript what this Actually goes to is the president's State of mind and whether he frankly has The mental acuity to do the job it is The height of the government and public Interest to know exactly what he said And how he said it now the Washington Post published a piece um last night About Bid's kind of going into Wilmington and They're talking about how this is really Bothering him Hunters travail is Obviously the conviction in all three Counts um and he landed in you know Wilmington for a short period of time to I guess huddle up with his son or um is This an offramp for Biden could this be A potential offramp for him if let's say He doesn't perform as well as they had Hoped in the debates well I'm skeptical That there's going to be an offramp I Think the Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden they would like to replace him but They can't quick sand Biden quick sand We have to remember Laura the contrast Here is so extraordinary Hunter Biden And Joe Biden have been engaged in Corrupt business dealings for a long Time and they got this Hunter Biden gun Charge which was effectively a slap on

The risk to distract from the fact that Their family has been corrupt Donald Trump allegedly committed a bookkeeping Violation and they threw 34 counts at Him the absolute miscarriage of Justice Here is that one guy is held to one Standard and one guy is held to a Different standard the Democrats are Playing hard ball here and Republicans Have to learn that lesson there's some Media report today about Jared Kushner Has made all this money since he left The white house I'm like he was rich Before he was in the white house Probably lost money going to the White House but but no one has been able to Answer this question it's a simple Question how did the bidens get so rich Cong Congressman Senator how did they Get so rich well because they did Something that's become all too common In this town which is they traded Political favors for money nobody would Pay Joe Biden or Hunter Biden a lot of Money unless it's for political act Access and the contrast Laura to the Trump family which came into the White House as billionaires and they're trying To destroy them is such a good piece of Evidence that we have have a good public Servant in Donald Trump and we ought to Get him back there it's really crazy to Me that he was actually successful Before politics and now they're trying

To destroy his business Joe Biden got Rich from politics that's quite a Contrast but look Hunter was able to Balance so many different things he had He was a good multitasker so maybe he Could bring that Acumen to the complex World of international finance Senator You're very cynical about this you think KLA Harris could um could step in and be Effective as a as a campaigner I think That kamla Harris is the best insurance Policy for Joe Biden because she's the Maybe the only person who'd be even Worse at it than he is she's a good Dancer though Senator great to see you That's not that's not she her dancing All right hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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