Sen. Kennedy: Biden keeps discovering ‘innovative ways to suck’

Sen. Kennedy: Biden keeps discovering ‘innovative ways to suck’

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., weighs in on the Biden administration downplaying its role in the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity

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A majority of Democrats they don't want Joe they want another option Kamala Harris go right ahead Joining us now with reaction let's give A warm welcome to Louisiana Senator John Kennedy Senator We have 13 dead Americans we had John Kirby at that Podium lying through his Teeth you know I didn't really care when My kids you know they got involved in a Little bit of Mischief nothing like I Did Um that didn't bother me but if they Said I didn't do it when I don't I knew They did I got really angry about that Part of it in this case you have a President lying over and over again like He never once talked to Hunter about his Foreign business dealings that was a lie Too but this is a Lie the cost American Lives and we now have hostages being Held in Afghanistan President Biden's report on Afghanistan Sean is a fable The American people may be poorer under President Biden but they're not stupid Uh President Biden's approval rating Ranks right up there with jock itch Among the American voters Uh and there's there's a there's [Applause] A reason for that uh it's the President's in part his surrender to the

Taliban in Afghanistan now that's not The only thing that the body Administration has screwed up they're Never just one or two cockroaches uh President Biden has mismanaged Congress He's mismanaged covet he's mismanaged The Border he's mismanaged crime he's Mismanaged the Spy balloon he's Mismanaged the economy he's mismanaged Fentanyl and he's he's forfeited our Energy Independence but his surrender to The Taliban in Afghanistan was Especially egregious Because it telegraphed as you pointed Out to China and Russia and North Korea And Iran that he President Biden Intended to pursue peace through Weakness And peace through weakness never works Now those are the facts it gives me no Joy to recite them But um on unless you're awoker Or unless you have a necktac tattoo or Unless you have both you're both you Know that I am correct and the American People know that I'm correct Senator you Know we know about the economy we know About borders we know about energy Independence all lost we know about Afghanistan but here's what scares me Our number one geopolitical foe is China Number two is Russia they have a line Together they have aligned also with Iran they have now aligned also with

Saudi Arabia China brokering a deal Between Iran and Saudi Arabia and now Saudi Arabia and the syrians you see Their presence in Africa and Latin America and what I see happening is Because Joe Biden abdicated his role as The leader of the Free World they are Enemies that don't have great intentions With the world are now taking full Advantage and I think this is now Developing a new Access of Evil am I Overstating the fact No Think back why did Putin invade Ukraine Why has China been so aggressive during The first year or so of President Biden's term he not only surrendered to The Taliban he removed sanctions on the Nordstrom 2 pipeline he got rid of the China initiative I mean he showed he I mean it he showed Every uh intention of trying to appease Both China and Russia And you mentioned what scares you I'll Tell you what also scares me Um President Biden has another year and A half To discover new and innovative ways to Suck and it is a dangerous world out There Senator Kennedy I I don't have a senator Because I'm stuck in the city in New York state I I think I'm going to adopt You as my Senator if you don't mind

Appreciate you being here thank you Senator hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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