Sen. Tim Scott: Biden admin continues to allow leaks to happen

Sen. Tim Scott: Biden admin continues to allow leaks to happen

Sen. Tim Scott, R.-S.C., reacts to the U.S. intelligence leak and calls out the Biden administration’s leadership on ‘America Reports.’

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Right we're going to get to Senator Tim Scott now he's been standing by for us As we've been taking in this news Senator a lot to talk to you about but First your reaction to what we're Learning here now with this young man Who has now been arrested for sharing Our nation's top secrets online in a Format that any of our adversaries could Have easily gotten this information and Could have Well certainly I'm so happy to hear that They figured out who it was very quickly And have arrested the person but the Truth of the matter is that I keep Seeing failures from our national Leadership I say failure starts at the Top without any question I look forward To hearing more about the details Certainly it feels like he's putting Other Americans lives in Jeopardy we're Going to figure out whether it was just Signal information or was it actual Humans being put in Jeopardy or in Peril Situations because of his leaking of Information treacherous and a traitorous So I look forward to seeing what the Process is we want to watch it play out For a little while but there's no Question about it that finding the right Protocols putting them in place and make Sure that this never happens again is Incredibly important Pat Ryder just a moment ago at the

Pentagon detailing this very criminal Act Senator listen It is important to understand That we do have stringent guidelines in Place for safeguarding classified and Sensitive information this was a Deliberate criminal act a violation of Those guidelines and so again I think That's important to understand now we Will continue to do everything we can to Ensure that that people who have a need To know when it comes to this kind of Information have access to that we're Always going to learn from every Situation Are you surprised by the messaging so Far we've heard from the Pentagon Senator that heads aren't going to roll Like where's the messaging to our Adversaries that this is this can never Happen again Well Sandra you you said it very well Mark esper did a good job with it as Well the truth is that we continue to See weak leadership on the global stage From the from President Biden's White House this Administration continues to Allow leaks to happen we've seen Balloons of breach our Sovereign borders We continue to see uh our aggressors and Our adversaries stand up strong against Us and our allies question whether we Have the resolve to lead we have some Real issues here but one of the things I

Believe is most concerning are the Internal controls that are in place but Who's supervising those internal Controls we saw that in the financial Industry where The Regulators dropped The ball on Silicon Valley Bank and There is no heads that rolled there We're seeing it once again in a Different area the dod where we're Seeing another sort of breach that leads To a lot of questions and a lot of Common people suggesting that no big Deal I think it's all very concerning I Believe it starts at the top and senator I'm being told by our control room we Are potentially waiting on some video of That suspect being taken into custody by The FBI just a short time ago you're Considering a run for president what Would a Scott Administration look like When it comes to buttoning the hatches On this classified information because We just heard the Pentagon say well We've got ndas we've got processes we've Got protocols those protocols clearly Didn't work and there are potentially Other guys out there who could have Access to this information if you're President what are you doing to fix this Well the first thing you do is to make Sure that people who do not need the Information don't have the information Part of the problem that we're seeing There is that they need to close the

Loop there's why does a 21 year old Person have access to the most sensitive Information from a national security Perspective what was he working on why Was he working on and what were the Protocols put in place to make sure that He only had what he needed and how do You just hit print and get it all and Put it on online there are some real Important questions on internal controls The first one is to make sure those who Don't need the information don't have The information that is a question that We need to have answered the second Thing you have to do is take Responsibility and start executing Justice in our department of of defense That means to me someone has to be Responsible held accountable not just The individual but the supervisors Around that individual so there's got to Be a different framework in place if We're going to keep America's most Important and sensitive information safe Secure and out of the hand friends of People who don't need people are going To want to hear that at this moment Where we are about to see this this Young man who was just arrested and Taken into custody who chose to openly Share our nation's Secrets after being Given access to them unbelievable Saturday is unbelievable um so as we Listen to that as we listen to you sir

By the way can we get the big question Out of the way you've launched the Exploratory committee are you running I have been excited about my faith that America Tour has gone really well that Led me to the next step of the Exploratory committee I will say I have Been blessed to live the American dream And my greatest hope is that my dream Pales in comparison to the next Generation's American Dreams and the Stories that come from another American Century that means we have a lot of work To do and that's why I believe we must Have new leadership at the top the Biden Blueprint will ruin America includes Security gaps like we're talking about Now but it also includes security misses Like the southern border too many Americans nearly 70 000 Plus have lost Their lives because of fentanyl four and A half million illegal Crossings because We refuse to close our Southern border This is an issue top of the mind of Voters all across the country that I Continue to hear Senator I'm sorry to Cut you off there Um as Bill just mentioned we were Waiting on this video we now have it This is the scene where the suspect was Just just a rested in this Pentagon League this is Massachusetts where as You can imagine this was a big scene Showing up at this person's door where

Clearly we know they were able to find Him and arrest him and take him into Custody uh Bill we're watching this Together for the first time yeah you can See it looks like they've got local Police blocking off the roads there While federal law enforcement moves in To make that arrest again we're told it Is a 21 year old Air National Guardsman The person the source of this Lake and You can see it looked like they had one Of those armored vehicles going in with That Caravan of black Vehicles likely Federal law enforcement going in there To make this arrest Senator Scott if you're still with us as You take a look at this video right here Breaking news what's your reaction to to Seeing this I mean this this 21 year old Kid these leaks started months ago and He has just brought a world of hurt down Not just on himself but on our country And think about the severity of the Issue we're talking about here we're Talking about imperiling likely American Lives we're talking about weakening our Relationship with our allies embolding The strength of our adversaries and Revealing plans about attacks and Coordination for uh Ukraine and other Allies this is a massive catastrophic Occurrence that should never have Happened and we still have to get to the Basic question of what were the internal

Controls not just what they were but who Was responsible for those internal Controls and why is there a Massachusetts National Guardsman not a Full-time person in one of our Intelligence communities with access to Such sensitive information and clearly There was no apparatus around that Person that would signal the release of That information or The Taking of that Information we have a lot of work to do To figure out where the bottom of this Mess is is going to be a very painful Miserable journey I have a feeling Before we let you go Senator to go back To your exploratory committee and this Potential run for 2024. what is your Decision specifically hinge on what are You waiting for Yeah so I I have had as I said a lot of Success on my faith in America Tour Which allowed me to go to the next step Of the exploratory committee I want to Make sure that the message I have which Is an optimistic positive message Anchored in conservatism actually Resonates across the country I want to Make sure okay so what have you seen People what are you seeing so far so so Far so good people are excited I'm in New Hampshire right now we've had great A great day meaning a lot of folks that Even flew in warm weather from South Carolina for me here in New Hampshire so

It's been a great day I'll continue to Do the same thing home in South Carolina Tomorrow I look forward to being there All right Senator we really appreciate You joining us check back with us soon Let us know when you have news hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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